Cars Research Security Hacker penetrates with ease in systems from large tech corporations An

12:05  09 april  2021
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a hacker managed to penetrate into systems of more than 35 corporations and used the same method each time. Thanks to his work, the vulnerabilities were closed by the partly very prominent companies, which is why a bonus of $ 130,000 was waiting for the professional hacker.

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with increasing digitization in private and professional life is growing the risk of becoming aim of cyber attacks. Whether sensitive private data or company information: If hackers find security gaps in systems, they often get free access to any data.

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How this access can be obtained, a Security Research Hacker in the US has shown a total of over 35 tech companies, including in the Apple , Microsoft , PayPal , , , , ,




, and



, he used his own statements according to the method of "Dependency Confusion" - "Dependency Convention" - to penetrate into the systems of the companies.

Dependency Packages

The Research Hacker is Alex Birsan, which explained in detail in a blog article, as he gained access to the systems with its method by using the vulnerabilities referred to as "Dependency Confusion" to malware Install on the systems.

He has specifically apart from the internal systems of the respective corporate networks. Birsan donored privately used "Dependency Packages" with public malware packages that wore the same name. These public packages can be uploaded to specific servers that companies used for specific software. Lands such a malware package with a company and, for example, invites a company admin this package falsely down, the malware is in the system of the company.

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As a rule, the malware is packed in repositories of programming programs such as Python, NorD or Rubygems. So far, the hackers have so far stated that the Admin's spurtscrews on downloads from the scripts and download accordingly the contaminated script instead of the regular script. However,

Brisan has developed this method to increase the chances of success of an attack.

The version number is crucial

The Research Hacker was explicitly defined in the course of its efforts, which public codes of Github and PayPal are used. This could explicitly identify the "Dependencies", use the names for his malware codes and also load the "Dependencies" into public repositories.

X1 The infection rate of the systems increased significantly as Brisan commented. However, success is not due solely to the matching name, but rather a further small but important detail for the project. If Python Dependencies are to be installed, the coders use a specific command (PIP Insatll Library) with the addition "-Extra-index URL", whereupon locally and online searched for the Dependency. X1X1 If the system finds several of the dependencies of the same name, it is always downloaded with the higher version number. Accordingly, Brisan designated his malicious software with a very high version number to overlay the automated installation process. X1X1 For this note, the hacker received a $ 130,000 bonus, as companies adapted system sequence accordingly and now conclude this vulnerability.Henry Ely / editors Finanzen.net X1

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