Cars Diesel Members: BMW and VW Group threatens new cartel penalty in a three-digit millions of millions

22:20  20 april  2021
22:20  20 april  2021 Source:   handelsblatt.com

Record number of cars flunked the MOT test last year due to emissions

  Record number of cars flunked the MOT test last year due to emissions The tougher rules introduced in 2018 include automatic failures if the particulate filter of a diesel car has been tampered with or if there are signs of exhaust smoke of any colour.Almost 1.3 million vehicles in total failed MOTs for emissions in the previous 12 months, which is 70 per cent higher than before the tougher checks were put in place in May 2018.

The EU accuses the autoconse illegal arrangements in diesel exhaust gas purification. The final decision is likely to come before the summer break.

An Absprachen zur Entwicklung von Abgasreinigungssystemen für Dieselmotoren waren neben VW und BMW auch Daimler, Audi und Porsche beteiligt. © dpa on aggregates for the development of exhaust gas purification systems for diesel engines were also involved in VW and BMW Daimler, Audi and Porsche.

BMW and the Volkswagen Group threatens a new cartel penalty in a three-digit millions. For a good three years, the EU Commission has been identifying against the major German automotive companies because of potential anti-competitive agreements in the development of exhaust gas purification systems for diesel engines . As announced on Tuesday from industry circles, the investigations of the EU Commission go to the final round. With a definitive decision, before the summer break is expected.

The electric car public charging lottery revealed

  The electric car public charging lottery revealed A study by What Car? has found a massive difference in charging costs using public devices. To boost the batteries of a BMW iX3 to up to 80%, the cheapest was just over £9 and the priciest more than £40.The priciest companies charge up to four times as much as the cheapest provider for the same amount of charge, a market comparison of user costs conducted by motoring experts found.

The EU Commission considers German automakers that they were very appreciated in the development of the so-called "SCR system". Through these illegal agreements between 2006 and 2014, the three German corporations would have taken care of that no competition could take place at all.

There has been a mutual understanding of which "products do not improve and not to compete with the quality," EU competition commissarin Margrethe Vestager at the opening of the procedure.

The agreements were made in the case of automotive manufacturers in the so-called "5er circles". At the talks were not just Volkswagen, BMW and Daimler involved, but also the VW daughters Audi and Porsche, a total of five German car manufacturers.

floated the anti-competitive agreements by a self-reporting of the Stuttgart Daimler Group. This self-report has a penalty-quiting, the Mercedes mother is therefore probably not a fine after Brussels.

Best used coupes

  Best used coupes If you’re looking for a used coupe, be sure to take a look at this list of our favouritesIn recent years, we’ve seen the term coupe applied even more widely; it now encompasses SUVs like the three-door Land Rover Evoque and an increasing number of swoopy four-doors like the Mercedes CLS.

VW came with self-display too late

also Volkswagen had tried a self-report, but was a bit later than the Stuttgart competitors. The penalty exemption is always valid for the first company, so the VW Group will be necessary to set a penalty as BMW . Whether Volkswagen is a bit cheaper because of the tried self-reporting is a bit cheaper than BMW, is still unclear at the moment. BMW had always denied a competitive behavior in the past.

VW and BMW did not want to comment on the process. "As known, Daimler cooperates early and comprehensively with the European Commission as a critical and expects a fine in this matter," said a Daimler spokesman for the Handelsblatt.

as complemented from industry circles, the conversations of the EU Commission have reached the final phase with the driving autocracies concerned. The manufacturers would have adjusted that the final decision will probably fall until August. On BMW and Volkswagen, a summed punishment of around one billion euros could be sent.

Ford EcoBlue diesel engines explained

  Ford EcoBlue diesel engines explained We cover everything you need to know about Ford EcoBlue enginesFord EcoBlue diesel engines are designed to meet the strict Euro 6 emissions regulations. These mean that compliant engines now produce less than half the nitrogen oxide emissions of an equivalent Euro 5 diesel. Nitrogen oxide is responsible for causing health problems in people who live in heavily polluted areas and it also damages local ecosystems. It is most commonly produced by diesel engines, which is why the UK government has legislated to discourage the purchase of diesel-powered cars in recent years.

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