Cars Drivers who pass first time are safest, data shows

10:20  17 june  2021
10:20  17 june  2021 Source:   motoringresearch.com

The drivers caught taking advantage of empty lockdown roads to speed: Police said there were 2.2m offences in 2020 - that's 6,000 PER DAY

  The drivers caught taking advantage of empty lockdown roads to speed: Police said there were 2.2m offences in 2020 - that's 6,000 PER DAY Police forces recorded offences almost 100mph above the speed limit last year, showing drivers have been taking advantage of empty roads during the UK lockdown, new research has revealed.Speeding was reached 163mph on UK motorways in 2020, with offences recorded by the Metropolitan Police on the M1 and by Humberside Police on the M62, according to new Freedom of Information data obtained by Confused.com.

Drivers who pass the test first time have 1.6 prangs in their lifetime on average. Those who take six attempts to get their licence average 6.6 shunts, study says. Lessons can restart on 4 July - practical tests won't resume until 22 July. With learners given the green light to restart lessons from Saturday and likely to be allowed to sit their test from later this month, new research has revealed that those who pass their driving test first time are statistically safest on the road. Analysis of accident rates over a motorist's lifetime against the number of times a driving test has been taken suggests that those that

Does passing your test first - time mean that you’re a safer driver ? Statistics show that second, third or even fourth time passers could actually be the safest drivers - but why? The CEO of ingenie suggests that those who took longer to pass “benefitted from spending more time behind the wheel.” It would definitely seem that slow and steady wins the race when it comes to learning how to drive safely . Meanwhile, a study led by LV suggested that actually three is the magic number for becoming the safest driver possible, stating that first time passers “may be more rash once they take to the road.”

Those who pass their driving test at the first go are the safest drivers, according to new data.

a man driving a car: Learner driver © Provided by Motoring Research Learner driver

Price comparison website MoneySuperMarket’s data looks at the number of attempts drivers had to pass their test. This is then compared with the number of car accidents they experienced in both their first three years of driving and across their driving lifetime.

The findings show that new drivers who require fewer test attempts also have fewer accidents. One third (33 percent) of first-time passers have had zero accidents since passing their test, while half (51 percent) did not have an accident in their first three years on the road.

Revealed: The cars most likely to pass their MOT at the first attempt

  Revealed: The cars most likely to pass their MOT at the first attempt For some drivers, an MOT reminder is a dreaded alert that their bank account is about to be raided to resolve a number of issues with their cars. But for owners of these models, it tends to be a breeze.However, for motorists with the keys to the models revealed below, it is usually a case of paying for the test - which costs a maximum of £54.85 - and getting back on the road.

I passed my test the first time . If you passed , then you'll go inside. i think the system is corrupt ,i just failed for the 7th time and each time the test is manage differently. i think as long as u can drive safely what is stopping you. there's so many drivers that can't drive properly but you that really needs it can't get it. the k53 is bullshit because after you.

New data reveals that drivers who passed their test first time are more likely to speed. Indeed, this group makes up nearly a third of those caught for driving too fast. A Freedom of Information request by insurance website GoCompare, in combination with a survey of 2,000 UK adults, showed that 29 First - time passers, by contrast, made up just 7.8 percent of self-inflicted damage claims and 17.7 percent of collisions. The five-plus passers are also four times more likely to ignore road signs, and six times more likely to use their phone while driving . Overall, 60 percent of the group have driving

First-time passers also recorded the fewest accidents over their driving lifetime to date: 1.5 on average. That’s less than the national average of 2.3.

Londoners least likely to pass

a woman sitting in a car: Learner driver © Provided by Motoring Research Learner driver

One third (32 percent) of second-time passers also have a clean driving licence since passing their test, and nearly half (46 percent) had no accidents during their first three years on the road. Drivers who passed on their second attempt had a lifetime average of 1.7 accidents.

In comparison, 18 percent of drivers who took five attempts to pass had no accidents over their driving lifetime. Of this group, a quarter (25 percent) reported having three or more accidents in their first three years of driving, as well as an average of three accidents over the course of their driving lifetime.

Almost 2MILLION motorists could be driving illegally with expired MOTs

  Almost 2MILLION motorists could be driving illegally with expired MOTs Even the very last cars to have benefited from six-month MOT test extension offered by the Government - which expired on 1 August 2020 - should now have been had their vehicles tested. However, figures suggest that one in five (19.5 per cent) motors that had an extension on their roadworthiness test last year have yet to be assessed since, which equates to some 1.86 million vehicles. And around 600,000 are likely unroadworthy, based on average MOT failure rates.

I’ve got data confirming that truck driving students who get a week of training (40 hours or so; 100 miles) will likely fail about 40% fell drivers test the first time . Third time was the most harrowing, even though it was a pass . My instructor interrupted me as I was backing into my I didn't show much confidence at the start due to a confusion we had. he kept telling me to turn the car on without turning

First things first, the driving test examiner will want to make sure that you can see well enough to take the test Give yourself a sufficient amount of time to learn how to drive and pass your test. Don’t try to rush the process So spend as much time as you can behind the wheel. There are rules about who can accompany a learner A new car for first time drivers should be cheap, easy to drive and safe .

Welsh drivers are the most likely to pass their test first time, at 48 percent, followed by those in Scotland (47 percent). Londoners have the least success at passing first time, at 37 percent.


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There are 46 motorists on UK roads with more than 30 POINTS .
With drivers supposed to face bans once they accumulate 12 points, it means some have been given special dispensation to keep their licence despite totting up enough to lose it 2.5 times over.The high points drivers were revealed in records provided by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency to a new report.

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