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15:05  21 july  2021
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immobilier vendre logement en location © Delphinmedia / Pixabay Real Estate Sell Housing for rent Tips- The sale of a good still occupied by a tenant is possible, but regulated. Rules are to be respected regarding the lease of the tenant and the notice that apply.

You own a dwelling and you would like to sell this property. But he is currently occupied by a tenant. What solutions are available to you?

When an owner who rented his home wants to sell it, it has two options. The first is to make arrangements to end the lease of the tenant , which is done according to precise rules, varying according to the type of housing. This first possibility makes it possible to sell the single, unoccupied, while the sale of the property occupied by the tenant may have certain advantages according to the acquirer, but it is generally accompanied by a discount.

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To end the lease, and thus give leave to the tenant, we must take into account a certain period of notice. It is therefore advisable, if this option is chosen, to go about it before putting the property for sale.

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for furnished rented dwellings, a notice of at least three months is mandatory, while for a rented housing not furnished, this notice extends to at least six month. This sale leave must be sent to the tenant by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, or with act of bailiff.

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You should know that this leave is worth selling for the tenant. Indeed, the tenant in place then has a right of pre-emption, that is to say, it is a priority to redeem the housing during the first two months of the notice. This right of preemption does not apply in case of rental of a furnished dwelling.

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Sell housing rented

The second option is then to sell the housing occupied by the tenant. In this case, the advantage is that no particular notice is to be respected. However, it must be notified of the occupant to ensure the transition and organize the visits. It is also practical in this context of being able to benefit from the payment of rents until selling, which avoids rental vacancy.

depending on the type of good, and the typology of the buyer, in towed urban areas like the center of Lyon , Lille or Bordeaux, sell a well already rented can represent an interest, if the tenant pays his rents Without problem, because the purchaser will not have a new occupant. Conversely, it can be a disadvantage if the buyer seeks to settle in the property. It should be noted that the price of a housing sold occupied is accompanied by a discount, which will be all the more important if the residential lease is long. Finally, the sale of rented housing is impossible if the tenant is in situ in insolvency, that is to say that it is no longer by paying rents, or if the tenant does not have 'lease.

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When the sale has been completed, the tenant will remain in housing, his contract continuing under the same conditions. The lease agreement is simply transferred to the new owner. Thus, the sale of a home still occupied is quite possible, but regulated, especially if the seller wishes to give leave to the tenant. According to the property, it may be interesting to think about keeping it rented for a possible investor. 3 (by the writing of the agency 6 HREF 6)

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