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08:50  14 october  2021
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Real Estate in Bordeaux: "The development will take place on the right bank"

 Real Estate in Bordeaux: Bordeaux and the Gironde cross the crisis rather well, with prices always on the rise, and an attractiveness of the right bank, in and outside of The city, which is confirmed © Mickaël Bosredon / 20minutes housing tobordeaux housing - Bordeaux and the Gironde cross the crisis rather well, with prices always up, and an attractiveness of the right bank, in and outside the City, which is confirmed How the real estate market to Bordeaux and in Gironde, he reacts to the sanitary crisis ? Rather well

“ Real estate is suddenly pretty bubbly in almost every interesting market in the world,” said bearish investor Jeremy Grantham at a recent Morningstar Inc. investment conference in Sydney. “Eventually there’ll be a day of reckoning.” Right now, the biggest threat to the housing market is a sharp increase in the current ultralow mortgage rates, which have moderated the impact of rising home prices. It’s not an imminent risk, though. The Federal Reserve has bought almost trillion in mortgage-backed securities to keep mortgage rates down since resuming its purchases in March 2020 and doesn’t plan

Real prices in all four top-ranking cities in the 2016 UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index have fallen. On average they are down by 10% from their respective peaks. This year’s edition reveals where stretched affordability makes ­further market corrections likely, but also where record low interest rates may drive future capital gains. The greatest risk of a real estate bubble currently exists in Munich, followed by Toronto, Hong Kong and Amsterdam. Frankfurt and Paris are new addi-tions to the bubble risk zone. In London, by con-trast, the bubble risk has fallen after further price corrections, as a result

  La menace d’une bulle immobilière à Paris persiste © 280370529 / Victor - Stock.Adobe.com

Paris recedes in an international list. " Once again ", we will say. Except that this time, it's good news. This is a ranking of the most exposed cities at a real estate bubble risk . Ranked 5th last year , the light city fell to the 8th place, according to the annual study of UBS . A flat: the French capital is still in the red zone (see below). Far behind London, New York, Moscow or Tokyo.

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Paris is also one of the rare cities passed by the Swiss bank which saw its real estate prices fall . For the moment, there is no question of urban exodus but remains to be seen whether the phenomenon will become magnitude in the future. Anyway, each year, Paris loses a dozen thousands of inhabitants. We even learned this Tuesday that 6,000 schoolchildren left the city in one year .

Real Estate: The real estate agents on the internet break codes and prices!

 Real Estate: The real estate agents on the internet break codes and prices! The new online real estate agencies make them talk about them. Offering much lower commissions than physical agencies and an innovative approach, they seduce more and more French. IMOP, Hosman, Liberkeys are names that begin to reason in individuals who seek to sell their accommodation. © Provided by Home & Works IMOP Real Estate Agency Visual Home and Works New real estate agencies online make them talk about them.

"The UBS Global Real Estate Bubble Index puts the housing market into long-term perspective and is designed to track the risk of property price bubbles in global cities," the firm said. On the bank's scale, any city that falls above 1.5 on the index is considered at risk of a bubble . Average price growth also stalled for the first time since 2012, while the average index score declined slightly in 2019, the report found. Here are seven cities around the world at the highest risk of a real - estate bubble , ranked in increasing order of vulnerability, according to UBS

As real estate investors, prospective homebuyers and brokers look back, 2017 could probably be called "The Year of Real Estate Records." Dozens of major real estate markets saw rent and home prices continue to rise, sometimes even hitting all-time highs, while building on years of steady In specific elevated markets such as Los Angeles, San Francisco and Manhattan, this growth has led bearish real estate investors to worry about the possibility of a real estate bubble . As a luxury broker who works closely with Los Angeles’ homeowners and prospective homeowners every day, it’s my business to

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A long period of lean cows seems more and more likely for the

real estate market (large) cities, although interest rates remain low ," predicts Matthias Holzhey, in charge of Swiss real estate research within UBS Global Wealth Management. »Reading also -

These numbers show that large cities seduce less

certainly, credit rates are at the lowest but prices, despite their decline or stagnation, remain very high.

Not to mention the fact that banks are more and more demanding

. Thus, the purchasers must have an increasing contribution - 19.5% (!) Of the cost of credit according to the Observatory Credit Housing / CSA (page 18) to obtain a real estate credit and thus access to the property. Market overdependence at low rates is fearing to UBS " a brutal stop of real estate in the event of rising rates. For the moment, it is not a question but the return of inflation could reveal the threat. "

The growth rates of leverage and debt remain significantly lower than their RECORD

level," UBS relativise which does not expect, " in the near future, major disturbances " on the estate market.

Evergrande: The indebted Chinese promoter collapses for his return on .
© Hector Retamal, AFP A view of the building Evergrande Center in Shanghai, September 24, 2021. Ultra-indebtedness, the Chinese real estate group Evergrande saw its Action collapse, Thursday, on his return on the stock market in Hong Kong. The course of his action dropped by 10.5% in the first exchanges, a sign of the low confidence that investors give him. The continued fall for Evergrande.

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