Cars Tesla share: So much technique from Germany is already in Teslas Model 3

07:15  22 october  2021
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Soon, US electric autobauer Tesla wants to produce its cars in Germany, in the new factory in Greenheide. The German car manufacturers look great opportunities for their own industry. But already now Tesla refers numerous parts of German suppliers. A study shows how much German technology is already in every Tesla Model 3.

• In Teslas Model 3 is a lot German technique

• Study identified 50 world market leader from the roof region as Tesla supplier

• Suppliers see opportunities in Tesla plant in Grünheide

Teslas Gigafactory in Germany wakes up wishes

The automotive industry, including the Suppliers, had no easy time in the months. The Corona Pandemic has dropped the revenues, many companies had to take austerity measures, short-time work or even released employees. There is the construction of Teslas Gigafactory in Grünheid as called. The work is expected to be commissioned at the end of the year. Then in Grühieide, 500,000 vehicles of the tape should roll annually. In it, numerous German suppliers also see a chance and want to dust more orders in the US electric autobeuer in Grünheide.

Tesla Grünheide: The largest battery factory in the world is to be promoted with 1.14 billion euros

 Tesla Grünheide: The largest battery factory in the world is to be promoted with 1.14 billion euros Federal Minister of Economics Peter Altmaier (CDU) holds 2,000 and more jobs in the planned battery work Teslas in Grünheide for realistic. The promotion should be correspondingly high. © Tesla So the Tesla Gigafactory 4 should look like in Grünheide. The indication of the expected workplaces in Teslas German battery factory is subject to the "product and production success", as the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi) has confirmed the Tagesspiegel .

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already numerous suppliers from the German-speaking area

An investigation using the example of the Tesla Model 3 by Professor Jan-Philipp Büchler from the University of Applied Sciences Dortmund In cooperation with the Handelsblatt showed that numerous German suppliers are already working together with Tesla.

As a supplier of Tesla, Buchler has identified 50 world market leader from the roof region. Among them are nine "Big Champions", so large world market leaders, such as Bosch, Continental , Hella , Henkel and Sika as an animal 1 supplier (automotive suppliers delivering directly to the car manufacturer) and for example Schaeffler as animal 2 supplier (subcontractor working with animal 1 supplier). But the larger share make the 41 medium-sized world market leaders - "Hidden Champions", as Büchler calls them - out. Among them is 38 with headquarters in Germany, two with headquarters in Switzerland ( Autoneum and Bossard ) and a headquarters in Austria (angel). Among the Hidden Champions with headquarters in Germany include Stabilus and Dürr as an animal 1 supplier and Infineon , Jenoptik and ElringKlinger as animal 2 suppliers.

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In Tesla Model 3, the investigations of Büchler is therefore already a whole lot of technology from Germany and part of Switzerland and Austria. Thus, for example, stabilized gas damping technology for trunk and front room, Sika acoustics parts and shock absorbers, ThyssenKrupp Bilstein wheel bolts, wheel nuts and damper, autoneum insulation material, Elringklinger body structure components and cockpit crossbeam, Infineon chips for dashboard and engine, bossard connection technology, Schaeffler bearings and gearbox, Jenoptik Production cells for body parts, Dürr paint shops and KUKA Industrial robots for the production of vehicles. In addition to the mentioned companies, which are also found on the stock exchange, according to the study numerous other companies supply the US electric car new. Thus, for example, Bosch, for example, systems and components in the field of suspension and security, S1nn sound systems, Recaro seats, IFM Electronic sensor electronics, automotive lighting headlights and turn signals, Edscha door locker and tailgate hinges, ZF Friedrichshafen suspension / safety systems and steering systems, angels injection molding machines and Schuler presses - And that's not all companies that work with Tesla.

Suppliers See Through Tesla in Grünheide Opportunities

According to the study, Hidden Champions rate their relationship with Tesla "consistently positive" than those to other car events that they "locate somewhere between dependency and partnership". There is a high equivalent between the "Hidden Champions and Tesla" and it comes "in a decisive extent on them to achieve the ambitious, Game Change '. Therefore, these companies are evaluating "the Gigafactory in Grünheide at Germany not only consistently positive, but thus expect an innovation boost for the automotive industry, mechanical and plant engineering and the software, sensor and mobility and energy industry," such as Büchler in his investigation Write.Redaction Finanzen.net

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