Cars Masepin wants 2022 tighter and better with the Haas team worked together

19:24  20 january  2022
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like Haas team boss Steiner defends his driver Nikita Masepin

 like Haas team boss Steiner defends his driver Nikita Masepin © Motorsport Images Nikita Masepin in Haas VF-21 in Austin: Much did not go well for him on Saturday again trouble around Nikita Masepin: This time the racer from Russia has pulled the wrath of Aston-Martin driver Sebastian Vettel . For in qualifying to the USA-Grand Prix 2021 in Austin ( tracked here in the free Formula 1 Liabticker! ), Vettel felt equipped in the fast S-curves of Masepin. A penalty but there was no.

2021 Nikita Masepin experienced in the inferior Haas a difficult rookie season in the formula 1. The Russian is certainly determined to improve in his second year and believes that It could pay off if he works stronger in his relationship with the other team members.

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"There are some key areas where you need to work," analyzes the Haas pilot in exclusive conversation with 'Motorsport.com'. "That's the motivation, because we are people, and we sometimes lack motivation, like everyone else."

"Sometimes we wake up with bad mood and have no energy like other people, but we still have to go out and bring our performance," the 22-year-old knows, but that does not look like a problem: "I would say that was very good."

Fittipaldi to continue as Haas F1 test and reserve driver in 2022

  Fittipaldi to continue as Haas F1 test and reserve driver in 2022 Haas has announced that Pietro Fittipaldi will continue as its official test and reserve driver in Formula 1 next year.Fittipaldi has attended the majority of grands prix through 2021 as Haas’s reserve driver, supporting Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin. The team announced on Thursday that he would be continuing in the role next year.

Masepin wants to engage in the team more

as a second point he calls teamwork and clears: "You have to learn how to behave correctly in the team. I think that's something I need to improve."

"I feel very well when I work together with three, four or five people. But if it's hundreds, I think that sometimes I do not spend so much time with the people as necessary and personally not enough time investing. That's So something I have to work, "says Masepin self-critical.

The young Russian emphasizes that work in a Formula 1 organization with hundreds of employees requires a completely different approach than in young categories, where teams are much smaller. "When the team is small, you can talk easier about things," knows the Russian.

Haas-Pilot hopes for more constant performance 2022

"But if the team is so big, you have to come up with something, as you all bring together at once. If you have 40 people in a team, that's another thing."

Sky: Haas separates from Nikita Masepin

 Sky: Haas separates from Nikita Masepin © Motorsport Images Nikita Masepin will not get a second Formula 1 season The days of Nikita Masepin near Haas are counted. The framework conditions made a remaining of the Russian as a teammate of Mick Schumacher most recently become more unlikely, but now Haas has finally separated from Masepin for information from 'Sky'.

In order to make a step forward in the future, the Haas pilot is crucial to find the optimal point to maintain both motivation and deal with the team correctly. "It's about how best to bring these two things together," explains the 22-year-old.

"And how do you turn in a very good vehicle balance in a very good vehicle balance. How do you bring this on the track when you run race. Because the car is very difficult to drive and requires a particularly good balance or additional work to get this balance find. That's something I have to improve. "

punctually the 2021 already worked. "That's why I've cut off as well with races like Interlagos, Mexico and these events," says Masepin and hopes that in the new season even more constant to implement.

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