Cars loses a car in value: electric cars have to struggle with high loss of value

03:40  30 july  2022
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Sales of petrol and diesel cars collapse in Europe

 Sales of petrol and diesel cars collapse in Europe © Oliver Tamagnini Sales of petrol and diesel cars collapse in Europe sales of new petrol or diesel motorization cars collapsed in the second quarter in Europe , while hybrids and electrics continued their conquest of the market. The sales of diesel and petrol cars were particularly affected by the paralysis of the European market in the second quarter, while the hybrids and the has slowed down their conquest of the market. Sales of petrol cars fell 22.2 % over one year, to 909,000 vehicles, an

as part of a forecast for the "Restwert giants 2025", the loss of value of all drive types has been examined within the next few years. The result: electric cars have a loss of value.

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regardless of the type of drive, the loss of value is particularly remarkable for new cars at the beginning. On average, the loss of value of a new car with an annual mileage of 15,000 kilometers is around 24 percent in the first year after the new registration. In the following years it is still around five to six percent per year. This emerges from a study carried out by "Focus Online" and "Bähr & Fess Forecast". In contrast to their opponents with an combustion engine, electrified vehicles come away much bad with regard to their residual value and loss of value. What are the reasons for this?

cost-eating: The maintenance of an electric car is really

 cost-eating: The maintenance of an electric car is really 's acquisition costs and maintenance petrol or diesel? The initial question of buying a car was mostly in the past decades. In the meantime, however, electric cars and plug-in hybrids have established themselves on the vehicle market. They attract with plus points, such as freedom of emission, quiet driving style and purchase bonuses.

distorted overall picture

Bähr & Fess explains that residual value forecasts for electric cars and plug-in hybrids are associated with uncertainties due to the state-funded purchase bonuses and rapid technological progress. According to the "ElektroAuto-News.net" portal, state subsidies distort the overall picture, since the purchase or leasing of a new electrified vehicle can be cheaper due to the environmental bonus increased by 3,000 euros than with a used model. This, in turn, presses the purchase price of a used vehicle further down.

In addition, the residual values ​​are further reduced by technological progress. Continuous improvements in the ranges of electric vehicles are anything but beneficial for the attractiveness and also the value of the respective predecessor version, according to the "ElektroAuto-NewS.net" portal, which refers to Dieter Fess by Bähr & Fess Forecasts. According to the portal, the fact that ranges almost double with new model generation is not uncommon. This is directly reflected on realizable sales prices.

Unity in the federal government: The subsidies for electric cars are to decrease

 Unity in the federal government: The subsidies for electric cars are to decrease The state funding system for electric cars is turned over - the government has now agreed on how exactly this should happen. © Photo: Imago Images/Michael Gstettenbauer A charging station for electric cars. buyers of electric cars should receive less support from the state in the future. According to the German Press Agency, the federal government agreed on new subsidy rules.

These are the electrified residual value winners

in the electric car segment, the Skoda Enyaq IV was chosen as the residual value winner, which, according to the forecast in 2025, can still have a residual value of 50.5 percent of the list price. This reports "chip.de". In the segment of the hybrid vehicles, Mercedes is in first place in the residual value giant. The Mercedes GLC 300E will still get a residual value of 54.5 percent of the new price in four years. However, compared to conventional models with combustion engines, where residual value winners reach values ​​between 55 and 59 percent, higher value losses. The Seat Mii Electric records the slightest loss of value of the pure electric cars. In the case of plug-in hybrids, the Hyundai Ioniq 1.6 GDI ranks first in the first place in the "chip.de" and records the slightest losses.

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