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08:50  01 august  2022
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House of the Dragon star talks former Game of Thrones audition

  House of the Dragon star talks former Game of Thrones audition The actor tried out for the show multiple times.In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Toussaint revealed that he'd auditioned for the hit show multiple times with little success. "I was just hardly ever seen for it," he said.

Amazon, sometimes his prices, adapts 100 times a day due to its price strategy. So you can save money with Dynamic Pricing.

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The price for a cell phone can change every day at Amazon . Sometimes the desired iPhone costs more and sometimes significantly less - this is directly related to Amazon's price strategy. The e-commerce dealer uses pricing, which is based on the user behavior individually. In the "Dynamic Pricing", the purchase prices are created based on the customer's click behavior and on the basis of other parameters such as the time of day. With the help of cookies and other tracking tools, Amazon is able to track down the digital footprint of a user and to develop its buying behavior. So it can happen that a work colleague on the same day is the same product for five euros less than yourself, because it bought it at a different time and with a different digital background.

Hollyoaks to air discovery for Romeo over James

  Hollyoaks to air discovery for Romeo over James Will he find his troubled dad?Hollyoaks is set to air a huge shock for Romeo Nightingale as he searches for missing dad James.

Amazon himself confessed that it used this price strategy, but this was transparent for its users. Therefore, it is common for prices to rise in the evening and weekend, as interested parties buy more during this period. Amazon Germany boss Ralf Kleber confirmed to the Rheinische Post in 2015: "If we feel that a new market price is developing for the customer, and this can be several times a day, we react to it."

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have Apple users pay more at Amazon?

In addition, after a market check study, Amazon was confronted with the fact that the payments are designing so that Apple user has to pay more than others because they are associated with more purchasing power. As Business Insider reports, Amazon showed these allegations. In this regard, adhesive commented on the Süddeutsche Zeitung as follows: "There are no different prices for one and the same product on different devices."

Dwayne Johnson's new DC movie lands good reviews

  Dwayne Johnson's new DC movie lands good reviews Critic and pet-approved.

despite Dynamic Pricing at Amazon & Co. Save money

Due to the constantly fluctuating prices, those willing to buy should take some time to compare price and also check the purchase prices on other platforms. This prevents you from shopping at a supposedly cheap purchase price in one day, although the product can be acquired much cheaper the next day. The user can also check the prices between the app and the browser, often the browser version is cheaper. In addition, it can be worthwhile to search for the desired object in the incognito mode of the browser, since Amazon and Co. cannot orientate itself to the browser history. Deleting cookies can have a similar effect. If this is too complex, you can also search for the product from another device.

Death in Paradise's Kris Marshall says the spin-off will be different in one huge way .
"The show is spun on its head…"Away from the Caribbean island of Saint-Marie, Beyond Paradise will be set in the British countryside as Humphrey and his fiancée Martha (played by Sally Bretton) navigate their new life together.

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