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McLaren Boss triggers promise: Ricciardo turns round in Earnhardt-Boliden

Sunday  10:05,   24 october 2021

Formula 1 pilot Daniel Ricciardo has fulfilled a childhood dream before qualifying at the USA of the USA in Austin / Texas. © Provided by sport1.de McLaren-Boss triggers promise: Ricciardo turns round in Earnhardt-Boliden Formula 1 pilot Daniel... >>>

Exotically-coloured dogs soar in popularity with prices hitting £9,000

Sunday  02:40,   24 october 2021

Other UK breed societies alarmed by the introduction of new colours include those for the French bulldog, dachshund, pug and chow chow. Read more >>>

Volvo C40 Recharge review: the sleek and swift coupe-crossover

Sunday  00:50,   24 october 2021

Volvo is doing its bit to save the planet, and it has an ambitious plan for a zero emissions future. By 2025, 50% of its global sales will consist of fully electric cars. By 2030, it aims to sell only EVs before turning “climate neutral” 10 years... >>>

Toby Walne road-tests humble biofuel of used chip fat oil

Sunday  00:50,   24 october 2021

Using used cooking oil to fuel cars and lorries is very much part of the future as we wean ourselves off petrol and diesel. Biofuels may not prove as popular as electricity when it comes to propelling cars, but they could play a role in turning... >>>

Holidaymakers queue for Channel Tunnel for more than SEVEN HOURS

Saturday  23:05,   23 october 2021

Motorists heading to the continent for half-term holidays been stuff in traffic on the M20 outside Folkestone for six hours after an 'overhead power supply fault' in the Channel Tunnel.Motorists have clogged the M20 near Folkestone in Kent... >>>

Alfa Romeo: Stable Oorder Theme around Giovinazzi is ticked

Saturday  21:50,   23 october 2021

© Motorsport Images Esteban Ocon in front of the two Alfa Romeo: Giovinazzi did not want to release the place in Turkey Antonio Giovinazzi has placed against a stable directed by Alfa Romeo and the formula -1 team might cost a World Cup point. Then >>>

McLaren most popular team, "Feel flattered"

Saturday  21:50,   23 october 2021

elected © Motorsport Images Zak Brown feels his team from the popularity flattered The choice of McLaren's most popular Formula 1 team has attracted considerable when CEO Zak Brown happiness. "We are flattered, especially when you consider where we... >>>

RAC survey finds we are MORE reliant on cars

Saturday  13:50,   23 october 2021

Our reliance on cars has reached a 15-year high despite a drop in commuting, according to a new survey. An annual RAC poll found that 82 per cent of respondents would struggle without a car.An annual RAC poll of motorists found that more than four... >>>

Apps to help you drive greener: Google Maps offers eco-friendly routes

Saturday  11:50,   23 october 2021

Google's new introduction to its Maps navigation system for 2022 will provide drivers with an alternative to the fastest and most direct route with the option of one that's best for the environment.The first is Google's introduction of... >>>

Car dependence grows despite drop in commuting

Saturday  11:50,   23 october 2021

New research by the RAC has found that fewer drivers are making trips to work, but negative attitudes to public transport have grown.Before the COVID-19 pandemic, some 49 percent of drivers commuted to work five days each week. Now, just 32 percent... >>>

Glasner explains what Frankfurt "Most missing"

Saturday  11:50,   23 october 2021

The Eintracht wants to take the European Cocal momentum with the game in Bochum. Personnel Are there some question marks - Does Oliver Glasner have to rebuild its eleven? © imago images / Jan Huebner Grübelt about the upcoming lineup: Oliver... >>>

Brazil: The Puma returns to Rio de Janeiro

Saturday  06:55,   23 october 2021

© - A photo showing the Puma Concolor in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, April 3, 2021 The Puma Concolor has returned to Rio de Janeiro where he was yet Considered as a species extinct after being seen in the Brazilian metropolis for the last time in 1930, >>>

Petrol prices nearing record high, AA analysis finds

Saturday  04:25,   23 october 2021

Petrol prices are nearing a record high, the AA has said. © PA The Petrol Retailers Association warned on Wednesday that fuel price records are 'almost certain to be eclipsed' before the end of next week The cost of petrol is being artificially... >>>

Safety fears rise as e-scooter's with speeds of up to 72mph are sold

Saturday  04:25,   23 october 2021

Dr Scooter, which trades online and through shops in London, is selling the 72mph, 7,000 watt Dokma Black Ninja scooter for £2,800. The vehicles are being marketed with scant reference to British law.The vehicles are being marketed with scant... >>>

Renault cutting car production due to chip shortage

Saturday  02:40,   23 october 2021

Clotilde Delbos said planning for chip deliveries was 'still very poor because the information coming from suppliers is very unreliable'.The car maker's finance chief Clotilde Delbos said planning for chip deliveries was 'still very poor... >>>