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Bugatti: We’re Considering a 310-MPH Chiron and an SUV

Friday  03:40,   09 august 2019

Stephan Winkelmann has spent the bulk of his career expanding the portfolio of low volume automakers with high-dollar, high-performance models, first at Lamborghini and now at Bugatti. As the president of Bugatti since January of 2018, Winkelmann... >>>

Hyundai reveals solar roof charging system

Tuesday  03:35,   06 august 2019

Hyundai has fitted its Sonata Hybrid with a new solar roof, claiming it will provide an extra 800 miles of range each... >>>

Fuel prices rose again in July, and further hikes could be coming

Saturday  18:10,   03 august 2019

Fuel prices rose again in July, and further hikes could be... >>>

Hyundai Kona EV explosion: cause still unknown

Thursday  20:15,   01 august 2019

The explosion of a Hyundai Kona EV is under investigation in Canada, with worries that other electric cars could be affected. The post Hyundai Kona EV explosion: cause still unknown appeared first on Motoring... >>>

$3.4M Pagani Huayra Roadster BC debuts with more power, more weight than the coupe

Thursday  05:10,   01 august 2019

$3.4M Pagani Huayra Roadster BC debuts with more power, more weight than the... >>>

2020 Volkswagen Warranties Will Be Shorter

Thursday  04:50,   01 august 2019

VW gives 2020 models two years of free routine maintenance but cuts their warranty from six years to four. The belief that VW owners are more interested in carefree maintenance than long-term coverage has led Volkswagen to adjust downward the length >>>

Calls for car breakdown operators to use red flashing lights

Wednesday  04:25,   31 july 2019

A Kent MP is calling for a change in legislation to allow roadside breakdown recovery operators to use red flashing lights, rather than the current... >>>

The 12-inch screen on this Ford muscle car will change how you drive

Wednesday  04:15,   31 july 2019

The 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt's customizable display feels like a business dashboard, and will come into its own when it becomes... >>>

Audi to expand hot SUV portfolio with more new RS variants

Monday  02:45,   29 july 2019

RS Q8 set to launch as pioneer of a new range of hot high-riders from Ingolstadt, from the Q3... >>>

Special edition Ford Mustang 55 announced

Friday  04:25,   26 july 2019

The special edition Ford Mustang celebrates the 55th anniversary of the ubiquitous muscle car, with sales starting in... >>>

125 years of Mercedes motorsport: the cars and the stars

Thursday  04:25,   25 july 2019

From supplying engines in the first motor race, to its current F1 domination, Mercedes has had plenty to celebrate in its 125-year... >>>

Here's Why Race Cars' Shark Fin Wings Are so Important

Thursday  04:15,   25 july 2019

Cornering stability and clean airflow led to the pervasive use of 'shark fins' on modern race... >>>

Ferrari: “We want to be a lot less predictable”

Monday  03:25,   22 july 2019

Italian maker is diversifying its line-up to appeal to broader audience while maintaining... >>>

Old Men, Rejoice: The Mid-Engined Corvette Will Have Space for Golf Clubs

Monday  03:15,   22 july 2019

Chevy claims it will also hold two duffle bags, a full-sized roller bag, and its own roof. But not at the same time. Old men love Corvettes. They love to buy old ones, talk about buying new ones, and complain about how those new ones will never be... >>>

2020 Chevrolet C8 Corvette Stingray Leaked Ahead Of Debut

Friday  07:00,   19 july 2019

An article from Esquire could've spilled the whole beans, including a 495-horsepower... >>>