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She’s car-azy! Russian Instagram star has TWO MILLION Swarovski crystals stuck to the bodywork of her £270,000 Lamborghini Aventador in London

Friday  10:35,   12 april 2019

Daria Radionova commissioned a London body shop to spend 700 hours over the course of two months fitting two million Swarovski crystals to her £270,000... >>>

Opinion: ride comfort is the new handling

Thursday  11:20,   11 april 2019

Car makers should prioritise ride refinement in their latest models more, and reducing wheel sizes is key to... >>>

Shanghai Motor Show 2019 preview: BMW X3M, Mercedes GLB and more

Thursday  11:20,   11 april 2019

From sporty SUVs to futuristic concepts, these are the cars set to stun fans in China next... >>>

ULEZ scrappage schemes: how to save money on a clean car

Thursday  11:15,   11 april 2019

As Londoners wake up to the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), a £48m scrappage pot is available to micro businesses, charities and those on low incomes. The post ULEZ scrappage schemes: how to save money on a clean car appeared first on Motoring... >>>

Explained: in-car smartphone connectivity

Wednesday  12:26,   10 april 2019

Without beating a dead horse, the rise of the smartphone is possibly the greatest technological advancement many of us will see in our lifetimes — and their connectivity to our everyday lives is ever-growing. This of course also leads to our cars,... >>>

Only one in three aware of the ULEZ going live, research shows

Wednesday  12:20,   10 april 2019

Just one in three UK adults knows they will now be charged extra to take older, polluting cars into central... >>>

Toyota has extended its scrappage scheme AGAIN

Wednesday  11:40,   10 april 2019

You can save £2,500 off the cost of a Toyota Yaris or £2,000 off a Toyota Aygo when you trade in your old motor for scrapping. The post Toyota has extended its scrappage scheme AGAIN appeared first on Motoring... >>>

The Lost Land Speed Record M1 Has Been Found After 25 Years

Wednesday  11:30,   10 april 2019

This BP collaboration with racing driver, Harald Ertyl, broke 187 miles per hour in... >>>

New van market hits record high despite Brexit uncertainty

Wednesday  11:10,   10 april 2019

More than 66,000 new light vans were registered in March - a record for a single... >>>

The Super SUV That Arrived A Decade Too Early: Spyker D12

Tuesday  15:20,   09 april 2019

The Spyker D12 Peking To Paris Concept car was ahead of its time, ultimately costing its... >>>

Porsche updates its iconic 911

Tuesday  12:01,   09 april 2019

The new drop-top version is ideal for the... >>>

Easter getaway jams expected to start two weeks early

Tuesday  11:50,   09 april 2019

More than 14m leisure journeys expected this... >>>

How to get an International Driving Permit

Monday  11:50,   08 april 2019

As Brexit looms, it's wise to read up on International Driving Permits. They're easy to get and cost £5.50 each The post How to get an International Driving Permit appeared first on Motoring... >>>

Matt Prior: we need to save the Audi TT

Monday  11:50,   08 april 2019

Ingolstadt has cast doubt over the future of its two-door sports coupé, but now looks like the perfect time for its... >>>

Racing lines: why the BTCC and Goodwood are as exciting as ever

Monday  11:36,   08 april 2019

There's a lot to be said for motorsport's glory days, but there's plenty to love about racing today,... >>>