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Mercedes EQS: electric luxury limo to spawn AMG version

Monday  02:35,   06 april 2020

All-electric EQS flagship to get 600bhp-plus AMG-developed drivetrain; due in 2022 after standard Jaguar XJ rival launchesThe S-Class-sized limousine, which is due to arrive in the UK in standard form in early 2022, is the first EQ model to be based >>>

Under the skin: The world's most power-dense EV motor

Monday  02:35,   06 april 2020

UK firm Equipmake has used 3D-printing to create a super-cool EV motor that is more power-intensive than conventional examplesThe new Ampere motor-generator from British firm Equipmake is a small and light package that makes very high power. Its low >>>

Suzuki SX4 S-Cross 1.4 Boosterjet Hybrid 2020 UK review

Monday  02:35,   06 april 2020

Crossover gets new 48V mild-hybrid system to go with upgraded petrol engine, promising 17% better economyIndeed, you can only really detect that this S-Cross is electrified when you lift off in lower gears, thanks to the usual sensation of engine... >>>

Most iconic car colour schemes in history

Monday  00:50,   06 april 2020

We all have a favourite car colour scheme – both for racers and road cars. We reckon these are the most famous of them... >>>

Coronavirus crisis: 10 essential information for Sunday, April 5

Sunday  22:25,   05 april 2020

© Copyright 2020, The Observations 1. The pandemic has killed more than 65,000 people worldwide . More than 1,206,480 cases of infection have been officially diagnosed in 190 countries. 2. In France, a general practitioner from Haut-Rhin died as a... >>>

Quiz: I have something in common with Daniel Congré

Sunday  13:05,   05 april 2020

© Provided by Sofoot Despite his childish look, Daniel Congré celebrates its 35th birthday this Sunday, April 5. The opportunity to look in the rear view mirror and remember his career. So it's up to you to find his teammates, players who, like... >>>

Chevrolet Corvette owners club meets the mid-engined C8

Sunday  08:41,   05 april 2020

Chevrolet broke with years of tradition when it ditched a front-engined drivetrain for its latest 'Vette. We source enthusiasts' reactionsHowever, there’s also another reason, and a more important one at that. The front-engined sports car is >>>

First-class cabins to drones: The unlikely BMW-designed projects

Sunday  08:40,   05 april 2020

BMW’s Designworks spends 50% of its time working for non-BMW brands. We see how such designs feed back into the car sideWhat you may not know is that many car companies, and especially design divisions, have long had the freedom to move outside... >>>

Top 10 best affordable sports cars 2020

Sunday  08:40,   05 april 2020

Owning a sports car need not break the bank. Here's our choice of the top 10 affordable sports carsIt's not all about brake horsepower at this end of the market: most of the cars in our top 10 list put driving bliss ahead of raw, straight-out... >>>

V8 vs flat-six: Jaguar F-Type R battles Porsche 911

Saturday  08:30,   04 april 2020

Is the facelifted Jaguar F-Type spry enough (especially in amped-up R form) to compete with the fresh 992-generation 911 Carrera 4S?Is it entirely fair, then, you may wonder, to pitch the ‘new’, range-topping R version of this car into a... >>>

Dream drives: how to buy a Lotus Elise S1

Friday  20:41,   03 april 2020

Dream drives: how to buy a Lotus Elise... >>>

Top 3 used good-to-drive MPVs for £10,000

Friday  20:41,   03 april 2020

“Dear Carbuyer, I want an MPV that’s good to drive. What are my options for £10,000?”Despite being something of a niche choice in 2020 due to the rise in prominence of the SUV, the MPV remains a good option for those with a family. Several... >>>

BuyaCar promises to continue delivering cars for key workers during COVID-19 outbreak

Friday  20:18,   03 april 2020

Online retailer BuyaCar is offering free delivery and warranty cover on all cars purchased by NHS staff and key workersTraditional car dealerships are no longer open after the closure of non-essential businesses but BuyaCar has continued to deliver... >>>

BMW M235i Gran Coupe saloon

Friday  19:45,   03 april 2020

"The BMW M235i Gran Coupe handles well but its engine lacks excitement"A four-door saloon with a curved roofline based on the same platform as the 1 Series, this is the high-performance model with a 2.0-litre turbo petrol engine able to send 302bhp... >>>

Volvo engineers team up en masse for coronavirus solutions

Friday  19:45,   03 april 2020

Volvo’s ‘Hack the Crisis’ hackathon will bring around 200 global Volvo developers and engineers together to help save lives and businessesThe ‘Hack the Crisis’ initiative, involving around 200 Volvo employees from Sweden, the US and China, will be... >>>