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Calls for car breakdown operators to use red flashing lights

Wednesday  04:25,   31 july 2019

A Kent MP is calling for a change in legislation to allow roadside breakdown recovery operators to use red flashing lights, rather than the current... >>>

The 12-inch screen on this Ford muscle car will change how you drive

Wednesday  04:15,   31 july 2019

The 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt's customizable display feels like a business dashboard, and will come into its own when it becomes... >>>

Audi to expand hot SUV portfolio with more new RS variants

Monday  02:45,   29 july 2019

RS Q8 set to launch as pioneer of a new range of hot high-riders from Ingolstadt, from the Q3... >>>

Special edition Ford Mustang 55 announced

Friday  04:25,   26 july 2019

The special edition Ford Mustang celebrates the 55th anniversary of the ubiquitous muscle car, with sales starting in... >>>

125 years of Mercedes motorsport: the cars and the stars

Thursday  04:25,   25 july 2019

From supplying engines in the first motor race, to its current F1 domination, Mercedes has had plenty to celebrate in its 125-year... >>>

Here's Why Race Cars' Shark Fin Wings Are so Important

Thursday  04:15,   25 july 2019

Cornering stability and clean airflow led to the pervasive use of 'shark fins' on modern race... >>>

Ferrari: “We want to be a lot less predictable”

Monday  03:25,   22 july 2019

Italian maker is diversifying its line-up to appeal to broader audience while maintaining... >>>

Old Men, Rejoice: The Mid-Engined Corvette Will Have Space for Golf Clubs

Monday  03:15,   22 july 2019

Chevy claims it will also hold two duffle bags, a full-sized roller bag, and its own roof. But not at the same time. Old men love Corvettes. They love to buy old ones, talk about buying new ones, and complain about how those new ones will never be... >>>

2020 Chevrolet C8 Corvette Stingray Leaked Ahead Of Debut

Friday  07:00,   19 july 2019

An article from Esquire could've spilled the whole beans, including a 495-horsepower... >>>

Electric cars will be 'mainstream' by 2021 with number of models available set to triple

Friday  06:05,   19 july 2019

Electric cars will be 'mainstream' by 2021 with number of models available set to... >>>

Number of speed bumps in UK increases to 42,000

Friday  04:00,   19 july 2019

The UK now has 42,000 individual speed bumps on a total of 14,000 different roads, with London Boroughs having the... >>>

Aston Martin Valkyrie hypercar makes public debut at Silverstone Grand Prix

Thursday  16:01,   18 july 2019

Fans attending the 2019 British Grand Prix got to see the limited edition creation make its first public demonstration run The post Aston Martin Valkyrie hypercar makes public debut at Silverstone Grand Prix appeared first on Motoring... >>>

Porsche reopens renovated Nardo test facility

Thursday  16:00,   18 july 2019

"The goal is that our customers can test the mobility of the future." Built and owned in 1975 by Fiat, the Nardò Ring was acquired in 2012 by Porsche and called it the Nardò Technical Centrе. The circular proving ground for cars and motorcycles is... >>>

New 2020 Audi A3 to spawn seven-strong model lineup

Thursday  16:00,   18 july 2019

Audi claims the new A3 will be the most advanced car in its class, with new levels of technology, refinement and... >>>

Lotus Evija is the world’s lightest EV hypercar

Thursday  16:00,   18 july 2019

1471kW rocketship is pronounced ev-EYE-ah, in case you were... >>>