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Halfords e-scooter sales surged 450% in the last 3 weeks

Thursday  17:00,   15 october 2020

Purchases of the two-wheeled vehicle have soared this year at the retailer and across Britain in response to the coronavirus pandemic as people seek alternatives to using public transport. This is despite the privately-owned use of e-scooters... >>>

Do speed cameras still need painted road markings?

Thursday  16:02,   15 october 2020

The history of UK speed cameras dates back to 1992, when the first Gatso was installed in London. Do cameras still require road markings?The Gatso (short for Gatsometer) was the first fixed speed camera to gain Home Office Type Approval (HOTA).... >>>

Lichte: "Nothing will ever get better automatically"

Thursday  15:45,   15 october 2020

Everything restarted for Mainz 05? Well, that's what the Rheinhessen hope after the worst possible start to the season in terms of sport and atmosphere. Trainer Jan-Moritz Lichte relies on a step-by-step processing of the incidents and a broad... >>>

Honda extends Haslam's contract until 2021: does Davies go completely empty?

Thursday  14:05,   15 october 2020

© Motorsport Images Leon Haslam retains his place in the Honda works team Honda has confirmed ahead of the season finale of the Superbike World Championship in Estoril that Leon Haslam will also drive for the Japanese works team in the 2021 season. >>>

7 cars up for AUTOBEST Best Buy Car of Europe 2021 award

Thursday  13:38,   15 october 2020

Citroen, Dacia, Honda, Peugeot, Seat, Skoda and Toyota will battle it out for title of AUTOBEST Best Buy Car of Europe in 2021A jury of 31 members from 31 countries – including Motoring Research’s Richard Aucock representing the UK – will now make... >>>

Dovizioso as MotoGP test driver at Suzuki? Brivio sees "risk"

Thursday  13:10,   15 october 2020

© Motorsport Images It is still unclear whether and where Andrea Dovizioso will drive in 2021 While Andrea Dovizioso is fighting for the 2020 MotoGP title, his manager Simone Battistella is still looking for a team in which the Italians next year... >>>

ULEZ compliant vans: rules and charges explained

Thursday  12:20,   15 october 2020

If your van doesn’t meet certain criteria, you’ll need to pay to enter London’s Ultra Low Emission Zone. We explain the ULEZ rules and feesThe ULEZ is in force 24 hours a day, every day of the year with the exception of Christmas Day. In October... >>>

'Welcome to our celebration of the UK’s finest new cars'

Thursday  12:20,   15 october 2020

Despite a tough year for the automotive industry, Steve Fowler thinks there is much to be celebrated at the Auto Express New Car Awards 2020This will be a year we will never forget, but it’s also a year when personal transportation became far more... >>>

New regulation will guarantee supply of EVs to the UK post-Brexit

Thursday  10:40,   15 october 2020

Reports emerged this week that car makers would focus supplies of their latest electric vehicles to Europe in order to meet tough CO2 rules put in place by the EU.This will force them to increase sales of low-polluting vehicles in Britain from 2021, >>>

UK fund beats peer group by lengths thanks to Tesla shares

Thursday  05:50,   15 october 2020

All three Baillie Gifford funds have one thing in common: their largest single investment is Tesla . This paid off, because in the year to date, Tesla shares have risen by over 400 percent. Urquhart's fund was only launched in 2017, but Baillie... >>>

Tax reform 2021: Up to 2,300 euros less tax per year possible

Thursday  04:50,   15 october 2020

Increase in child benefit and the child benefit allowance Above all, the increase in child benefit and child allowance are noticeable in the wallets of families. "It is to be welcomed that the federal government is sending a very positive signal... >>>

The strangest car collection in the world

Thursday  00:12,   15 october 2020

It may belong to an oil sheikh, but there's no room for supercars in this particular collection. We pay it a... >>>

25 tips that will make you a better driver - page 10

Wednesday  18:35,   14 october 2020

Read our guide and become a safer, smoother and more efficient driverGallery: Avtoros Shaman 8x8... >>>

Driver leaves car straddling the rails after smashing through fence

Wednesday  18:30,   14 october 2020

Two women were taken to hospital after the Renault Clio crashed onto the tracks at around 12.20pm, but police confirmed the pair did not suffer serious injuries. Photographs show the vehicle, which is believed to have crashed through a fence from... >>>

25 tips that will make you a better driver - page 12

Wednesday  18:00,   14 october 2020

Read our guide and become a safer, smoother and more efficient driverOne way to become a better driver is to reverse park into perpendicular parking spaces and narrow driveways. How so? Well, when you get back into the car, it's far safer to pull... >>>