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ITV Coronation Street and The Bill star who has very famous singer sister

Monday  16:40,   05 december 2022

The star's sister sings one of the most famous songs of the 00s.And not just any sister; a grammy-award-winning singer. The actress, 39, is best known for playing Yasmin in Waterloo Road and Can in... >>>

Here's what Metallica's new single Lux Æterna sounds like with the vocals from Hit The Lights (spoiler: pretty awesome, actually)

Monday  16:40,   05 december 2022

Some internet genius has dubbed James Hetfield's vocals from 1983 banger Hit The Lights over Metallica's new single - and perhaps unsurprisingly, it works pretty damn wellThe new song has provoked all manner of reactions from the metal... >>>

There's an actual baby who can play guitar on TikTok and it's freaking everyone out

Monday  16:40,   05 december 2022

This rocking baby handles the guitar surprisingly well, and people are convinced it's proof of reincarnationThe surprise and alarm derives from the fact that the little one not only knows where to put their hands on the guitar, but they have a... >>>

Who is Richard Osman's new wife Ingrid Oliver?

Monday  16:30,   05 december 2022

She tied the knot to Pointless presenter Richard Osmand on Saturday, and is best known for appearing on Doctor Who. But who is Ingrid Oliver?The Pointless presenter, 52, began dating his new wife, 44, two years ago after she appeared on his BBC show >>>

Stefanos Tsitsipas issues grovelling apology for publicly belittling fellow tennis star

Monday  16:21,   05 december 2022

Stefanos Tsitsipas lambasted Andrey Rublev's game after losing to the Russian at the ATP Finals.Tsitsipas' 2022 season ended with a 3-6 6-3 6-3 defeat to Rublev in the last round-robin match of the ATP Finals, with the last spot in the... >>>

Matt Goss keen to marry girlfriend Chantal Brown

Monday  16:21,   05 december 2022

Bros star Matt Goss has revealed he's hoping to wed his girlfriend Chantal Brown after giving up his life in Las Vegas to move to London to be with herMatt Goss is keen to wed his girlfriend Chantal Brown after giving up his life in Las Vegas... >>>

George Clooney and Bono beam as they lead stars being honoured at White House

Monday  16:20,   05 december 2022

George said: ‘To be mentioned in the same breath with the rest of these incredible artists is an honor.'President Joe Biden paid tribute to the five honourees – actor George, musician Bono, singer Gladys Knight, composer Tania Léon, and... >>>

Mum told baby's name will cause a 'lot of future problems' after she is named after a verb

Monday  16:20,   05 december 2022

A mum has been warned her baby's unconventional name could spark confusion but she justified her choice with the unexpected pronunciation.One user took to the network to share a bizarre baby name they had encountered on social... >>>

Love Actually's Richard Curtis finally reveals Juliet's job - and says clue is on set

Monday  16:20,   05 december 2022

Love Actually writer Richard Curtis reckons Keira Knightley's character Juliet's job was obvious in the film - despite his TV writer daughter claiming otherwiseThe character was played by Keira Knightley 20 years ago - but little is known... >>>

I'm A Celebrity star reveals Matt Hancock has been added to group chat after 'snub'

Monday  16:01,   05 december 2022

I'm A Celebrity 2022's Scarlette Douglas has confessed MP Matt Hancock has been added to the group WhatsApp chat in a U-turn, after initially not being added to itThe A Place In The Sun host confirmed last week that there was a group chat,... >>>

Europe 1 and you - As Christmas approaches, used toys are increasingly of

Monday  15:50,   05 december 2022

© Mélina Facchin / Europe followers every day, Europe 1 looks at an idea or a problem in your daily. As Christmas approaches, and in a particularly inflationary context this year, more and more people choose to turn to used toys to spoil their... >>>

Songs that musicians refuse to perform live

Monday  15:30,   05 december 2022

For various reasons, some bands and singers force themselves not to perform - or no longer perform - some songs live. Among these bands are Beatles, who for example have never played live at least ten songs from their entire repertoire. Among the... >>>

Jo O'Meara spends eight days in hospital after doctors find blood clot during back surgery

Monday  15:30,   05 december 2022

S Club 7 singer Jo O'Meara has undergone a second operation on her back and has spent eight days in hospital so farJo O'Meara has been in hospital for eight days after doctors found a blood clot during her back... >>>

Netflix trailer photo of Harry and Meghan 'hounded by press' is from Harry Potter premiere

Monday  15:30,   05 december 2022

The picture was taken five years before the couple first met.However, the photographers were in fact at the red carpet for the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two in London in July... >>>

EastEnders' Charlie Brooks has fans in stitches as she dances with lookalike daughter and jokes about pushing boys who hurt her 'off a cliff'

Monday  15:20,   05 december 2022

No one wants to be in Janine's bad books!Charlie, 41, danced alongside her lookalike daughter Kiki, 17, in a TikTok harking back to the infamous moment Janine pushed Barry off a cliff on EastEnders in 2004. Charlie also welcomed Kiki in the same >>>