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13:10  08 june  2018
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BBC One drama The Split is getting a second series

  BBC One drama The Split is getting a second series Separation? What separation?

BBC One game show The Button , created by Taskmaster' s Alex Horne and Andy Devonshire, deserves a second series . 'In The Flesh': Why BBC Three' s zombie drama deserves a second series .

"We wanted [ series one ] to have a really good resolution," Mitchell said. © BBC . Creatively, In The Flesh more than justified a second run - the show won pretty much unanimous praise from critics - but when it comes to numbers, things are a little more fuzzy.

BBC One game show The Button, created by Taskmaster's Alex Horne and Andy Devonshire, deserves a second series.: Why BBC One's The Button deserves a second series © Avalon Why BBC One's The Button deserves a second series

On the surface, The Button might look like nothing more than an attempt to mix Taskmaster with Gogglebox – and it kind of is.

After all, it's from the makers of Taskmaster, it features Alex Horne – well, his voice anyway – and it takes place in the living rooms of people's homes around the UK where they have to compete in a series of challenges.

But don't let the familiarity put you off as you'd be missing out on a winningly addictive game show that you can't stop yourself getting involved with.

a man sitting in a living room: The Button © Avalon The Button

The premise is simple. Five families compete in a set of five challenges each episode with different amounts of money available to win. The families have to keep a continuous eye on The Button, because when it turns red, they must press it and that's when the challenge begins – and we're not talking the trickiest challenges on Earth here. (Which is part of the fun.)

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For one thing, it was a show that worked within its limitations, confining the action largely to the school and its surrounding neighbourhood. Much of the flak that the series received was directed towards its actors, and it’ s true that some of the That’ s a shame, because the kids at Coal Hill deserve better.

It’ s derivative and full of plotholes – but The Game deserves a second series . As BBC 2' s Cold War thriller comes to an end, Claire Webb would like to see Would MI5 really have chased the KGB into a conveniently deserted fairground as they do in episode one ? Why didn’t they position themselves

Challenges can be anything from naming the fifth Harry Potter book to finding a person named Gary, via working out a three-digit code hidden in piñatas and putting two elastic or rubber bands round an apple. Yes, really.

But that's the joy. Because the show takes place in living rooms and you're watching it in your living room, they are challenges that you can imagine yourself doing and like a quiz show, you'll probably come to the conclusion that you can do it much better. The Button frequently leaves you baffled as the competing families fail to understand the instructions, such as when each family had to all get into a duvet cover and be covered from at least the knees up, only for most of them to fail to cover their heads.

a person sitting on a bed: The Button © BBC/Avalon The Button

Yet that doesn't mean it's a mean-spirited game show that mocks its contestants, far from it. Sure, the families might have the odd snarky comment about each other, yet they genuinely seem pleased when the others win. It's got that Bake Off warm feeling.

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The series aired first in the United States last November on BBC America, later coming to British airwaves in April of this year. The Game’ s Tom Hughes cast as John Lennon in Beatles radio drama. Why The Game deserves a second series .

Silk, Series 3, BBC One . According to Rudi the mayor deserved to die, but we weren't told why . I would assume that things have been left open for the possibility of a second series , but I for one will not be watching it.

And there's tension there too. At the end of each episode, the family who have won the most money get a choice to either leave with their winnings or return next week for the chance of a £10,000 bonus if they win again, but they risk losing it all.

It means you get to know the families and their quirks as there's only been two new ones introduced so far, although a third family will be introduced in the final episode of the first series after the Ward/Mills walked away with £12,000. Mention the Garstons to any fan of The Button and you'll probably get an eye roll in return for their almost-impressive lack of effort at times.

a person sitting on a couch: The Button © Avalon - BBC The Button

Add in Horne's frequent sarcastic comments from The Button and you have one of the best new game shows in some time.

The problem is that the first series has gone out on a Friday night at 8.30pm after EastEnders and going up against Coronation Street, usually a slot reserved for panel shows like Would I Lie To You? or Room 101.

Despite this, it's still been averaging around two million viewers an episode on consolidated figures, but we feel it's tailor-made for a Saturday tea time slot, say like Harry Hill's TV Burp when it went out at 5.30pm. It's the perfect kind of show for a family watch and would see it pull in the numbers its simple – yet so, so effective – premise deserves.

For now though, we'll just have to wait and hope that the BBC presses the button on a second series.

The Button airs on BBC One.

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