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12:15  19 july  2016
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Simon Pegg has responded to rumours stirred by Benedict Cumberbatch that he will feature in Star Wars: Episode 7 in some way, correctly suggesting that no-one wants to suddenly go "Oh, there's Simon Pegg 's face" when watching Star Wars, but hinting that he may feature disguised by CGI or make-up. Pegg was spotted on the Star Wars set in Abu Dhabi last month leading to speculation of his involvement, with his Star Trek Into Darkness co-star Benedict Cumberbatch adding to the rumours when he discussed the sequel at Comic-Con and talked of JJ Abrams' "continuing use of Simon Pegg ".

Besides Simon Pegg , is there any other actor that has completed the Nerd Trifecta (play a part in Doctor Who, Star Wars and Star Trek)? Previous to its discovery films were pretty inaccurate in terms of the state of the ship itself. People had become interested in the Titanic, and the mystery behind it's sinking since the time it was rediscovered in the Atlantic Ocean. The film was made at just the right time, as it was a film that you subconsciously knew you would like to see even before it was created.

Simon Pegg © Bang Showbiz Simon Pegg

Simon Pegg is considering "retiring" from starring in "nerd" films.

The 'Star Trek Beyond' actor and writer - who also played Unkar Plutt in 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' - is keen to try his hand at further drama projects after appearing in several "childish" movies throughout his career.

The 46-year-old star said: "I had an odd sense of ennui after I finished 'Star Trek'. I got home and thought, 'What do I want to do now?'

"I genuinely didn't really know. I kind of felt that I'd ticked a lot of boxes. So I think I'm going to evolve, and maybe I'll retire from nerddom.

"You know, I'm an old guy now and I don't feel the draw towards childish things as much as I used to. I would like to do more, maybe branch away to do drama."

Simon Pegg: I've become the thing I feared

  Simon Pegg: I've become the thing I feared British writer-and-actor Simon Pegg admits he has become the "thing he feared" - a bankable blockbuster star. The 46-year-old writer-and-actor is among the most in-demand names in Hollywood now following a string of box office successes and his next movie 'Star Trek Beyond' - which he has co-wrote and also appears in - is set to continue that trend.Pegg began his career as an independent star, and his move to the mainstream does trouble him, slightly.Discussing his blockbuster roles, the 'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' star joked: "It's terrible! I have become the very thing I feared.

Simon Pegg , is that you!? Recently, trainer Nick Lower posted a new photo of the Mission: Impossible - Fallout star looking totally transformed. While he’s clearly undergone a huge weight loss, he’s also built some muscle in the process. The new film centers around the death of a patriarch heading up a powerful family, according to Deadline. Afterward, his wife and daughter discover a secret inheritance that could destroy the family. In the film , the 49-year-old British comedian plays Morgan. Although details on specific roles are scarce, we’re betting Morgan’s not the elder who passes away.

Simon Pegg says he is “still a nerd and proud.” In a lengthy and philosophical post on his official Peggster blog, the “Star Trek” actor clarified earlier comments he made in an interview to Radio Times that the recent slate of comic book movies are “kind of dumbing down” cinema. “I guess what I meant was, the more spectacle becomes the driving creative priority, the less thoughtful or challenging the films can become,” he wrote. Pegg summarized with the following: “In short: I love Science Fiction and fantasy and do not think it’s all childish. I do not think it is all generated by dominant forces as a direct

Pegg felt "terrified" when he was tasked with co-writing 'Star Trek Beyond' alongside Doug Jung because he cares so much about the sci-fi series and didn't want to let the die-hard fans down.

The star - who appeared as Montgomery "Scotty" Scott in the film- added to Time Out magazine: "I found writing 'Star Trek' borderline terrifying, but at the same time, I couldn't say no.

"It was, 'I'm going to have to embrace the terror to do this.'

"Because it's something I really value and care about. And it's one of those things where you're essentially putting yourself in the firing line for those who expect a certain something - that's everyone these days.

"Just being given the keys to this kingdom. It's a gigantic, historically loved, 50-year-old story.

"In all of its iterations, it's probably the most significant science-fiction anthology of the modern age.

"To be given access to that in a creative capacity felt daunting. I was just like, 'Holy s**t.' "

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