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08:15  14 july  2020
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Niece, ex-advisor: these two vitriolic books that worry Trump

 Niece, ex-advisor: these two vitriolic books that worry Trump © Copyright 2020, L'Obs Red alert at the White House. Tuesday, June 16, the US government launched legal action to try to block the publication of a book by ex-White House national security adviser John Bolton, which should paint a very critical portrait of the presidency of Donald Trump. At the same time, Mary Trump, her niece, is about to publish memoirs which, according to her editor, shine "a harsh light on the dark history" of their family.

A niece of President Trump will divulge a series of damaging stories about him in an upcoming book , the first time that the president could be forced to In “Too Much and Never Enough,” Ms. Trump , a clinical psychologist, reveals new details about Donald Trump ’ s relationship with his father and brother.

President Donald Trump said that his niece , who is set to publish a tell-all book about him and his family, had signed a nondisclosure agreement and is "not allowed to write a book .".

Atlanta. The announcement of a book about the US President from among his family had caused a stir. The release of Mary Trump was on the brink of an injunction.

 US-Präsident Donald Trump bei einer Sitzung am Montag. © Evan Vucci U.S. President Donald Trump at a meeting on Monday.

The niece of US President Donald Trump is now allowed to publish her book about the Trump family. The Supreme Court in Poughkeepsie, New York, denied the request to cease publication and overturned the injunction against author Mary Trump and her publisher Simon & Schuster on June 30.

Donald Trump's brother, Robert Trump, had previously obtained the order because the planned publication of "Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the Most Dangerous Man in the World" on 28 July would violate a confidentiality agreement bound to the estate of his father, Fred Trump Senior, who died in 1999. Mary Trump is Fred Trump's granddaughter.

"Amazingly uninformed": What allegations Trump's former security advisor makes

 © AFP Donald Trump in 2018 with his then security advisor John Bolton In his new disclosure book, the former National Security Advisor John Bolton makes serious allegations against US President Donald Trump. Particularly explosive: Trump asked Chinese President Xi Jinping to help him reelect in November, Bolton writes in his nearly 600-page work, according to US media. It is titled "The Room Where It Happened" (about: The room where it happened).

President Donald Trump signaled on Sunday that he will bar Mary Trump , who is the daughter of his eldest brother Fred Trump Jr., from publishing her tell-all book about him and the rest of the family titled “Too Much and “She’ s not allowed to write a book ,” Trump said during an interview with Axios.

Mary Trump ' s personal vendetta published . NOW PLAYING: News. Press devours Trump niece 's book .

Simon & Schuster announced that the book shed light on the Trump family's "dark history" to explain how Donald Trump "became the man who now threatens the health, economic security, and social fabric of the world."

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'She's a mess!': Trump blasts his own niece in furious tirade after publication of her explosive tell-all book about the president .
Donald Trump is very very unhappy with his niece, Mary Trump. In case you missed it, she published a book earlier this week which was widely referred to as an "explosive tell-all" about the president. Some of the claims she made in Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World's Most Dangerous Man include that he paid someone to take the SATs for him, that he made creepy comments about his own niece's breasts, and that he went to see a movie while his brother died alone in hospital. Not a particularly flattering picture.

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