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  Best Netflix shows: 30 amazing TV series worth binge watching on Netflix UK The best series you can watch on Netflix UK as of June 2020, from Rick and Morty to The Witcher.Below, we've collected the 30 best TV series on Netflix, and we've most recently updated this list to include popular crime drama The Sinner. Sure, Netflix won't have The Mandalorian season 2 or The Boys season 2 this year, but plenty more highlights are coming in 2020.

Here Christopher Meir from Netflix Original Movies Reviewed provides a rundown of the company’ s entire slate from the festival, tells us how the films did with critics and, when possible, provides an idea of when you can expect to see the films on the service.

Netflix announced in early 2015 that it was developing a series called “The OA,” from creators Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij, the team behind the indie But is it really worth abandoning your weekend plans for? Here’ s what critics are saying . The New York Times’ s James Poniewozik describes it as

Katherine Langford standing next to a body of water: null © Provided by Total Film null

Another year, another retelling of the Arthurian legend. This time, we're getting the story from the point of view of the Lady of the Lake. At least, that's the very basic way of surmising the new Netflix series Cursed.

Katherine Langford plays Nimue, a young woman with powers that aren't quite under her control. Following her mother's death, Nimue and future-King Arther (Devon Terrell) cross paths, and the pair go on a quest to find Merlin (Gustaf Skarsgård). There is, of course, a magical sword that plays a large role.

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Cursed is an upcoming Netflix Original series based on the illustrated YA novel of the same name by Tom Wheeler. There are currently 0 reviews up as the series was not offered to journalists and critics in advance of its Netflix release. Whether that’ s a positive for the series or a negative is down

What All the Critics Misunderstand About Netflix ’ s Insatiable. There’s a new show on Netflix called Insatiable, but, ironically, most critics seem to have had quite enough. Jen Chaney at Vulture: “The show is so bad that even passing attempts to draw parallels between itself and funnier, more insightful

But, the big question: is Cursed worth watching? I've seen the first episode, and – while the budget is certainly high – I wasn't won over by the young-adult vibe of the series. However, with the review embargo now dropped and the show available to watch, some critics have revealed they were won over by the show's charm. Here's a Cursed review round-up.

Time – the radical reimagining fantasy TV desperately needs

"Cursed may not be the most serious or profound program that TV has to offer, but you won’t find many shows more solidly built or satisfying. It’s wonderful to see a female fantasy hero whose chief character trait isn’t her sex appeal, whose quest is about more than just finding her one true love and, frankly, who isn’t constantly reminding viewers that she is an empowered woman. Rarer and more exciting still is that this fantasy drama understands that you can’t make good television in any genre without getting fundamentals like character, themes, storytelling and aesthetics right." Read the review here.

Best Netflix shows: 30 amazing TV series worth binge watching on Netflix UK

  Best Netflix shows: 30 amazing TV series worth binge watching on Netflix UK The best series you can watch on Netflix UK as of June 2020, from Rick and Morty to The Witcher.Our list of the best Netflix TV shows includes Netflix Originals like The Witcher, Queer Eye and Tiger King, but also a big helping of the best shows Netflix sources from other studios. Those include the likes of Friends, Brooklyn Nine Nine, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia and New Girl (hey, we like comedies, okay?). This means you've always got a variety of interesting series to check out.

IO is the latest Netflix film and was released on January 18. What did the critics say about Netflix ’ s latest original movie release? The reviews of IO has been mixed, but generally, the verdict is the Netflix movie has not proven as brilliant as many had hoped. At the time of writing, IO has a 42

Katherine Langford has an all new Netflix show in Cursed , but what even is Cursed ? Check out this video for everything you need to know about the all new

The Guardian – Two stars

"At times, it’s great fun. Axes are taken to necks, taverns are brawled in, groping hands are chopped off, iridescent dragonflies alight on every tree stump, CGI wolves endanger our heroine. And any man who tries to assault her person is liable to find himself bound by writhing branches atop the highest tree, and very uncomfortable it looks, too. Almost no one can act and those who can are… taking it easy. And that is, within certain very limited confines – such as cod-medieval legend-hokum – exactly as it should be. Harmlessness, especially in these God- (and Arthur-)forsaken times, amounts almost to a virtue, an art form in itself. And here, for 10 beautifully meaningless hours, it is." Read the review here.

CNet – Not the Games of Thrones replacement you have been looking for

"Nimue dips her foot into being the hero you want her to be with a Wonder Woman pump-you-up moment at the end of the first episode. Yet despite its intriguing spin on a legendary figure, Cursed fails to leave a lasting impact. Overlong and spread thin, it finds its focused pace and otherworldly atmosphere fading as surface-level Game of Thrones politics get in the way. The show is set up for a second season, but the most interesting aspects of its story already seem to be behind it." Read the full review here.

The Old Guard makes one change from the comic books that will affect the sequels in a massive way

  The Old Guard makes one change from the comic books that will affect the sequels in a massive way Warning: Spoilers for The Old Guard on Netflix ahead .As is made clear in The Old Guard, Theron's Andy is no longer able to regenerate like the other members of the eponymous superhero squad. Her immortality has reached its end, and therefore her confrontation with Merrick could be fatal. Luckily, she survives, but her life is now very much in the balance. This is, perhaps surprisingly to non-comic book readers, a major change from the source material. In writer Greg Rucka and artist Leandro Fernández's original work, Andy does not lose her immortality but remains able to regenerate after death.

Dave Chappelle’ s two new standup specials The Age of Spin and Deep in the Heart of Texas debuted on the streaming network today, and so far critics are showering Chappelle’ s big comeback with mostly positive reviews – though there are a few critics who have called out some of Chappelle’ s more

Cursed , Netflix ’ s newest fantasy drama, will hit streaming on July 17, and it will absolutely fill the Game of Thrones–slash–Hunger Games–shaped hole Netflix released it on Tuesday, June 30. Watch it for yourself, below. Cursed ’s premiere date isn’t that far away—but to satiate your appetite, here are all

The Hollywood Reporter – Better when it focuses on its fresh heroines

"The drama, based upon the graphic novel by Frank Miller and TV showrunner Tom Wheeler, lacks the inspired fits of lunacy that made Witcher watchable. That is to say there's no nudity and nobody is transformed into an eel. It also, however, lacks the long stretches of utter amateurism that sometimes made Witcher unwatchable. It's an OK show with the raw materials to have been much better given just a bit more commitment to its premise." Read the full review here.

RadioTimes – A slow starter with stand-out moments

"Cursed is definitely a bit of a slow starter, with the first couple of episodes stuffed with awkward performances and exposition that might put viewers off before the series finds its feet later on in the run. If people do get through the opening, though, Cursed is worth sticking with. If nothing else, it’s always fun to get a new chapter in a story nearly as old as our entire civilisation – albeit now written in digital ones and zeros, rather than the traditional vellum." Read the full review here.

New Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker concept art reveals a very different Star Destroyer

  New Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker concept art reveals a very different Star Destroyer Take a peek at this concept art revealing a double-decker Star DestroyerEmperor Palpatine’s Final Order boasted a fleet of ships that could destroy planets – and it seems that Kylo Ren’s First Order nearly got some new gear too. LucasFilm VP and Executive Creative Director Doug Chiang shared a look at concept art for the ship’s design on Instagram with the caption: “A new First Order Star Destroyer concept for EP9! I thought a double-decker might be fun.

The eighth and final season was contentious for both fans and critics , with many taking issue with the introduction of certain plot elements and the breakneck pacing of the season, which consisted of just six episodes. But after eight years, epic battles and plenty of death and destruction, a new monarch was

On Thursday, Netflix published the figures for some of their biggest recent releases - Sex Education, You and Bird Box. Bullimore adds: " Netflix ' s viewing figures have always been shrouded in mystery, they won't tell us how many people are watching but the rest of the TV industry relies so heavily on

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Best Netflix shows: 30 TV series worth binge watching on Netflix UK .
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