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Jackson Rathbone revisits the sets of where it all began to celebrate 10 years of ' Twilight '. ' Twilight ' is about a high-school student Bella Swan (Kristen

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Kristen Stewart et Robert Pattinson dans Twilight – chapitre I : Fascination, le film tiré de la saga à succès de Stephenie Meyer. © SND Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in Twilight - Chapter I: Fascination, the film based on the successful saga of Stephenie Meyer.

Young adult sagas like Twilight and The Hunger Games are back in the limelight after several years of absence.

In 2005, the literary world was all about this: the romance between the human Bella and the vampire Edward. Very quickly adapted to cinema, the Twilight saga upset thousands of

young girls in bloom. Now adults, these avid readers eagerly await the August 5 release of Midnight Sun, the fifth book. The original story will be told there

from the point of view of the handsome blood drinker.

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Description: This is fifteen years after Edward left Bella. What happens read to find out I stink at summeries. Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight or any of Edward s POV It s been 15 years since I made the worst mistake of my existence. Since I left my true love. I spent all my time in my room listening to

Twilight Sparkle hears that she has to wait for 6+ months to see her friends :( I've been trying to make this for two days :I Music is "The Best of Times" fr Music is "The Best of Times" from World of Goo. But somebody will still ask in the comments

In May, another writer took up the pen after a ten-year silence: Suzanne Collins. Originally from The Hunger Games, the author unveiled The Ballad of the Serpent and the Songbird, a prequel to the saga in which she details the youth of the villain, Snow. Released on May 20 in France, the book went directly to the third place of the best sales GFK / Livres Hebdo.

Jennifer Lawrence dans Hunger Games. © Metropolitan FilmExport Jennifer Lawrence in Hunger Games. Addictive intrigues

These two emblematic literary phenomena are both

turned towards a public young adult . This bridge between two ages flourishes especially in the

genres of the imaginary, with adolescent characters as in Harry Potter,

The Mirror Pass,

Chocolate Girls

and The Hate U Give.

The young adult category, still very popular, accounts for about 41% of youth sales, according to the National Publishing Union. According to GFK, the market this year is valued at 56.9 million euros for 4.9 million books sold, half of which in pockets.

Crazy Rich Asians author's new book lands movie adaptation

  Crazy Rich Asians author's new book lands movie adaptation ''Crazy Rich Asians' author Kevin Kwan's new hit novel 'Sex and Vanity' is being adapted for the big screen. The writer's latest book 'Sex and Vanity' - which instantly became a New York Times bestseller after its launch on June 30 - has already been picked up by Sony Pictures and SK Global as they acquired the film rights. Kwan said: "I am overjoyed to be embarking on this cinematic adventure with Sony Pictures and SK Global. "Sony Pictures has produced so many of my favourite films over the years, and I am thrilled by Sanford Panitch's vision for this project.

10 years ago. i want to see all the rest of the movies but i'm not so crazy about them that i'm going to go buy a million t shirts and purses and every thing else that's i like twilight but i'm getting soooo bored from having to wait so long between each movie! i get impatient and lose attention pretty fast.

Fifteen Years Later . By: xxDarkAnglexx. It's been fifteen years since Bella has been in Forks or seen her best friend Jacob. Now she's decided it's time to pay him a well deserved visit after dropping all contatct fiffteen years ago.

The secret: addictive intrigues, as Salomé, a literary youtuber under the name KissTheLibrarian, explains. "The writing style is simplified, very fluid and makes you want to know the rest. The young adult has also targeted a poor age group. Previously, only literatures for children and then for adults existed. Nothing for young adults. " Tiffani, a great reader of these novels which appeared in the early 2000s, adds that they have " benefited from the creation of fan communities, but also from changes in the strategy of publishing houses, which addressed touching themes. teens like romances. "

A never-ending story

For Anne Besson, professor of comparative literature at the University of Artois, the period of adolescence favors a particular attachment to these books: " This is the period when we regroup around common areas of interest. Friendships have been built around these sagas. Then these young women grew up and were able to pass on what they loved in their teenage years to their children. " Isabelle-Rachel Casta, professor emeritus at the University of Artois, confirms: " These sagas are a kind of never-ending story! "

Finistère. To raise awareness against nuclear weapons, they set up a peace caravan

 Finistère. To raise awareness against nuclear weapons, they set up a peace caravan © OUEST-FRANCE Christian Colimard, representative of the Mouvement de la paix association, Catherine Flageul, member of the French Communist Party (PC), and Roland de Penanros, from the European University of Peace, are members of the Collective for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. Fifteen associations have met since 2017 within the Collective for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons in the Department. They want to mobilize public opinion so that France abandons nuclear weapons.

Due to her OCD issues, Twilight goes mentally insane incorporating many..dark ,twisted faces. She has also been called Twirapist and Twirape. Possibe Grimedark Stories may arise from this. Many memes have already been made about Twilight Psycho. As well as an advice dog template.

Fifteen years later . By: Ragan1000. Summary inside I stink at summaries. But here's an attempt. It's been fifteen years since Edward left Bella but BELLA HAS A DAUGHTER!

And still according to Anne Besson, " Twilight and The Hunger Games have in common their warlike and autonomous female characters, with which the teens have been able to identify. These sagas revealed the very gendered distribution of reading. All sociological surveys on the subject show it: women read a lot more than men. After these successes, the editors took this female audience into account. "

" Relive my first moments as a reader "

On the side of early readers, however, the attraction is less strong than ten years earlier. Margot, 22, really started reading in sixth grade, with Twilight: “It was my first romance. I found out about The Hunger Games later, when I finished middle school. I am not so attached to the characters anymore but I am still linked to the novels and their nostalgic aspect. So I expect Midnight Sun to make me relive my first moments as a reader. "

Justine, who also has a Youtube channel, Redbluemoon, wonders if the magic will always work: " I have the impression that Twilight has become THE series to be demolished. Anyone who loves him is seen by some as a bad reader. Without elevating Twilight to the rank of a masterpiece, we can still recognize that everything is not to be thrown away. These sagas will always be a part of us, in one way or another, whether we continue to love them or question them. »

Midnight Sun, Stephenie Meyer, Hachette romans, 810 pages, € 19.90.

Hunger Games: The Ballad of the Serpent and the Songbird, Suzanne Collins, Pocket Jeunesse, 560 pages, € 19.90.

What Twilight would have looked like with the intended cast .
Plus, the famous faces who auditioned.It was the vampire saga which put them on the map and the rest, as they say, is history.

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