Entertainment Project Power review: "Struggles to coerce its parts into satisfying shape"

13:41  14 august  2020
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Project Power is the latest Netflix movie about a pill that gives you superpowers

  Project Power is the latest Netflix movie about a pill that gives you superpowers Jamie Foxx and Joseph-Gordon Levitt star"The power" is a mysterious new pill that has popped up on the streets of New Orleans and taking it will give you superpowers – you just don't know what those powers will be until after you ingest it. You could get bulletproof skin, super strength, invisibility, or you could die. The trailer looks as wild as you'd expect – there's a man encased in flames, a sketchy supervillain pushing for "the evolution of the human species," and a child stolen to harvest the pill's formula. Watch the Project Power trailer above.

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt standing on a sidewalk: Netflix's Project Power © Provided by Total Film Netflix's Project Power

At one point in Netflix’s action-fantasy hybrid, Jamie Foxx keenly extols the pistol shrimp’s unexpected battle powers. Sadly, this promising but piecemeal genre twist from directors Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman (Catfish, Nerve) never quite matches the crustacean’s clout or surprise value. Despite its engaging A-grade leads, class-A-plus drugs, brutal bust-ups and political subtexts, Project Power struggles to coerce its parts into satisfying shape, let alone pack a potent thrill hit.

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After his overdue return in hijack thriller 7500, Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Frank, a Dirty Harry-quoting cop investigating a new drug, Power, on New Orleans’ streets. Frank uses the pill himself to track Powered-up users and trace the food chain, riskily: the drug can transform users into superpowered mutants for five minutes, or kill them. Teenage rapper and dealer Robin (Dominique Fishback) becomes Frank’s contact; when veteran-on-a-mission Art (Foxx) abducts her for spoiler-y, albeit generic reasons, Frank gives pursuit.

Working with co-writer Mattson Tomlin (The Batman), Joost and Schulman strain to nail the pace or tone that might balance the trio’s narratives. Plotting expediencies mount; semi-comic and moody episodes clash. As for villains, the early death of one cliché-spouting rogue leaves no stand-out menace to elevate the predictable finale, beyond Amy Landecker’s underdeveloped character (one of many) and a few pill-freaks.

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The glittering pill itself offers a mixed bag of grungy fun and unfulfilled potential. The idea that users have different experiences manifests nicely in superheroes-gone-wrong transformations: Hulk-ish, hypermobile, frozen, fiery, camouflaged, clawed - the comic-book references are obvious and the fight scenes impressive, if sometimes murky. But the pill’s effects needed more development, not least in relation to Frank’s usage.

If the derivative, over-burdened result risks looking like little more than the sum of its influences (think Limitless, X-Men, Bright, Iron Man 3, Dredd, Lucy, The Boys…), it’s the leads who keep it watchable enough for throwaway Friday-night fun. Though the script often strains to justify her presence (and impromptu veterinary skills) in the action, Fishback supplies charisma and rhyming powers. As for the men, both are far from stretched but cast for their strengths. At his best bantering with Fishback, Foxx’s sombre delivery recalls 2017’s Sleepless. The scene-stealer, meanwhile, is Gordon-Levitt, who navigates echoes of Inception, Premium Rush and (mostly) The Dark Knight Rises with warm, twinkly ease. “You know I’m awesome, right?” he quips, wryly. In a tighter project than this mixed-up Netflix genre mash, the pistol shrimp would have had competition.

Jamie Foxx on playing Black heroes in 'Project Power' and 'Spawn': 'It's so necessary' .
Netflix’s new superhero movie, Project Power, wrapped filming almost two years ago, but there’s a scene midway through the film that’s so timely you’d swear it was just shot yesterday. The sequence in question is between ex-soldier Art (Jamie Foxx) and young New Orleans teen Robin (Dominique Fishback), who join forces on a mission to expel a top-secret government organisation that’s pushing pills on the street. Only instead of giving you a high, these pills gift — or curse — you with temporary bursts of superpowers.That may sound like a perk, but Art knows firsthand how dangerous these new designer drugs are and educates Robin on the importance of finding her own power.

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