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Janet Leach is an English social worker, known for the role she played as an “ appropriate adult " in the questioning of Fred West, one of the two perpetrators of the Gloucester serial murders.

Janet Leach is a social worker who was known for her role as the " appropriate adult " in the Gloucestershire murder case committed by notorious serial Is Appropriate Adult a true story? The ITV drama is based on the true events that occurred at the time. Janet was in fact a real social worker

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Appropriate Adult may have first appeared on screens back in 2011, but the true-crime drama has gripped viewers once again this week after ITV decided to re-air the show. The two-part series, which stars Dominic West and Emily Watson as the lead roles, tells the fascinating story of Janet Leach – a social worker who was brought in to work closely alongside notorious serial killer Fred West to aid him during his criminal investigation.

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Janet Leach ’s story is the subject of the controversial two-part ITV drama Appropriate Adult which began last Sunday, with an audience of 4.4 Only an hour or so earlier, Mrs Leach had been making tea for her children; now she was sitting next to perhaps the most infamous serial killer of modern times.

Appropriate Adult has returned to our screens in 2020 but is notorious serial killer Rose West still alive? If so, where is she now ? While Appropriate Adult may centre on the case of the Wests, the main focus of the series is actually the titular appropriate adult , Janet Leach , who is brought in to

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The drama is based on the true and horrific crimes committed by murderer Fred and his accomplice wife, Rose. But where is Janet now, and what has she said about Fred since the investigation back in the 90s? Find out more below…

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Emily Watson plays Janet Leach in the ITV drama

Where is Janet Leach now?

According to a 2011 report in the Daily Mail, Janet remained living in Gloucestershire after the case but it had a detrimental effect on her family. Her husband died in 2010, and her son publically criticised her involvement with Fred and questionable friendship. Janet has four other children with previous partners and also collaborated with ITV to offer advice and guidance on the dramatisation.

Is Appropriate Adult based on a true story?

  Is Appropriate Adult based on a true story? ITV are re-airing gripping drama Appropriate Adult on Tuesday night – but is it based on true events?

While attending an interview between Fred West and the police, appropriate adult Janet Leach hears a gruesome and chilling account of his daughter's murder.

Brian Masters: ITV's Appropriate Adult is a chilling, persuasive portrayal of the mass murderer's emotional entrapment of Janet Leach .

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The drama originally aired back in 2011

Why was Janet Leach dropped from the investigation?

In the ITV drama, Janet was dropped by senior police officers due to their fear she was growing too close to Fred. Despite her assurance that she was befriending him to get evidence, the police nevertheless told her they no longer required her services. In real life, two years after Fred's suicide, Janet made a complaint to the Court of Appeal stating that she had suffered post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of the case, however the social worker did not receive compensation.

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Janet drew close to Fred West as his 'appropriate adult'

What has Janet Leach said about Fred West since the investigation?

Although Fred committed suicide in 1995 while in prison, the social worker has since spoken out about her story to press. In recent years, she detailed the effect working closely alongside Fred had on her mentally.

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Trainee social worker Janet Leach is asked by Gloucester police to be the appropriate adult ,sitting in on the interrogation of a simple-minded suspect who may not have a full grasp of the law. He is Fred West who,with his wife Rosemary,is accused of killing their daughter and burying her in the garden of

Appropriate Adult explores the investigation into Fred (played by Dominic West) and Rose West through the eyes of your character , Janet Leach . It gets to the point where they have such a relationship of trust that she persuades him that he has to confess. So then she finds herself being

"I was desperate. I couldn't sleep at night. I kept having nightmares about all those poor girls in the cellar. But I felt I had to keep talking to Fred. Otherwise, how would their families ever know what had happened to them?"

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Dominic West plays Fred West

Janet also stated: "I wanted to get the bottom of how many victims there were for the sake of the families. I could not bear the thought that there was a child buried out there who would not be discovered because I had not listened to what he had to say. I will be haunted for ever by the things he told me. Now I wish I had never taken that 4pm phone call from the police.

"He did tell tales - some hard to believe. But you could not dismiss anything he said because the graves that were discovered were on his information alone. I could not cope with the things he was telling me but I felt I had to carry it through even though I hated it."

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