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10:15  06 august  2016
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Suicide Squad: The Joker's motivations for chaos revealed in much-awaited DC movie

  Suicide Squad: The Joker's motivations for chaos revealed in much-awaited DC movie Most DC Comics fans know what to expect of eagerly-anticipated movie Suicide Squad by now, what with numerous trailers having landed since July last year. A group of iconic baddies are forced to band together in order to carry out dangerous black ops missions on behalf of Viola Davis' Amanda Waller. One thing that's remained somewhat of a mystery however is the exact role Jared Leto's The Joker will play in the film that is until now. Not that The Joker ever really needs a sound motive for any of the psychotic chaos he creates – 'some men just want to watch the world burn' after all – but a recent report from Entertainment Weekly claims that the Crown Prince Of Crime will find himself up against the 'Worst Heroes Ever' in his pursuit to reunite with former accomplice and girlfriend, Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn. The publication also goes on to say that the super villain will enact "a laser-like plan" to find his "true love". In the original comics, Joker and Harley are one of DC's most well known couples, with various issues over the years detailing their somewhat volatile relationship. Throughout, Joker has often only kept Harley around simply to help him carry out his various crime-filled plans, because she entertains him from time-to-time and more darkly, for someone instantly available to him to be abusive to.

Margot Robbie © Bang Showbiz Margot Robbie

Margot Robbie fell "in love" with the rat Jared Leto sent her.

The Australian actress - who plays Harley Quinn, the love interest of the Joker, in the fantasy thriller - has revealed her co-star would send her bizarre gifts whilst filming for the movie, and although she was "really scared" of the rodent at first, she quickly bonded with her pet and enjoyed watching him in his "pimped-out" cage.

Speaking about her gift, she said: "I wasn't expecting it at all. We were in the middle of rehearsals and when I opened up the box, this black rat popped out at me. I screamed.

"In the first rehearsal, people were like, 'Do we kill him?' I said, 'No we don't kill the rat.'

Jared Leto: I'm not romantic comedy material

  Jared Leto: I'm not romantic comedy material Jared Leto accepts his unusual method acting techniques mean he is unlikely to ever be cast in a straightforward role in a romantic comedy or similar film.Jared Leto accepts he isn't "at the top of anyone's list for the next romantic comedy".

"I came home to my friend and assistant Sophia and said, 'So we own a rat now'. For the first couple of days, we couldn't touch it - we were really scared.

"But then we got this amazing cage with a hammock, running wheels, slides ... we had a pimped-out cage and the rat was loving it and then we fell in love with him."

However, the 26-year-old star wasn't able to keep the animal because of rules about pets in her rental home in Clapham Common, London.

She explained: "Eventually our landlord came over unannounced and saw we had a rat and said he had to leave. Rat-Rat got evicted."

Meanwhile, the blonde beauty has revealed she struggled at first looking at Leto when he wore the spooky make-up for his role in the DC Comic antihero film adaptation, but as filming progressed she found it more "shocking" to see him bare-faced.

She told Heat magazine: "I think audiences will be very impressed with his Joker. He went all out with the character.

"At first it was difficult for me to see him in his Joker make-up.

"[But] as the shooting went along, I actually became more comfortable seeing him in his make-up. It was more shocking to see him without it."

Critics might hate Suicide Squad, but music fans certainly don't .
Despite receiving some of the worst reviews of any film this year, Suicide Squad is a hit with music fans and cinema goers alike. As previously reported, the film was controversial from the very beginning. Particularly when it was revealed that Jared Leto, the 30 Seconds To Mars frontman who plays The Joker, sent anal beads, used condoms and a dead pig to his castmates - including the likes of Will Smith, Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne - while they were filming, in an effort to get into character. In a subsequent interview, Viola Davis revealed that he sent her a box of bullets. “You know what, it was a little worrisome,” she told E! News, “It made you a little nervous, and I’m pretty tough. It scared me a little bit.” A subsequent viral tweet pretty much summed up Davis’ feelings towards Leto. can we just take a moment to appreciate viola's reactions to jared leto pic.twitter.com/eyII4YLhXz — laura (@bruhcewaynes) July 24, 2016 The film was released earlier this month, and critics absolutely savaged it. The Telegraph called it “crushingly puerile” and “depressing,” criticising the “eardrum-puncturingly bad dialogue, scowling self-pity, covert pornography and scrappy CGI.” Robbie Collin’s review went on to describe Leto’s Joker as “a kind of Halloween-themed version of Rik Mayall’s Richie, from the Nineties BBC sitcom Bottom.

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