Entertainment Disney+ has changed official MCU timeline from Marvel's order

15:05  16 october  2020
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The way Disney+ lists the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline differs from what Marvel Studios has said in the However, on Disney+ , the timeline order places Thor: The Dark World ahead of Iron Man 3 In the official MCU timeline , Doctor Strange takes place over the course of 2016 and 2017, with

Watching the Marvel Cinematic Universe in order is a trickier task than it would be with most movie As we mentioned though, watching the MCU in chronological order is easier said than done. Sign up to Disney+ . Once upon a time , the release order and the chronological order were more or less the

Disney seems to have altered its official Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline – so if you were already confused, prepare to scratch your head even more.

a man sitting in front of a building: Iron Man 3 Robert Downey Jr © Marvel Studios Iron Man 3 Robert Downey Jr

While we have established just what order the MCU movies should be in based on when events occur, it looks like we may have had two movies out of order.

Marvel originally noted that the events of Iron Man 3 took place in 2012, followed by Thor: The Dark World in 2013.

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I would love if they did a MCU time line like they've done for the historical Disney stuff. Social media links are allowed but should be limited to official Disney accounts and their known partners. Confirmed Disney+ Content. Our Suggested MCU Viewing Order (Chronological & Release Order ).

their wish — an official timeline from Marvel Studios is on the way.The soon-to-be-released Marvel : The First Ten Years sourcebook details the year each fiasco, Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige went on record to say the studio would be releasing an official timeline at some point in order to avoid any

Tom Holland et al. standing in front of a building: Spider-Man: Far From Home © Marvel Studios Spider-Man: Far From Home

However, according to Disney+'s Marvel section, the timeline actually occurs as Thor: The Dark World *before* Iron Man 3. So everything we knew was a lie.

In other Marvel news, Sony – the studio behind the upcoming Spider-Man 3 – has responded to rumours that former Spideys Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield could join Tom Holland in the MCU in an adventure that spans the multiverse.

"Those rumoured castings are not confirmed," they stated, and while that isn't a confirmation, it isn't a flat-out denial either, so fingers crossed.

After all, Jamie Foxx has already been confirmed to be reprising his role as Electro from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, while Benedict Cumberbatch is also on board for the next Spider-Man movie as Doctor Strange.

Holland has also teased that the concept of Spider-Man 3 will be mind-blowing for fans.

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