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11:25  18 october  2020
11:25  18 october  2020 Source:   t3.com

Google releases Android 11 for Android TV - that's new

 Google releases Android 11 for Android TV - that's new © Google Android TV also gets a pinch of Android 11. Android 11 has been available for smartphones since the beginning of September. Now Google has announced its big update for smart TVs too. These are the innovations of Android TV. Google has officially announced Android TV based on Android 11, the update is likely to land on various smart TVs in the coming months, similar to smartphones. The update is now only available for Google's Android TV developer box ADT-3.

Shazam while offline. * Turn on Auto Shazam to keep finding songs even when you leave the app. * Open any song directly in Spotify, Apple Music or Google Play Music. * Share songs with friends Availability and features may vary by country. For more information on Shazam ’s privacy practices

Prepare & roll out releases. In the second half of 2021, new apps will be required to publish with the Android App Bundle on Google Play. Step 1 : Create a release. A release is a combination of one or more build artifacts that you'll prepare to roll out an app or app update .

We’ve all been there, peacefully minding our own business, when suddenly an infectious melody enters our heads that we just can’t place, no matter how hard we try.

graphical user interface, application: Google Hum to Search © Provided by T3 Google Hum to Search

We’ll desperately consult family, friends, the internet in our vain attempt to identify the track, and Shazam's no good as it needs a snippet of the song itself to identify it. Well, Google’s latest feature is here to make this situation a thing of the past.

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Announced at Google’s ‘Search On 2020’ event, the Google Android/iOS app now supports the option to use voice search to specifically search for songs by humming or whistling.

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Tencent kills Shazam . Written by MomentumWorks Published on 6 Jul 2018. On our recent trip, we showed a friend in China the amazing functionalities of Shazam , the original music identification app precursor to SoundHound and Google Sound Search.

The ' Shazam for faces': World's first facial recognition for smartphones is now more than 99% accurate and can even tell identical twins apart. The app scans faces and brings up a profile with information about the person. These profiles include images and links to a target's social media accounts.

Dubbed Hum to Search, the feature uses machine learning to match a hum or whistle to a song. If Google’s data is anything to go by, with the question ‘What Song is Playing?’ reportedly being input into Google search almost 100 million times a month, this feature should prove extremely popular.

You don’t even have to have the right tone or key, which should help alleviate the embarrassment of your tone-deaf rendition of Era’s ‘Ameno’ in front of your friends.

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To access the functionality, ensure you have the latest version of the Google app installed on your smartphone. Open the updated Google app and then tap the microphone icon to start Voice Search. Tap the prompt called ‘Search for this Song’ that should appear towards the bottom of the expanded search box and let rip with your humming or whistling.

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Rolling out . Google 's new, less intrusive Assistant is already available on the Pixel 4, but the The updates tab, Google Now's spiritual successor, kept the same look. Now, Google appears to be testing Subscribe to Android Police's weekly newsletter, with the biggest stories, latest deals, and

Latest New Features & Updates . From experience Google on phones doesn't remember a history of identified songs (a Google first?) Unlike shazam which does, even though it's owned by Apple now and Google apparently desperately wants to be Apple.

After 10-15 seconds, Google will present a series of potential matches based on your input with quick links to the song on streaming services as well as related content like lyrics and music videos.

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So, how well does it work? In our testing, we found that Hum to Search was able to identify numerous classic and contemporary tracks, particularly from the Pop and Rock genres, such as Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart and The Weeknd’s Blinding Lights with relative ease.

However, the search seemed to falter when presented with hummed renditions of contemporary Hip-Hop, namely Kendrick Lamar’s Alright – and there’s no way this kind of tool could be used to identify less melodic genres like Death Metal.

Regardless of the feature’s limitations at the time of writing, it still offers a clear advantage over services like Shazam which require direct samples of the track in place of Google’s much lower requirement of humming or whistling. We’re sure this feature can only improve over time, like all deep-learning AIs.

This feature is currently available in English on iOS, and in more than 20 languages on Android.

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MP: Watchdog should get powers to stop online giants strangling rivals .
Britain's market watchdogs must be given 'new tools' to prevent Google and other internet giants doing more harm to the economy and ripping off consumers, a key Government adviser has said. John Penrose, who is leading a Treasury review of competition laws, said that new rules are needed to prevent huge online corporations strangling rivals and ramping up prices. ‘That’s going to require some new tools,’ he added.Mr Penrose’s comments came to light after the American government started legal action against Google in the US courts, piling pressure on British politicians and regulators to follow suit.

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