Entertainment Nagui: how he put pressure on Jon Bon Jovi because of his team of "pigs" (VIDEO)

18:10  24 october  2020
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Jon Bon Jovi: I'm happy being the 'poster boy' for married rock stars

  Jon Bon Jovi: I'm happy being the 'poster boy' for married rock stars Jon Bon Jovi admits that he is happy to be the "poster boy" for married rock stars.The Bon Jovi frontman has been married to Dorothea Hurley since 1989 and is pleased to have a stable marriage, having seen so many musical colleagues go through divorce.

Nagui : comment il a mis la pression sur Jon Bon Jovi à cause de son équipe de © Screenshot France 2 / Everyone wants to take his place Nagui: how he put the pressure on Jon Bon Jovi because of his team of "pigs" (VIDEO) Lover of anecdotes, Nagui likes to share the crisp stories behind the scenes of his various shows. This Saturday, October 24, he told how he had to put a huge pressure on singer Jon Bon Jovi, during a filming of Taratata.

This Saturday, October 24 in Everyone wants to take their place , Nagui received Deborah, a candidate who had the chance to take the stage with Jon Bon Jovi during one of her concerts in Los Angeles , after winning a radio competition. Nagui then took this opportunity to return to a mishap he had happened to him with the singer, behind the scenes of the Taratata show.

Bon Jovi album '2020' asks 'questions' about pandemic, race, police

  Bon Jovi album '2020' asks 'questions' about pandemic, race, police Bon Jovi album '2020' asks 'questions' about pandemic, race, policeWASHINGTON (Reuters) - Jon Bon Jovi hits the hot-button social issues of America in "2020", his 15th studio album - the coronavirus pandemic, race relations, and police violence - but he says he's asking questions, not taking sides.

Nagui's pressure stroke

"I'm going to tell you something that I never told about Bon Jovi," first announces Nagui. "We do a Taratata with Bon Jovi. Jon Bon Jovi is in the dressing rooms, he waits for everything to be ready. It's his technicians who prepare everything on the set and they behave like thugs. All possible and unimaginable insults thinking that we didn't understand what they were saying. (...) They were talking about us really like pigs. And they fall behind and behind and behind, " then explained the star host of France 2

Annoyed by such behavior, Nagui then explained that he intervened to put pressure on them. "So there, I take the microphone and I say in English: 'Hurry, otherwise in a quarter of an hour, we cancel. There are other French artists waiting behind.' The guys burst out laughing and they stop and say to themselves: 'Here, let's have a drink ...' So, I say: 'Ok, we cancel!' We clear the plateau, " then continued Nagui explaining that he was witnessing an " start a mess ". The manager then intervened and told Nagui that Jon Bon Jovi wanted to see him.

Jon Bon Jovi has lost friends to COVID-19

  Jon Bon Jovi has lost friends to COVID-19 Rock star Jon Bon Jovi says COVID-19 has affected him personally as he has lost "“friends and neighbours” to the virus.Jon Bon Jovi has lost “friends and neighbours” to coronavirus.

The technicians' apologies

Nagui then told the American star that his technicians were really "not nice, rude", that they were wasting a lot of time and that they had taken nearly an hour and a half late. "And above all, they spoke extremely badly to everyone." Jon Bon Jovi then asked him to give him three minutes to speak to his team. "He gathers all his troop who scatter like bees to go to work. He comes back and says to me: 'In four minutes, we're rehearsing the songs and we're only going to do them once. minutes, everything was ready and he made his songs. And at the end of the show, each technician went to take a goodie, a cap, a t-shirt or a key ring to give to the technicians of Taratata for s 'apologize for speaking badly, " concluded Nagui, making it clear that Jon Bon Jovi was " a good guy ", which was not necessarily the case for his team.

'Babish' expands as pandemic boosts YouTube cooking shows .
NEW YORK (AP) — Mac and cheese, 18th-century style. A seven-course meal using only ingredients from a convenience store. A meal that is literally on fire. Four episodes into her new YouTube show, “Stump Sohla,” part of the expanding “Babish Culinary Universe" channel, Sohla El-Waylly has yet to be stumped by a food challenge. El-Waylly became a familiar face on YouTube as a standout on Bon Appetit's test kitchen channel. But during the nationwide racial reckoning following the police killing of George Floyd, she was among members of the test kitchen who accused the channel's owner, Conde Nast, of discriminatory practices.

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