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After that I lost track of time. Suddenly I _(SEE) Alison. She was standing at the doorway and looking at me angrily. Listen to the recording about an old farm and answer the questions .

The Sister has been one of ITV’s most hotly-anticipated shows of the year, and the first episode of the psychological thriller has finally aired.

Russell Tovey, Amrita Acharia posing for the camera: What's going on in the ITV thriller? Why's Russell Tovey so on edge? Our questions after watching episode 1 of The Sister. © ITV What's going on in the ITV thriller? Why's Russell Tovey so on edge? Our questions after watching episode 1 of The Sister.

It’s from Neil Cross, the creator of Luther, and is based on his 2009 novel Burial. With ghosts, deception, intrigue an unnerving sense of the unknown throughout, it’s an intriguing watch.

a close up of a sign: Burial © amazon.co.uk Burial


Nathan (played by a seriously spooked out Russell Tovey) finds his life thrown into turmoil after seven years when a mysterious - and creepy - blast from the past appears in his life, and threatens to ruin everything.

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A young girl goes missing and the body is never recovered, but Nathan knows exactly where it is because he was there. But how did it happen? And how is he now married to the dead woman’s sister?

With three episodes left to air, we have some questions...

a man standing in front of a mirror posing for the camera: Nathan (Russell Tovey) has a lot on his mind © ITV Nathan (Russell Tovey) has a lot on his mind

What do we know about Elise?

Not a lot, yet. Just that she’s the younger sister of Holly (played by Amrita Acharia), and that she’s creeping around in the afterlife haunting people. Including Nathan.

Who exactly is Bob?

Apart from his role freaking Nathan out? He’s a Professor, but we don’t know fully his relationship to Nathan. Minus the greasy hair and air of creep, you might recognise him as the still-creepy-but-better turned out Simon Foster, of Doctor Foster fame, better known as actor Bertie Carvel.

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What did Nathan actually do?

Well it’s something that happened in Newbuck Green, a local bit of land that’s being converted into a housing development. We see Nathan and Bob drag Elise’s body out of a car, and Nathan running through the forest in a particularly fetching yellow tee that’s very of its time. But what's gone on? We don't know yet. But Nathan's very into middle distance staring.

What happened at the party?

We know Elise was there with her mum and dad, and Holly, but stayed when the rest of her family went home. Nathan passed the family leaving as he arrived, grabbed a drink and bumped into Bob and got a drink.

Why is Bob’s voice so creepy?

Bob does a radio appearance back in 2009 where he speaks normally, so what’s happened? Is the spirit world in possession of his voicebox? Has poking around in the spirit world made him this way?

Amrita Acharia smiling for the camera: Holly (Amrita Acharia) hasn © ITV Holly (Amrita Acharia) hasn

Why so many pictures of dead Elise?

Elise’s sister Holly (who Nathan is married to) has at least 20 photos of Elise around the house. Hardly anyone else gets a look in. No wonder Nathan is on edge, ostensibly seeing his murder victim every hour he spends at home.

ITV's murder mystery The Sister leaves viewers too scared to sleep

  ITV's murder mystery The Sister leaves viewers too scared to sleep ITV's four-part thriller follows Nathan (played by Russell Tovey), who's spent years trying to atone for a terrible mistake in his past, involving the death of his wife's sister, Elsie.The four-part thriller, adapted from Luther creator Neil Cross' novel Burial, follows Nathan (played by Russell Tovey), who's spent years trying to atone for a terrible mistake in his past, involving the death of his wife's sister, Elsie (Simone Ashley).

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How does Nathan, card salesman, live in such a fancy house?

We’re not sure on this one - presumably Holly is raking in the cash as an estate agent? Or maybe selling greetings cards is a lucrative career path.

Is Elise actually dead?

Technically she is, but then there’s the creepy EVP recording from creepy Bob with ‘Elise’ telling them she’s not dead. Plus, she’s been hanging out at the end of Bob’s bed, mouth moving and everything (according to him). Apparition alert!

When is it back?

Great news for the impatient - The Sister is on ITV for the following three nights this week, at 9pm. Or you can watch it all on the ITV Hub right now.

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