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03:20  03 november  2020
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11 Home and Away spoilers for next week

  11 Home and Away spoilers for next week What's next in Summer Bay?Next week's Home and Away episodes see Tane Parata struggle to escape his past, while Dean Thompson finally tells Ziggy Astoni the truth over Ross Nixon's murder.

Home and Away 's Taylor Rosetta sparks suspicion from her husband Angelo on UK screens next week as she continues her secret affair with Colby Thorne. Taylor later calls Colby and admits that she may have slipped up . Her day gets worse when Colby 's sister Bella Nixon (Courtney Miller) tries

Related: Home and Away sets up surprise new romance as Tane makes a big decision. In the show's latest episodes, Colby was alarmed to realise that Taylor had accidentally made Angelo (Luke Jacobz) suspicious over their secret connection. Taylor let slip some knowledge she had of the Ross case

Episode 7433

Annabelle Stephenson smiling for the camera: Taylor is shocked when Angelo tells her that he thinks Colby is guilty. © Endemol Shine - Channel 5 Taylor is shocked when Angelo tells her that he thinks Colby is guilty.

UK airdate: Wednesday 11 November 2020 at 13:15 and 18:00 on Channel 5

Australian airdate: Wednesday 14 October 2020 at 19:00 on Channel 7

Taylor is shocked when Angelo tells her that he thinks Colby is guilty. However, she is less surprised when Angelo, once again, cancels their dinner plans. With her schedule now free, Taylor uses this time to meet up for a romantic rendezvous with Colby, and also tell him that her husband thinks he killed Ross. Colby adamantly denies these accusations. Realising she caused him insult, Taylor apologises and reassures Colby that Angelo doesn't have any evidence on him.

Home and Away's Nikau in tense new showdown with Colby

  Home and Away's Nikau in tense new showdown with Colby Nikau confronts Colby over his bad choices.Home and Away's Nikau Parata clashes with Colby Thorne again on UK screens next week.

Home and Away hints at new romance for Ziggy Astoni in 21 spoiler pictures. Your full collection of photos revealing what's ahead on UK screens in the week Wednesday, November 11: Taylor tries to pretend that everything is normal. She's still hiding her affair with Colby . Endemol ShineChannel 5.

Home and Away 's Colby Thorne affair storyline has grown even more complicated, with the surprise revelation Colby confessed all to his younger sister Bella in Thursday night's triple bill of episodes in Australia (October 8), clearing up the mystery of why he is so reluctant to end things with Taylor .

The next morning, Colby finally arrives home to find Angelo waiting for him. Colby tries to apologise about writing a report on him, but Angelo won't accept it. During breakfast with Taylor, Angelo becomes a little suspicious when she first defends Colby and then blurts out details from the case that she shouldn't know.

Meanwhile, Dean tries once again to convince Amber that Karen has changed, but is once again vehemently rebuffed. Colby walks in as Amber is leaving and after a one-on-one, Dean realises Amber is only doing what she thinks is going to protect their son.

Dean tries a new tact, sitting Amber down and going through all the reasons Karen has changed. However, he fails to reassure Amber that Karen won't slip up and stop taking her medication. Unhappy about the situation, but wanting to keep his relationship with Jai, Dean relents.

Home and Away: Nikau has a showdown with Colby

  Home and Away: Nikau has a showdown with Colby Will tensions boil over?

Home and Away aired four new episodes in Australia this week, with a firm focus on Colby Thorne's ongoing murder cover- up . Angelo's wife Taylor has struck up a surprising bond with Colby recently, enjoying his attention while her husband is distracted by the ongoing murder investigation.

Home and Away Soap Scoop! Taylor slips up over her affair with Colby . Dailymotion. Home and Away Soap Scoop!

Elsewhere, Christian's back is up against the wall as Tori tries to discover Justin's medical problems. With Christian refusing to breach his patient's confidence, Tori decides she's going to beat it out of Justin. Christian tells Tori to let Justin tell her when he's ready. Tori appears to take this on board, but then immediately confronts Justin.

Caught out, Justin confirms the symptoms are back and Christian is doing everything he can to help. Hurt that her brother didn't confide in her, Tori storms off. The next day, Justin tells Tori he didn't want to put her in the same position again. Tori accepts this but makes Justin promise to keep her in the loop.

Home and Away: Angelo discovers the affair .
The truth is out at last.

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