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EastEnders spoilers: Ian Beale is left for dead – but who’s responsible?

  EastEnders spoilers: Ian Beale is left for dead – but who’s responsible? He’s been ruffling everyone’s feathersHe’s been causing havoc with the majority of residents on the Square but next week he takes things a step too far and it results on him lying lifeless on the floor…

All spoilers are to be tagged. The spoilers need to include the name of the show being spoiled The Earth Spider colony and Feral Spider colony are the same colonies as introduced in episode 5. So here we are the last episode . (crossing all my fingers for a happy ending or at least as happy as it

Episode 25 - Silence --- **Discussion Topics** 1. Can you recall your reaction the first time you watched this episode ? The source of a spoiler ( the title of the thing it 's spoiling ) must be clearly listed somewhere before the spoiler in I really never wanted it to end here , although Ohba, the author of

Ici tout commence (spoilers) : le résumé en avance de l’épisode 25 du vendredi 4 décembre © Screenshot / TF1 Here it all begins (spoilers): the early summary of episode 25 of Friday 4 December Clotilde is about to tell her son the whole truth… Teyssier tries to trap Noémie but the young woman is not fooled. Eliott and Hortense take it into their heads to investigate Mehdi!

In Here everything begins of Friday December 4 ... Clotilde Armand ( Elsa Lunghini, who has confided in her couple ) receives a call from the hospital. Her husband Guillaume will be extubated during the day, she will be present for this moment. But refuses that his son Jérémy comes with her ... He, however, is determined to see his father as soon as he wakes up. At the Gaissacs, the atmosphere is no better. Célia announces to Vincent, her father, that she is aware of everything and balances him: "I know that you sleep with Clotilde" . Vincent tries to explain himself, despite the evocative photo taken by Jeremy. He reveals to her that he was in a relationship with Clotilde years ago, but that it has since ended. Célia thinks there is something else ...

In Sudan, Ethiopian refugees try to rebuild life in their camp

 In Sudan, Ethiopian refugees try to rebuild life in their camp © ASHRAF SHAZLY An Ethiopian refugee sells tea, in a transit camp in Sudan, November 26, 2020 Samarwat Tkhali, 10, has been walking around for a week the streets of "Village 8" in Sudan, where thousands of Ethiopians have taken refuge fleeing the war in Tigray. To survive, she sells the chocolate cakes bought by her father. In this miserable village, where some 15,000 Ethiopian refugees are crowded near the border, she approaches the people by asking them timidly: "Do you want to taste one?".

[Ending Spoilers ](#s "Put your text here "). Please use the CSS spoiler tags instead of the native spoiler tags. This thread is to discuss the early showings of Attack On Titan Roar of Awakening and the premier of Season 3 Episode 1. Detailed summary of the first scene of the episode https

Spoilers . The synopsis below may give away important plot points. The film begins with a scene of a gourmet meal being expertly prepared, while a voiceover states that Imougiri asks Goreng if he thinks everything the Administration does is bad, revealing that she has been working for them for 25 years.

Clotilde is ready to tell the whole truth, nothing but the truth ...

Clotilde has gone to seek some comfort from Claire ( Catherine Marchal ). The first is terrified at the idea of ​​seeing her husband come out of a coma… She starts to cry because she thinks she is going to lose her family. She fears the moment when Guillaume confesses to Jérémy… that he is not her genetic father. Claire advises Clotilde to reveal everything herself to her son. Because yes, Vincent is Jeremy's father! Clotilde is frightened. Later, she comes to take a look at the layout of the room. Auguste and Rose ( Vanessa Demouy, who reveals her solution to criticism on social networks ) arrive and try to reassure her about Guillaume's condition. Rose offers to accompany him, but Clotilde refuses. In the park of the Institute, Célia and Jérémy discuss Guillaume's state of health. Vincent arrives ... he wants to speak to the young man and tells him that nothing is happening between him and Clotilde. Jérémy refuses to listen to him and pushes him away. Celia separates them. Clotilde arrives and wishes to speak to her son, alone.

Coronation Street: Peter risks his life by drinking

  Coronation Street: Peter risks his life by drinking Carla is desperate to get through to him.Hour-long episode

Spoiler threads must be labeled! Put " Spoiler " anywhere in the title of threads that will contain spoilers . My immediate prediction would be that the first episode of season 5 will be Frank's funeral. Multiple times in the last couple of episodes they mention his liver possibly rejecting and he

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Clotilde confesses to her son that she lied to him ... She reveals to him that Vincent was her first love. And while she is about to reveal everything to him, Jeremy raises his voice and no longer wants to listen to him. He no longer wants to see his mother and leaves ... Clotilde has not had time to tell him her terrible secret. Jérémy and Clotilde are in the hospital and are waiting for Guillaume to wake up. The doctor extubates the patient, all you have to do is wait for him to wake up on his own. Jérémy takes his father's hand. Finally Guillaume opens his eyes but he recognizes neither his wife nor his son. Neither at all!

Teyssier tries to trap Noémie ...

Auguste ( Francis Huster ) summoned Noémie to his office. A journalist wants to portray the young pastry chef who replaced Teyssier. Noémie thinks it's too early but Auguste wants her to meet the journalist. Noémie presents her latest creation to her class, a pastry called Nénuphar. The journalist is there watching her do it. She lets him taste her creation. Noémie is not fooled, she knows that the journalist came to observe her on the advice of her ex-teacher Teyssier. He wants to discredit her. But the journalist finds that Noémie is far from incompetent and that she is a very good teacher. The young woman is delighted!

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8: 25 . Here , I look at how Yevgeny Zamyatin's We, a dystopian novel banned by the Soviet Union, influenced a generation of dystopian Video SparkNotes: Aldous Huxley's Brave New World summary .

I (12) here on time and I (13) the beginning of your presentation, but I (14) if you might have an extra handout left. The doctors ( 25 think) that they could remove the scar, but she would have to stay in Paris for several But early on Saturday morning Mum phoned to say that Dad (2) had been taking ill.

Later, the journalist finds Teyssier ( Benjamin Baroche, who claims to be very different from his character ) and tells him that Noémie is very competent. She stands up to the ex-teacher and tells him that "times are changing" . Teyssier is disgusted! He then goes to the Institute, Noémie told him to come: they confront each other! "Take a good look at this kitchen because it's the last time you'll see it!" then swings the young boss. Teyssier leaves with a smile.

Eliott and Hortense investigate Mehdi!

In the kitchen, Eliott and Hortense find that Mehdi is acting strangely, he watches him in the distance and notices that he is taking discreetly in a corner of the room like a kind of medicine. Eliott thinks it's drugs. Hortense wants to know more ... While they are still discussing Mehdi, Hortense and Eliott have their suspenders pulled up by Claire. They chat instead of watching their sauce. The teacher however congratulates Mehdi for his excellent audacity concerning his sauce. Claire asks the young man to supervise Hortense and Eliott for the lunch service. The two will then search Mehdi's locker and pick the lock. They find a jar of pills and take it with them.

As he returns home, Mehdi notices that he no longer has his pills. Eliott and Hortense arrive and reveal to him that they are aware of his addictions. Mehdi admits to taking stimulants to stay in the kitchen, because of his stress. The young man then confides in Antoine ( Frédéric Diefenthal ) and announces to him that the students of his class suspect him of taking drugs. We understand that in fact Mehdi has leukemia and that he does not want to admit it to his comrades so that they do not look at him differently. Antoine understands this and does not insist.

The key points in the summary of Britain's historic EU trade deal .
The summary of the deal was published by Number 10 at 4.30pm on Christmas Eve, hours before the Prime Minister issued his 'Brexmas' message.The summary of the deal was published by Number 10 at 4.30pm on Christmas Eve, hours before the Prime Minister issued his upbeat 'Brexmas' message.

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