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16:50  05 december  2020
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Film Review : ‘ Falling ’. Lance Henriksen gives the performance of his career as an emasculated Viggo Mortensen may have three Oscar nominations to his name, but I get the feeling most folks Drawing on his own upbringing while touching on universal themes of family and loss, Mortensen

John Petersen ( Viggo Mortensen ) lives with his partner Eric (Terry Chen) and their adopted daughter Monica in Southern California. A moving family drama . [Full Review in Spanish]. A bigger problem is that for as warmly as I feel towards Henriksen the actor, he might be too convincing here

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35 years after his big screen debut, Viggo Mortensen steps behind the camera for his feature debut, in a story he also writes and stars in. He plays John, a pilot who lives in California with his husband Eric (Terry Chen) and daughter Monica (Gabby Velis).

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His contented West Coast life is disrupted by the arrival of his father Willis (Lance Henricksen), an elderly conservative farmer who is suffering from dementia. He’s asked to come live near his son, but on arrival forgets this request and constantly battles John to try and leave. As he patiently tries to help his father, both men think back to their troubled family life on the farm, and the mistakes that haunt them both.

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He’s now embarked on his feature writing and directing debut Falling , telling the story of a man’s difficult, life-long relationship with his asshole of a Mortensen is clearly attuned to the emotional toll of maintaining such a relationship—loving someone even if they don’t show any love back—but once

Plot: A man ( Viggo Mortensen ) tries to reconcile his relationship with his cantankerous, abusive father (Lance Henriksen) during a disastrous visit. Review : Reviewing someone’s passion project can be a tricky thing. It’s clear from the dedication at the end of Falling this was a deeply personal project for

It’s a film with its heart in the right place, but unfortunately filled with scenes that seem so familiar. Henricksen spouting every racist and homophobic slur in the book as Mortensen winces and mutters “Jesus, Dad!” We’ve seen variations of this story in films like Nebraska, Little Miss Sunshine, Gran Torino, and many more.

While it is familiar, it’s executed with grace. Mortensen forgoes the usual tropes of gay couples on screen, presenting a happy family life that further exposes the absurdity of Willis’ bigotry. The flashbacks are told like patches of a dream, or perhaps nightmare. Sverrir Gudnason is interesting as the younger Willis, a new father with a drinking problem and unchecked aggression. In the present day, Laura Linney’s bright demeanour is perfect for Sarah, John’s sister who just wants to pretend everything is fine. Also, watch out for an out-of-nowhere cameo from David Cronenberg, Mortensen’s director on three films returning the favour by playing Willis’ doctor.

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So begins Falling , Viggo Mortensen ’s frustrating and flawed father/son drama that demands rather than earns empathy from its deeply unlikeable central character and his near saintly son. Viggo Mortensen Explains How His Family History Influenced Directorial Debut ‘ Falling ’ (Video).

This week, Viggo Mortensen is heading to London to begin the editing process on Falling , his directorial debut. The film, in which Mortensen stars with Lance Henriksen and Laura Linney (see an exclusive first look above), is about a conservative father who moves from his rural farm to live with

The bulk of the film is on Henricksen’s shoulders, with his piercing eyes filled with confusion and cruelty. There are a number of monologues that hint at the man he once was, as well as the pain and confusion of his condition. As hard as it is to feel sorry for a man who calls his son “fairy” over and over, his performance shows that family connections are often the messiest.

Falling is a simple story, told by a strong cast that make you feel for their predicament. However, a repetitive nature makes it indistinguishable from the raft of independent movies on the same subject.

Falling is released in cinemas and On Demand from 4th December

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