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12:20  19 june  2021
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The hatred of the Stop Funding Hate fanatics: They vilified GB News even before it launched and claim to fight for tolerance - but foul-mouthed trolling is par for the course, writes GUY ADAMS. He said unless the supermarket immediately ceased advertising on GB news , he would boycott their stores. ' Paul ' is an expert on creating division and demonising people with his trolling. In the vexatious world of Stop Funding Hate, Paul 's trolling of public figures turns out to be par for the course.

GUY ADAMS: The advertising boycott of GB News - when companies such as Ikea and Kopparberg dropped adverts as the channel is 'Right-wing' - created its own headlines this week. Indeed, the 'consultation' was abandoned after less than a month, when Oriel's governing body realised that angry alumni had cancelled almost £1.5 million worth of donations because of it and threatened to pull even more, placing the college's entire financial future at risk.

No matter how ugly the baby, it is possible to offer heartfelt congratulations to the parents of a newborn while reserving judgement on how their offspring will turn out. And so it is with the arrival of GB News, the news channel headed by Andrew Neil with a reported £60m budget.

Andrew Neil et al. standing in front of a crowd © Staff in the green room watching a television screen showing presenter Andrew Neil broadcast from a ...

It launched last Sunday evening into a blistering inferno of social media “hot takes” that have predictably deemed it to be either the coming of the media Messiah or Mephistopheles.

In its first week the channel has been plagued by technical difficulties and been the subject of hundreds of editorial complaints to the regulator, Ofcom. It has lost high profile advertisers such as Vodafone and Ikea, and found itself targeted by fake viewer contributions from the likes of “Mike Hunt” and “Mike Oxlong”.

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GB News launched on Sunday 13 June with a pledge from ex-BBC presenter Andrew Neil to cover “the stories that matter to you and those that have been neglected”. It has also revealed plans to launch similar stations in Spain and Eastern Europe and to launch a radio station as early as next month. In Northern Ireland Conchur Dowds will join GB News from UTV. He was said to be “passionate about holding those in power to account, listening to people from across NI and telling the stories that really matter to them”. Former BBC and Sky journalist Paul Hawkins will be GB News ’ reporter for the capital.

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I should declare an interest here. I have been heavily involved in the launch of a half dozen TV stations across the UK, most recently STV2 and its local stations. I’ve also worked for the big networks in London and know the pressures of that marketplace. Therefore, I’ve watched this unfold like a nostalgic parent, wistfully observing how others cope with the trauma of creating and nurturing a newborn entity into a cruel world that instantly compares all small TV start-ups to network giants.

a close up of a man wearing glasses and looking at the camera © Paul Hughes

I have a great deal of professional empathy for the GB News team. Launching live TV stations is technically and editorially extremely difficult and the team behind the scenes at GB News should be warmly applauded for getting this far. However, that doesn’t absolve all their formative sins.

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Similar problems have also affected Amazon Web Services and Cloudflare in the past, two other huge cloud computing firms. Some websites managed to find workarounds to the problem, with tech site The Verge taking to Google Docs to publish its news , but forgetting to limit those who could write on it, leading to a series of amusing edits and tweets. The hashtag "InternetOutage" was soon trending on social media as more and more broken websites were discovered.

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The launch was unquestionably of poor technical quality as I’m sure the GB News team will be painfully aware, no matter how they portray it in public. Many of the problems are things you would expect TV people to know.

For example, big networks like BBC One HD transmit at higher bitrates with lots of picture data, roughly 4Mb/s – 10Mb/s, while small channels are heavily compressed around 1Mb/s to 2Mb/s meaning less data and detail. Heavily compressed video doesn’t like dark studio sets in subtle shades of grey which probably explains the indistinct and muddy look of the launch.

Similarly, the tinny, hollow sound of the presenters indicates that the studios may be soundproofed but not acoustically treated against the reflective, shiny surfaces of smallish studio spaces. The standard solution would be to strategically place acoustic panels or baffles to dampen the reflections.

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The bombshell news has fuelled fears that the Brexit-driven political realignment that allowed Mr Johnson to smash Labour's Red Wall is now loosening his grip on traditional Tory heartlands. In a crumb of comfort for Mr Johnson, Keir Starmer suffered another disaster with Labour's 1.6 per cent share of the vote its worst performance ever in a by-election. Chesham & Amersham, in Buckinghamshire on the outskirts of London, voted strongly for Remain at the 2016 referendum. Opposition to the overhaul of planning rules and HS2 are also thought to have been a major factor

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Whatever the internal reasons, it indicates a lack of understanding that when you move from network broadcasting palaces to more modest accommodation, you are completely reliant on the expertise of a very small group with no slack. Highly paid presenters, no matter how good, will not help. They are the parmesan and not the pasta and sauce.

Much has been made of the inspirational roots of GB News in American stations like Fox News. However, US TV studios are temples of beauty where exceptional lighting, glorious sets, glamorous presenters and sensational make-up are highly prized. Much of a channel’s authority derives from this.

The same applies to editorial. US news networks, like McDonalds, produce a consistently perfect blend of sweet and savoury that guarantees you know what you’re getting every time you return. This masterfully crafted confection cannot be replicated by simply putting less light and a microphone on a lightly powdered Andrew Neil while he reads out his Op Ed - even if that is one of the channel’s highlights.

Small channels also require a defined, editorial purpose to build an audience. Ideally, something they can’t get elsewhere. GB News is relying heavily on an older (the average age of a UK TV viewer is 60+) anti-woke audience that rejects the current UK broadcast offering and congregates around Twitter and the Daily Mail comments section.

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However, there is a chasm between highly regulated and painstakingly edited TV News and the unregulated, super strong, reactionary slew of opinion on social media that the anti-woke brigade have become accustomed to and can arguably access with greater ease online.

GB News may wish to emulate American TV for its social media malcontents but this isn’t America and it isn’t social media. Once the dust settles and an outraged Dan Wooton is running out of woke-smashing fodder, when the regulator has clipped a few wings, after the initial audiences lull to a subset of grumpy older folk – doesn’t it all just become a diluted version of Twitter hot-takes mashed in with some genuine news, for an ageing niche market?

It’s not all doom and gloom. There are some real jewels in the team including Alastair Stewart who is one of most politically astute and engaged news presenters I’ve worked with. The channel also has a series of high profile, wealthy investors in the boardroom who will crave success. That buys a little time for the team on the shop floor who will develop an esprit de corps from a deeply bruising launch and that mix could just be enough to take the station through the inevitable ratings “trough of doom” all new channels face.

Finally, I suspect the leadership of GB News may just be right that there are many under-serviced viewers out there who are right-leaning and enjoy their news served up with a touch of outrage by some impeccably tailored, old-school TV hacks. The question is how many and is this the product they want?

Whatever the outcome, like many small channels, GB News will undoubtedly create a pause for thought amongst its longer established and better funded competitive set and while it may be distasteful to many, that kind of disruption can only be a good thing for the industry long term.

Paul Hughes is the Managing Director of Solid Media, a media production and consultancy company. He is the former Head of Programmes at STV and former Managing Editor of ITV Westminster

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