Entertainment "I will not be able to reinstate this shift": Milla Jasmine absent from the Marseille vs the rest of the world 6, it reveals the reasons

05:40  22 july  2021
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Orange Is the New Black star plays a racist Karen in new horror movie

  Orange Is the New Black star plays a racist Karen in new horror movie Get Out meets SNL.

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© Instagram Millajasmineoff "I will not be able to reinstate this filming": Milla Jasmine absent from the Marseillais vs The rest of the world 6, it reveals the reasons this Tuesday, July 20, Milla Jasmine confirmed its participation in the Marseillais vs the rest of the world 6. But in the stride, the reality candidate has made confidences on social networks which may sadden her fans ...

hard blow for the star of w9 ... milla jasmine , emblem of the family of the remains of the world alongside nikola Lozina , was naturally invited this year Still participating in the Battle of the summer against the Marseillais . Although the TNT chain has not yet formalized the cast, the young woman has almost never missed a season in five years (with the exception of the third). Especially since she confirmed at half a word, her presence for the sixth edition of the Marseillais vs the rest of the world this Tuesday, July 20th. Nevertheless, it seems that the candidate has been eliminated during adventure. East proof: In recent days, the 3.1 million subscribers of Milla Jasmine could follow his vacation away from the villa in which she is not ready to return. And for good reason: the candidate was tested twice positive at COVID-19!

Marseille: Has a TGV been the target of firearms fire when it comes to the station on Wednesday night?

 Marseille: Has a TGV been the target of firearms fire when it comes to the station on Wednesday night? An investigation is underway in Marseille after discovering on a TGV of impacts "presumably caused by a firearm whose caliber is ignored", indicates the font © Ugo AMEZ / SIPA a TGV (illustration).

Consider the one below. I am not able to attend this meeting since/because its timing conflicts with another one. I would like to submit my sincere apologies for missing the meeting that was scheduled on 5th January, 2018. It was a serious mistake on my part not come for the meeting and made you wait for long. I would like to share that I had to go to hospital as I had received an emergency phone stating that my wife is hospitalized because she had some injury and had broken her leg.

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"I am disgusted"

it's in Story on Snapchat that the pretty brunette shared this news to his community: " with production, we are tested every day. They make great attention , hold to remember. last night, I made a last anti-gene test. I regret to announce that I have the Covid. The tests came out for two times. We did it three times in total , so much we did not believe. We hallucinated. "She continues vaguely evoking her disputes with candidates:" I was at the end of my life because I was full of ambition, ready to demolish everything In this house. It has been decided to do a PCR test to have the confirmation of the lab. The results are very positive so I will not be able to reinstate this filming (...) to settle my accounts. I am disgusted. "for reminder , Milla Jasmine is currently cold with Maeva Ghennam , Marseillais poster head. According to the first, the ex-girlfriend of Greg Yega " does not deserve (s) one friendship ". Reconciliation in front of W9 cameras will therefore not take place in the coming weeks!

privileged criminal trail after the fire in Marseille who made three dead .
"We have at least the existence of two fire departures, one to the sixth floor, the other in the stairwell. Which Fit us on a criminal trail, "said the Prosecutor of Marseille, Dominique Laurens, at a press point. Video Your Browser Does Not Support This Video The Survey on The Fire Who has made three dead Saturday in a partially squatted building of a disinherited district of Marseille goes towards "the criminal track", announced the Prosecutor of Marseille, Dominique Laurens.

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