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Casualty isn't on tonight – here's why

  Casualty isn't on tonight – here's why All the details right here.

Ethan talks Fenisha through the labour from the top of the ravine Credit: BBC. Disaster then strikes as Fenisha topples into a ravine and realises her waters have broken. A terrified Fenisha picks up a call from Ethan , who passes on her location to Jan and heads out looking for her. When the paramedics eventually arrive, Fenisha fails to respond and everyone is worried to see that the baby has the cord around his neck. Will everything be okay? Elsewhere on Casualty , Faith enjoys her first day back in the ED following her horror ambulance crash.

Casualty review with spoilers : Fenisha ’ s impressed by Ethan ’s heroics, and Faith turns to Dylan for support. Comment. Fenisha (Olivia D’Lima) – who was at Comic Con raising awareness and money for animal rights – was impressed. As she watched him save a young boy’s life she realised that he’s not just that wimpy, nerdy guy – he’s actually a real hero. Later on they talked about the past and Ethan told Fenisha about Cal.

Wedding bells are ringing out for Ethan and Fenisha in Casualty (BBC1, 9.30pm, Saturday 31 July 2021 — see our TV Guide for listings) this week.

Ethan and Fenisha practise their first dance ahead of their wedding in Casualty. © Provided by WhatToWatch Ethan and Fenisha practise their first dance ahead of their wedding in Casualty.

The loved-up couple are excited to get hitched and celebrate their love. But, this week in the first of a two-part Casualty special,  Ethan is preoccupied by new results on his Huntington’s diagnosis, while Fenisha is having trouble with her time-keeping.

Will her angry ex-fiance Matthew ruin the couple’s big day?

Elsewhere, Lev faces up to his father, while Dylan is concerned for Ollie.

Casualty teases Fenisha and Ethan wedding and explosive series finale in new trailer

  Casualty teases Fenisha and Ethan wedding and explosive series finale in new trailer Coming up on Casualty

Casualty spoilers - Jan finally learns about Fenisha ' s pregnancy, while Faith makes a big decision over her marriage. As they work together on the difficult domestic abuse case, Jan is shocked when the patient tells her that Fenisha is pregnant. Prior to this, Fenisha does make another attempt to speak to her boss, but unfortunately, an angry Linda takes the decision out of her hands. Shocked , Jan storms off but another bombshell awaits when she discovers that Fenisha is actually eight months pregnant – and Ethan is the father.

Casualty spoilers follow. Next week on Casualty , Fenisha is left distraught when baby Bhodi is rushed into hospital, while Ethan reaches a major decision and Grace proves to be a handful for Connie. Here' s a full collection of the seven biggest moments to watch out for Fenisha and Ethan have kept their distance since she had their baby– but are brought back together when little Bhodi is brought into the ED, having fallen unwell. Fenisha is devastated as she watches her tiny baby get rushed into Resus where doctors are helpless, but she takes some comfort in Ethan ' s presence.

Full spoilers below...

Ethan and Fenisha’s wedding morning worries

Ethan and Fenisha are getting hitched!

It’s a beautiful day for Ethan Hardy (George Rainsford) and Fenisha Khatri’s (Olivia D’Lima) wedding.

The marquee is up, guests are arriving, Iain’s cracking runaway bride jokes, and Jan’s on the cider.

What could go wrong?

For starters…

Well… Fenisha has a lot to do. She’s got a tonne of wedding favours to make — individually potted trees for every guest, in keeping with the couple’s eco-themed wedding.

After setting up camp in the ambulance station, Fenisha gets to work, shooing Ethan away to deal with the guests, who are arriving in high spirits at their romantic venue.

Ethan’s dilemma

Meanwhile, Ethan is wrestling with the fact his latest health results are in and is tempted to pop into his doctor to find out whether the news is good or bad.

Casualty announce return of favourites Noel, Big Mac and Cal for 35th anniversary

  Casualty announce return of favourites Noel, Big Mac and Cal for 35th anniversary Casualty is bringing back some of the show's most popular characters to mark 35 years in a one-off feature-length specialTony Marshall will be reprising his role as reception manager Noel Garcia, while Charles Dale returns as MacKenzie “Big Mac” Chalker. Joining them is Richard Winsor who will be making a comeback as Caleb Knight - aka Cal.

Casualty spoilers - Fenisha ’ s runaway bride past revealed (complete with a The Graduate-style bus escape) Ethan lies and insists he’d be happy for Fenisha and is content with their arrangement " Fenisha is a mystery! We’ve heard nothing about her, apart from the day she turned up," says Olivia

Casualty spoilers - Will plays matchmaker on his final day , while Ethan learns the truth about Fenisha and Rash has romance in mind. Will wants his friends to be honest with each other about their true feelings, before he leaves. Fortunately for Will, fate soon brings Fenisha and Ethan together regardless when a scary situation with a patient forces them to admit how they really feel. Delighted, Fenisha and Ethan plan a dinner date to make things more official, until another development turns everything on its head.

After ruminating on it, a touching chat with Charlie Fairhead (Derek Thompson) leads the distracted doctor to pay a moving visit to his brother Cal’s grave…

Will Ethan decide to make a last-minute dash to his doctor, or wait until after he’s wed?

Sudden panic

Back at the ambulance station, stressed Fenisha realises she has one hour to get ready and get to her nuptials.

She’s thrown into a spin, however, when her taxi cancels!

In desperate need of a lift, Fenisha gets ready in a rush and heads to the ED asking if anyone can drive her to the church.

Enter the bride-to-be’s ex-fiance Matthew! Yes, the same Matthew she left at the altar, got back with, dumped for Ethan, and is in love with her…

Does Matthew (Osi Okerafor) have an ulterior motive for offering to help?

We’re sworn to secrecy on what happens next but Casualty fans — look alert. You can’t have a wedding in Holby-land without major drama!

'Casualty' star Olivia D’Lima teases more wedding shocks in store

  'Casualty' star Olivia D’Lima teases more wedding shocks in store Casualty star Olivia D’Lima reveals all about the second part of Ethan and Fenisha’s wedding special!Moments before the credits rolled for this week’s twisty turny episode, Casualty fans witnessed the car carrying bride-to-be Fenisha Khatri to her wedding with Ethan Hardy (George Rainsford) crash onto railway tracks….

Casualty spoilers reveal why Fenisha Khatri's baby twist will spark one of biggest stories of the year. Casualty 's spring trailer had also previewed Fenisha ' s far-from-surprising baby discovery, in what This complication, thrown in with the already-difficult dynamic of Fenisha , Will and Ethan , will

When Fenisha later shows Ethan her baby scan – and implores him to consider co-parenting – he struggles to contain his emotions. With Rash confused as to what' s holding the family-orientated doctor back, Ethan finally explains that he has Huntington’ s disease, and he’ s terrified that he’ s passed the gene onto the baby. Desperate to keep a rapidly deteriorating Faith awake, Dylan addresses the elephant in the room and explains why he told her the truth about Lev. Dylan tells Faith that she deserves to be treated better, and in turn , she tells Dylan that he' s more than just a friend to her.

Ollie’s shock diagnosis

After Ollie Hide (Harry Collett) suffers another seizure and collapses his dad David (Jason Durr) rushes him to the ED. David refuses to let Rash Masum (Neet Mohan) treat his son, so acting clinical lead Dylan Keogh steps in…

Rash is crushed by David’s bruising assessment of his previous diagnosis so, privately Dylan reassures the young medic and reveals he suspects a mental health issue may be at play.

Unfortunately David overhears and a massive argument follows.

But while the grown ups are fighting poor Ollie collapses and suffers another seizure.

Dylan (William Beck) orders an urgent MRI, and the results lead to a shock diagnosis…

Lev’s new lease of life

Lev Malinovsky (Uriel Emil) and wife Faith Cadogan (Kirsty Mitchell) are struggling to keep up appearances that their marriage is still intact while Lev’s bullish father, Anton, stays with them indefinitely.

This week matters come to a head when Anton (Alexei Sayle) tries to force his homophobic views onto his grandchildren. Anton also reveals his real reason for turning up unexpectedly!

'Casualty' spoilers: Fenisha and Lev’s wedding carnage. Who survives?

  'Casualty' spoilers: Fenisha and Lev’s wedding carnage. Who survives? Airs Saturday 7 August 2021 at 9.30pm on BBC1.When the BBC1's medical drama returns to our screens, it’s a race against time to rescue trapped Fenisha, as a speeding train approaches! 

Lev, who is secretly gay and has only started to accept himself, decides enough is enough and opens up to his father. Needless to say Anton does not react kindly towards his son.

They have an intense confrontation, which results in Lev looking to the future with renewed hope and ditching harmful life-long beliefs. We don’t want to reveal too much, but what follows are truly tender, understated scenes...

  • George Rainsford gives us the lowdown on Ethan and Fenisha's wedding in Casualty.

Also in Casualty this week…

In addition to struggling with David’s fury, Rash wrestles with what to include in his best man’s speech. To mention Fenisha’s runaway bride history, or not? He turns to his co-workers for advice!

Dylan Keogh happily holds the fort at the ED, as his colleagues prepare for Fenisha and Ethan’s big day.

Matthew is feeling dispirited as his ex prepares to get hitched.

And Jacob Masters is left holding Tina’s purse as he finds himself in her bad books once again. Will an observant Jade recognise the signs of coercive control?

  • Charles Venn reveals more about Jacob and Tina’s shocking domestic abuse storyline in our exclusive interview.

Cal Knight returns from the dead — ‘Casualty’ star Richard Winsor reveals all .
Casualty celebrates its 35th birthday with the return of show favourite Cal Knight. Richard Winsor reveals why Cal’s back!This week Cal returns in a dream with a dire warning for his younger brother, consultant Ethan Hardy, who is grieving the shock death of his fiance Fenisha Khatri.

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