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Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (London Palladium). Verdict: Exuberant revival. Having been one of the longest yodelling Josephs ever, in the Nineties, Donovan could probably do the show backwards. Here, his party piece is the Elvis turn as the Pharaoh — the King descending into the Valley of the Kings, writes Patrick Marmion . Smith expands her role by annexing other parts including the Pharaoh’s saucy missus.

What a dream to be in a crowded theater: PATRICK MARMION reviews Joseph and the incredible Technicolor Dreamcoat as theaters finally reopen after more than a year of lockdown. By Patrick Marmion for the Daily Mail. She favors Jac Yarrow’s Joseph and Jason Donovan’s Pharaoh with indulgent smiles, otherwise she runs the evening like a Blue Peter presenter, gently stroking the air with fake fingernails. By giving her the entirety of Whitney Houston for the anthemic song series, including A Pharaoh’s Story, she’s proving that she’s got quick feet in the company’s dance numbers, too.

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Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

London Palladium

Rating: 4/5

Back in the West End – with former X Factor winner Alexandra Burke as the narrator – Joseph is best described as a hospital-strength, intravenous sugar rush.

And what fun it is, to have that rush administered in a ram-packed auditorium… or should that be a Ramses-packed auditorium?

I hadn't realised how much I missed rubbing elbows with unknown neighbours – ah, the old armrest turf war. But even better is the dawning realisation that everyone… from tiny kids to venerable grannies… is singing, clapping and jiving along in their seats to the Biblical tale of Joseph and his jealous brothers, who rob him of his multi-coloured coat and sell him into slavery.

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Suggest an update Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat . Your privacy is important to us. We won't share this comment without your permission. Is it any good? JOSEPH AND THE AMAZING TECHNICOLOR DREAMCOAT retains all the sparkling wit, style, and melodies of the original Broadway musical. In a nimble eighty-minutes, viewers get a banquet of different musical styles. Jacob is told of Joseph 's "death" in a twangy country-western lament; Pharaoh relates his dreams in pure Elvis style (he is The King, after all); the framing of brother Benjamin is set to Caribbean calypso

' Joseph ' returns to the Palladium in 2021; this review is from its July 2019 premiere. Jason Donovan and Jac Yarrow will return, with Alexandra Burke and Linzi Hateley sharing the role of Narrator. There are some very cool new versions of the early works of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice doing the rounds in London at the moment. ‘ Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat ’ isn’t one of them. It remains sweet, silly, reasonably lovable ‘ Joseph …’, in a lavish but lightweight revival from Laurence Connor, director of Lloyd Webber’s recent smash ‘School of Rock’. Of course you’re not

Bearing in mind that this is one of Andrew Lloyd Webber's oldest hits, written with lyricist Tim Rice in 1968, it must really sharpen his frustration that he can't open his newest show, Cinderella.

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That fell victim to the pingdemic last week (a new opening night has just been set for August 18). Right now, though, it's Laurence Connor's jubilant production at the Palladium that scorches the eye and enchants the ear. And with Burke taking over from Sheridan Smith as the narrator, they have a performer who's greeted with excited cheers just for flashing her gnashers.

Nor does Burke seem in any doubt about who's the star of the show (spoiler alert: It's her).

She does favour Jac Yarrow's Joseph and Jason Donovan's Pharaoh with indulgent smiles, otherwise she bosses the evening in the manner of a Blue Peter presenter, gently stroking the air with false fingernails.

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Conceived in 1969 as a 20-minute oratorio to be presented in an English public school, " Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat " is now considerably longer and flashier. Still, as the touring production starring Sam Harris demonstrates, the show is in many ways best suited to an amateur presentation.

Audience Reviews for Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat . Jan 18, 2008. Lovely! A tribute to the classic 60's play " Joseph and Amazing the Technicolor Dreamcoat " with Donny Osmond; he is the ultimate Joseph ! There are nice appearances by Joan Collins and Richard Attenborough.

Giving it the full Whitney Houston for the string of anthemic songs, including A Pharaoh's Story, she proves she's got quick feet, too, in the company dance numbers. It's almost as if she's up for doing the whole show on her own – and even when it's not her scene, there's a nod of approval, a chuckle of recognition, or a long-lashed wink to the audience.

I wouldn't fancy her with Shakespeare, but Burke sets the tone for a production that's like a stick of rock as thick as the pillars of the Abu Simbel temples in southern Egypt.

a group of people wearing costumes: ( © Provided by Daily Mail (

Looking past Burke, if that's possible, Yarrow seems to have settled into the show where he made his West End debut in 2019. His impeccably butch Joseph adds righteous anger to the indignation of his jail house song Close Every Door (howling with pain, as if he's strayed into Les Mis).

Meanwhile, Donovan – who played Joseph himself – proves he's a fair old pro as Pharaoh; glugging a pint-sized latte before launching into his Elvis 'The King' routine. Is there even a touch of late-Presley around his midsection?

Balancing his experience, there's a chorus of streetwise kids, who make this a proper family show.

And apart from the burger hieroglyphic in Pharaoh's palace, my favourite bits (and those of my 11-year-old moderator) remain the corny, cartoon company numbers. These include the One More Angel In Heaven hoedown; and riotous, cod-French knees-up of Those Canaan Days, when the wicked brothers lament tossing their sibling down a well.

Even after 53 years, Joseph remains a show with something for everyone – and a lot of what we all need right now: Joy!

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