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15:50  31 july  2021
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On Friday, July 30, the ten new consequences of the second " Outer Banks " Square came to Netflix - and equal to the second episode ends with a megaies Cliffhanger. Fans of the Teen Mystery series must be right at the beginning of the season around the life of one of the main characters: Sarah ( Madelyn Cline ) is shot in the last seconds of the episode "The robbery" and bleeds heavily out of an abdominal wound. Once again: spoiler warning!

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that on the Internet now the question "Stirb Sarah at, Outer Banks's Season 2?" Showing, shows: Many fans did not dare, Furthermore, but first asked the net after the fate of Sarah. and we can give you all-clear: Sarah does not die in the second season of "Outer Benchs" , is still quickly at the end of the new season. After all, to this figure you have to worry about the new consequences.

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Sarah does not die - but it's just

But how could Sarah be saved? In the first moment, John B ( Chase Stokes ) was still pleased that they finally had the gold, he reacts shocked on Sarah's injury - but then actually acted. At the beginning of episode 3, he pushes Sarah the bandana of his father in his hand and instructs them to push it to the wound to stop the bleeding.

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He calls Captain Terrance ( Terence Rosemore ) and describes your location - but since he does not know the exact coordinates, he can Only the info "We are in the sugar cane field" and the best hope. Ultimately, John B succeeds in bringing his bleeding girlfriend to a doctor who fights for her life - First he does not want to help, but when John B explains, he is a friend of Terrance, Will Dr. med. Nygard finally one. But he wants a payment, and that gives him John B in the form of gold ...

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high dramatic minutes: John B saves Sarah

and it is truly salvation in the last second, because Sarah has serious internal injuries and the DOC is not sure if the DOC is not sure She will survive the emergency surgery. In a particularly dramatic moment, John B even has to perform a cardiac massage , while the doctor is no longer believing that the young woman creates it. Ultimately, everything goes well - at least in Sarah things. Which drama expect you in the second season of "Outer Banks" , you will find out now in the new episodes on Netflix.

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