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16:40  27 september  2021
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The more functions, the better? Does not have to be. Which Amazon Echo is the best for you depends on its location from

Welcher ist der beste Amazon Echo für Sie? Um das zu beantworten, müssen wir erst über den Zielort sprechen. © Provided by the House Which is the best Amazon Echo for you? To answer that, we must first talk about the destination. models 2021: What types of echo is there at all?

The ECHO family is growing and thriving - not so easy to keep track of the overview. From the mini-speaker in socket format to the 10-inch tablet everything is there and again and again there are new generations with improved functions. Here is a compact overview of the currently relevant echo speakers - from expensive to cheap:

ECHO Studio - The Sound System: Expandable with ZigBee Smart Home Devices Echo Show 10 (3rd Generation) - With Swivel Screen: 10 Customs, 13 MP camera, expandable with ZigBee smart home devices ECHO Show 8 (2 generation) - with static screen: 8 inches, 13 mp camera, not expandable echo show 5 (2nd generation) - with static Screen: 5.5 inches, 2 MP camera, not expandable ECHO (4th generation) - The original: expandable with ZigBee smart home devices ECHO DOT (4th generation) - The small alarm clock: not Expandable, Watch LED Echo Dot (4th Generation) - The Small Smart Hub: Expandable with ZigBee Smart Home Devices ECHO DOT (3rd generation) - with alarm function , not expandable, watch LED ECHO FLEX - for the socket, expandable with motion sensor or night light the best Amazon Echo for the living room: Echo Stu Dio

Who is looking for the perfect echo for his living room, will attach particular importance to good sound to use the Smart Speaker at the same time as a high quality system. Visually, the device should also be as modern and unobtrusive as possible.

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The Best Amazon Echo for the living room is therefore the sound and stylish Echo Studio. Even though he does not yet match the sound quality of Multiroom systems like Sonos and Teufel, he is the best combination of Smart Speaker and Appendix - especially since the integrated ZigBee hub also controls smart home devices such as Philips Hue lights allowed.

The Best Amazon Echo for the Cuisine: Echo Show 8 (2nd Generation)

Recipes Look up, with friends video calls or watch the favorite series while cooking? This is best with an echo that can not speak, but can also show. But it does not have to be the latest Smart Speaker ECHO 10 . Echo Show 8 has installed the same high-resolution camera and looks less idlely than his big brother. Which can swing his "head" (the screen), but the technique is not quite mature yet. Maybe it has a reason that even TV does not turn to us ...

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Der Echo Show 8 ist erstaunlich vielseitig und kann schnell zu einer belieben Küchenhilfe werden.  © Amazon / Amazon The Echo Show 8 is amazingly versatile and can quickly become a pleasure kitchen aid. The Best Amazon Echo for Bathroom and Bedrooms: Echo Dot (4th Generation)

To send voice commands from bed or bath tub, one of the circular echo dots is recommended. They are small, unacceptably designed and optionally available with clock or with smart home function. Which version is more suitable for you depends on whether you would like to use the Amazon Echo as an alarm replacement or as a handless control for blinds and light.

Tip: Who chooses the Echo Dot 4 with Smart Home function, still does not have to do without an alarm clock. An light alarm can be easily set up in combination with compatible lights, for example from IKEA TRADFRI or Philips Hue. So you will be awakened by a high-dimensional "sunrise".

The cheapest echo

sometimes it's most important that the price is right and you get as much as possible for little money. For example, if you want to use the voice control in the basement, in the hallway, in the garden or in the toilet - without major demands on sound quality. Then the little Echo Flex is the best echo for you. It can be used with appropriate extensions even as a night light or motion detector.

Tip: The socket occupied by ECHO Flex can still be used as a charging station because ECHO FLEX is nicely providing a USB interface.

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