Entertainment Yellowstone season 4: Rip Wheeler and Beth Dutton split over pregnancy secret?

18:51  16 november  2021
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Yellowstone season four has been picking up the pieces from season three's explosive finale. While much of the latest season has been dealing with problems of the past, it is also looking forward to issues the Duttons will come into conflict with. Caught at a crossroads is Beth Dutton (played by Kelly Reilly) and Rip Wheeler (Cole Hauser), with Reilly recently teasing a major reveal from her past.

Yellowstone has never shied away from important and delicate subjects, with the third season exploring indigenous rights, relationship trauma, and even abortion.

Season three went into detail on the latter, with two episodes, in particular, focusing on Beth's traumatic teenage years.

Yellowstone season 4: Beth Dutton's death 'confirmed' after Cole Hauser's latest warning?

  Yellowstone season 4: Beth Dutton's death 'confirmed' after Cole Hauser's latest warning? YELLOWSTONE season 4 is just around the corner and fans are one step closer to finding out what happened to the Duttons. Has Beth Dutton's death already been sealed?Yellowstone season four is expected to be the most explosive series yet as it attempts to uncover the anonymous assassins.

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Her abortion-turned-hysterectomy was a major revelation and one the character has been dealing with throughout the show.

Her inability to have children has always been an uncomfortable subject between herself and Rip, as she feels he will slowly start to resent her for being unable to provide him with a biological child.

In turn, she has never told him about her pregnancy and abortion from years earlier, but Reilly has suggested this could be about to change.

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Reilly explained: "Well, she has a secret, doesn't she, that Rip doesn't know about. He knows that she can't have children, but he doesn't know why.

"Rip also doesn't know she was pregnant with his child. So, she's thinking a day might come when he might find out or she will tell him. One would say she should tell him."

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The actress explained to TV Line, the fear of losing Rip over her secret is "too great" to think about.

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Reilly added she "holds herself responsible" even though it was not her fault how everything unfolded.

Of course, there is no way of knowing how Rip would react to the news, as it is something Beth has bottled up for so long.

If it did lead to the pair splitting up, it would divide the entire Dutton family, but this is something Reilly doesn't see happening anytime soon.

She added: "He is her anchor, her rock. He is her home.

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"That would untether her to a point of... [At a loss] I don't know who she would become without that.

"Now that she's had that love and allowed herself to fully move into it, and we see how devoted she is and how much she adores him, to lose him would probably cut off the last link to her humanity.

Season four continues on the Paramount Network, with the show expanding in many new directions.

The first spin-off of the series, 1883, was teased in the pilot episode of season four with a flashback to James Dutton (Tim McGraw).

The show will explore the origins of the Dutton ranch and the conflicts that gave them their hardened demeanour.

There will likely be many parallels between Yellowstone and the spin-off, but it isn't the only one currently in development.

6666 is also in the works, though set in the contemporary timeline of the main show.

This will focus on a different ranch in Texas; how it specifically connects to the wider world remains to be seen.

Yellowstone season 4 continues November 21 on the Paramount Network.

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