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04:25  23 november  2021
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Meghan apologises for misleading court: What happened – and how people are reacting

  Meghan apologises for misleading court: What happened – and how people are reacting Meghan apologises for misleading court: What happened – and how people are reacting -Meghan and Harry previously denied contributing to the book, but Meghan apologised to the court on Wednesday and said the couple’s former communications secretary provided information to the authors of Finding Freedom with her knowledge.

Duchess of Cambridge Meghan Markle appears on her friend Ellen DeGeneres' talk show and takes part in a prank where she approaches street vendors and does what Ellen tells her to do.

Meghan Markle made a surprise appearance on The Ellen Show in the former actress's first major TV interview since her notorious Oprah tell-all alongside Prince Harry and amid fears that she may be preparing to drop more bombshells about the royal family. She continued: 'It was a post-apocalypse theme, so we had all this very bizarre costuming on, and we were able to just have one fun final night out.'

She’s had a rough few weeks, after being forced to apologise for unintentionally “misleading” the court in her ongoing privacy case with the Mail on Sunday and also being slammed for “getting political” in her campaign for paid parental leave. But Meghan Markle looked like the cat that got the cream – literally – last week as she made a surprise appearance on her good friend Ellen DeGeneres’ talk-show.

Meghan Markle © Credits: Getty Meghan Markle

Sitting down with the problematic host, who last year was accused of fostering a “bullying” environment on set, Meghan regaled the audience with memories of being a jobbing actress and snippets of her and Harry’s “happy” family life in LA, before taking part in an interesting skit, which saw her pranking a load of unsuspecting street vendors and dropping to a squat in the middle of the street.

Meghan Markle to star in first TV interview since giving birth to baby Lilibet – details

  Meghan Markle to star in first TV interview since giving birth to baby Lilibet – details Meghan Markle will be interviewed by Ellen Degeneres on ThursdayThe Duchess and former actress will talk about her return to the Warner Bros. lot – familiar to her from auditions she attended in the past.

Meghan Markle's father calls for Duchess of Sussex to be stripped of her title as he brands her latest TV interview a 'stupid stunt' which embarrasses her . 'That was so special!' The Duchess and Duke of Sussex: Meghan 'pulls rank' to have her royal title appear BEFORE husband Harry's at New York Veteran's Day gala. Ed Sheeran and Elton John 'dress up as SAUSAGE ROLLS in LadBaby's new music video' as they set aside Christmas chart rivalry for charity.

After spraining her back and canceling several major events in her diary, Queen Elizabeth returned to her normal duties this week as she took a meeting with the outgoing head of the armed forces and made a virtual appearance with diplomats from Windsor Castle. The new queen of comedy? Across the pond, Meghan Markle made a splash during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The Duchess took her political lobbying campaign to TV and used her interview with Ellen to renew her calls for mandatory paid family leave in US – but, she also wasn't afraid to goof around

Needless to say, it was a very different Meghan to the woman who sat across from Oprah Winfrey eight months ago and detailed the misery and lack of support she’d allegedly experienced while serving as a senior member of the royal family.

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But while some praised this more upbeat and comedic side to her, others found it all a bit cringe-inducing…especially the part where she guzzled milk from a baby bottle, saying, “Mommy needs some milk” and nibbled cookies and crisps “like a chipmunk”.

What’s more, many questioned why Meghan would choose to sit down with a TV host who has been effectively “cancelled” following repeated allegations that she fostered a toxic on-set atmosphere, and has since decided to make this current season her last. Meghan and Harry are vocally anti-bullying and have also spoken out about the “lack of support” they received from the royal family, and their resultant struggles with poor mental health.

Meghan Markle Makes A Surprise Appearance On Ellen

  Meghan Markle Makes A Surprise Appearance On Ellen It's the first time the Duchess of Sussex has been on the show.Despite Meghan's acting career, it's the first time Meghan has been on the famous US talkshow. In the teaser, Ellen says to Meghan: 'You said the last talk show you did was like, I don’t know, another decade ago, but you used to come to this lot to audition all the time.

But viewers noticed Meghan 's title appeared before Harry's on the teleprompter. The interview took a turn for the bizarre when Meghan , 40, left a group of street vendors open-mouthed in shock by dancing and singing in front of them while referring to herself as 'mommy' as part of a cringe-worthy on-the-street prank during the show. Having shared several insights into her 'happy' family life in California with Prince Harry and their two children, five-month-old Lilibet and two-year-old Archie, Meghan made a clear attempt to distance herself from the royal family's reserved image with the toe-curling comedy skit.

Meghan Markle's put-on 'I'm just a mom' routine on Ellen will be a hit with Americans who 'celebrate' celebrity, royal correspondent claims. British journalist Emily Andrews joined the Good Morning Britain team today. They discussed the Duchess of Sussex's appearance on Ellen DeGeneres' show. The 40-year-old made a clear attempt to distance herself from the royal family's reserved image during her surprise appearance , when she stepped outside of the studio to pull a prank on a trio of vendors, which saw her forced to do and say whatever the talk show host told her to via a hidden ear piece.

  Will Meghan regret her bizarre TV appearance? © Getty

Why then, fans asked, did Meghan feel it was wise to endorse Ellen in such a public, playful way?

Harry and Meghan © Credits: Getty Harry and Meghan

It was certainly an about-turn for the Duchess of Sussex, who has sustained a more serious side to her public image since retiring from acting when she married Harry in 2018. Sitting down with Ellen, Meghan beamed as she told how she used to drive to auditions in her “very old Ford Explore Seat” and would climb into the driver’s seat from the car boot, after the main door stopped working. She said that Harry “loves it” in LA and that “we’re just happy”, before giving a glimpse of their son Archie, two, feeding the chickens at their Montecito mansion, and talking about their five-month-old daughter Lilibet, who recently started teething.

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Meghan Markle's Los Angeles glam team revealed

  Meghan Markle's Los Angeles glam team revealed Meghan Markle will appear on Ellen DeGeneres' talk show on ThursdayA lot of that is due to her natural beauty, of course, but the Duchess also had a little expert help with TV-ready hair and makeup, and her behind-the-scenes helpers were revealed via social media soon after the short video was posted online.

Meghan Markle herself said she “identified as white” on her CV. But now that shes famous, suddenly she says she is a “proud woman of color.” So which is it? Here is Meghan in highschool, before fame. She looks African American. And after her trip to Africa, many Africans interviewed stated that in their eyes a person like Meghan is white and it was bizarre to them that she had introduced herself as a WOC. Anyway, Meghan claims to be “biracial” and has never denied one or the other side of her family (at least from that point of view).

Royal news: Meghan and Harry regret interview timing (Image: GETTY). Despite stepping back as a senior member of the Royal Family, Harry praised his grandfather in a touching statement following his death. In his statement, Harry said: "He was authentically himself, with a seriously sharp wit, and could hold the MEGHAN MARKLE would have "put all family tension aside" to support Prince Harry at his grandfather's funeral, according to an insider. The Duke of Edinburgh died last Friday aged 99 at Windsor Castle. The Palace has confirmed that Prince Philip’s funeral will take place on April 17 in St

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But the segment which really divided opinion involved Meghan stepping outside the studio and, wearing an earpiece, engaging in a series of stunts as directed by Ellen. As well as squatting, she was instructed to sample the street vendors’ food, telling one confused seller, “Let mommy have a taste…my boo loves hot sauce.” She also sang, “I’m a kitten, mew, mew, mew.”

Some people praised her appearance, with one fan saying Meghan was “hilarious and inspirational… what a woman!” But others weren’t so convinced, as one commentator said, “Quitting the Royal Family because they wanted a quiet, private life and not be in the public eye...how's that working out?” and another weighed in, “There is nothing this woman won’t do to be in the spotlight! Toe-curlingly embarrassing.”

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Thomas Markle calls for Meghan to be stripped of her royal title .
Thomas Markle, 77, who lives 70 miles away from the Sussexes mansion, was left feeling 'embarrassed' after watching his daughter's surprise appearance on the Ellen show. Thomas Markle, 77, who lives 70 miles away from the Sussexes mansion, was left feeling 'embarrassed' after watching his daughter earlier this week in the former actress' first major TV interview since her notorious Oprah tell-all alongside Prince Harry.

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