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13:20  23 november  2021
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Top savers: Britons are now saving more than their German counterparts

  Top savers: Britons are now saving more than their German counterparts The UK has overtaken Germany as the savings champion of Europe, new data has revealed, with more Britons squirrelling money away in the pandemic.Britons have been squirrelling away more money than any of their European counterparts since the pandemic began, according to analysis by savings platform Raisin.

After Boris Johnson revealed he had spent his Sunday afternoon at Peppa Pig World during his rambling CBI speech, rather than appearing like a loveable buffoon well briefed on popular children’s TV shows as he may have hoped, he came across just as a buffoon, and unleashed a torrent of mockery, with a BBC reporter even asking if everything was alright with him.

bjpp.png © Owen Humphreys/PA/Gaston's Cave Ltd bjpp.png

Safe to say, the speech was a bit of a disaster from start to finish - with highlights including a 25-second interval where Johnson found his place in his notes, a not at all hyperbolic comparison to Moses, and a very good indeed impression of a car (vroom).

Famous women who were demonized by the media

  Famous women who were demonized by the media Despite the recent progress in gender equality, sexism in media coverage of powerful women is woefully untamed. Female celebrities and politicians have their appearances scrutinized and criticized exponentially more than men in the same position. Their appearance is tied to their likeability and eligibility for positions of power. Every step is carefully observed, the paparazzi are just waiting to capture the fall. Meghan Markle became one of the most talked-about women of the decade after marrying Prince Harry. Nasty tabloid stories and online trolling were two major factors that drove the couple to exit the royal family and attempt to live a quieter life. Almost two years after "Megxit," a report by the platform Bot Sentinel has revealed that a number of inauthentic Twitter accounts were involved in a coordinated effort to attack the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. They found that 83 troll accounts were responsible for "approximately 70% of the original and derivative hate content targeting Harry and Meghan." They were able to link many of the accounts to each other proving that it was a planned attack. The accounts in question were responsible for starting false rumors and sharing deceptively edited photos and videos. The 83 accounts they analyzed had a potential reach of 17 million users. The conclusion was that the majority of the hate generated on Twitter towards Meghan Markle was not organic. It was cunningly created and dispersed by a small, organized group. The world is slowly starting to see through the character assassinations that put these women's livelihoods at risk and try to scare them out of having a voice. Click through this gallery to see which other famous females suffered at the hands of the media, and how.

But it was our porky friend who sparked the most intrigue from viewers on social media, and the busy bees of the internet got straight to work to make some memes and jokes

So here are some of the best memes of the Peppa/Johnson genre:

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Subplot alert: A lot of people recalled the allegation that former Prime Minister David Cameron may have got quite close to a pig himself during his university days:

When Johnson got to Downing Street he might have felt like a pig in s**t. Now he’s just in s**t.

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