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Paris. Image titled, thick black braids and big dark eyes: As Winnetous Sister Nscho-Chi Marie Versini conquered the German audience. Now the French actress died.

 Als Winnetous Schwester Nscho-tschi wurde Marie Versini einem großen Publikum bekannt. Nun ist sie gestorben. © Henning Kaiser As Winnetous Sister Nscho-Tschi, Marie Versini became a major audience. Now she died.

In the arms of Old Shatterhand, the deadly

grabbed Nscho-Tschi breathes the breath - with a smile and a love confession. Hardly any other film death has left such a sustainable impression among the Germans. In her role as Winnetous sister, Marie Versini became a star in the 1960s overnight. For years the Frenchwoman of teenage darling was par excellence. On Monday, the actress died, as Karl-May-Verlag in Bamberg, citing the family on Wednesday, confirmed the German Press Agency.

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Your role was associated with the legendary

Karl-May movie series in Germany - and inseparable to your life. "I was Nscho-Tschi. And I'm still, just something older, "she said 70-year-old in an interview. In 2016, she appeared in a small role in a TV new filming of the Winnetou adventures as an elderly lady, which with Karl May talks about the dangers of a trip to the Indian area. Her autobiography published in 2003 gave the title: "I was Winnetous sister: pictures and stories of a career".

In the book, she chatted entertaining about her appeal to the

acting art, her enthusiasm for the German adventure writing Karl May and her girl-desire to play Winnetous sister. That they dying years later in the camera as Nscho-Chi in the arms of Old Shatterhand (Lex Barker) dying "I love you", she did not suspect at that time. In the 1973-died Hollywood star Barker had actually been in love with "Winnetou 1st part" during filming.

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The actress was born according to own information on August 10, 1940 in Paris. At the age of 17, she became the most recent member of the renowned Comédie-Française in Paris. For the first time in front of the camera she stood in "Mitsou and the men" in 1956, about seven years later, her great success followed in "Winnetou 1st part", which celebrated its premiere in December 1963 in Munich.

"Winnetou 1st part" was the second successful Karl-May film according to "the treasure of the Silver Lake". Only stole this time Versini your partners the show - also your Landmann Pierre Brice as Winnetou. She played in other Karl-May movies, as in "Schutze", "in the rich of the Silver Lion" and again as Nscho-Tschi in "Winnetou and his friend Old Firehand". Versini had met the works of Karl May through her father. As a teacher, he read the adventure stories of the German writer.

The German film producer Horst Wendlandt has contributed to its success decisively. He had seen Versini in the high-caliber film comedy "The black and white-red four-poster bed" from 1962 on the side of Thomas Fritsch. He had been the key to her film career, said Versini.

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with Nscho-Chi was Versini to the teen darling. Over

years she was the "Bravo" star number 1. She won several times the golden and a silver and bronze Otto of the youth magazine. At Bambi awarding in 1967, she won the silver trophy.

in France she became known mainly by the history movie "Paris?". However, it worked mainly in Germany. Until the 80s, she still opened in television productions, including "Aunt Emma" and "The Beautiful Wilhelmine". The most beautiful role remained for Versini but the Winnetous Sister, as she said time life.

later she started to write novels, children's books and scripts. From 1974 to his death 2013 she was married to the writer and director Pierre Vallet. In part, she worked in his films with as in 2010 collage "Homage to Robert Schumann". In it she took over the part of the wife of the German composer and conductor. As she said, this role was his favorite role next to the Sister of Steutze Appen-Chief Winnetou. Versini died according to information on the website Marie-versini.de in Guingamp in Brittany. "She thanks her her fans for her friendship and loyalty," it said there.

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You Played Winnetous Sister Nscho-Tschi: Marie Versini is dead .
© FilmpublicityArchive / United Archives Via Getty Images As Nscho-Tschi supplied Marie Versini in "Winnetou Part 1" Winnetous later blood brother Old Shatterhand (Lex Barker). Now the French actress died after prolonged illness. in her role as Winnetous sister and chief daughter Nscho-Tschi enchanted the French in 1963 the audience. Now Marie Versini died at the age of 81 in the circle of her family. became known as Winnetous Sister Nscho-Tschi from the Karl-May films.

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