Entertainment Fans praise 'EastEnders' for Keegan and Tiff's 'powerful' anti-racist story

19:01  04 december  2021
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Tiffany's exit storyline revealed in EastEnders?

  Tiffany's exit storyline revealed in EastEnders? Will Tiff move out of Walford to start afresh?A stressed Liam (Alfie Deegan) helps Tiff with a hen party booking.

Fans have praised the 'powerful' but ‘heartbreaking’ scenes on EastEnders this week, during which Keegan Baker was attacked by racist thugs after his ex Tiffany stirred up a racist attack with a social media post.

Keegan Baker © Provided by WhatToWatch Keegan Baker

Her current love interest, the nasty Aaron Monroe (Charlie Wernham), stirred up a knuckle-dragging gang to descend on the Queen Vic, who were soon in a verbal confrontation with Keegan (Zack Morris) and Isaac (Stevie Basula).

The words quickly turned physical outside the pub and Keegan was battered, ending up in ICU.

Viewers were appalled by the turn of events and took to social media to share their disgust in the plot that was directly related to the Black Lives Matter global protest movement of the past 18 months.

EastEnders explores racism and religious hatred in Aaron story

  EastEnders explores racism and religious hatred in Aaron story Aaron lies to Harvey after his dad gives him a false alibi.Note: This article contains discussion of hate crime that some readers may find upsetting.

One fan was particularly upset about the attack, writing on Twitter: “why does my favourite boy keegan always have to be in pain this isn't fair I hate this show”

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Another put all the blame on Tiff and her rabble-rousing post about Christmas lights and protecting her ‘culture’: “Lola offering Tiffany some harsh home truths. Now you're listening Tiffany but it's too late. You should of defended Keegan rather then defending Aaron the idiot”

There was sympathy for Tiff from some quarters. One wrote: “I think Karen's words to Tiff were really sad, so was throwing the Ted away! Tiffany realises she still loves Keegan & she's obviously v sorry.”

EastEnders confirms worrying development in Aaron story

  EastEnders confirms worrying development in Aaron story Tiffany makes a big mistake

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Not only was there hope that Keegan would pull through, but that he and Tiff might actually reunite.

“I really hope Keegan and Tiffany will get back together!!!!!!!!!” wrote one viewer.

Another said: “The fact that it took Tiffany seeing Keegan like that for her to admit that she still loves him.”

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Keegan’s father Mitch won all the plaudits from viewers on Friday, when he explained to Tiff exactly why her social media post was so destructive.

In an intense, powerful monologue, Mitch said: “When you think about it, some white bloke round here sitting in a dump of a flat struggling to make ends meet, hearing all this stuff about white privilege and Black Lives Matter. He starts thinking, ‘Hold on, I aint privileged. Why don’t my life matter?

EastEnders spoiler hints at divorce for Tiff and Keegan as Maisie Smith prepares to leave

  EastEnders spoiler hints at divorce for Tiff and Keegan as Maisie Smith prepares to leave The latest EastEnder spoiler hints at how Tiff may leave alone when she says goodbye to the Square in a few weeks time, as this week Tiff's marriage heads for divorceThe last drama-packed weeks for her character Tiffany begin with her spotting Keegan (played by Zack Morris) on a date at The Vic with Anna, which gets even more awkward when she cottons on that Keegan is still not over Tiff and leaves.

“They read some rubbish online and all that anger comes boiling out, you know?”

Fans praised the way the soap handled the incendiary issue, one posting: “All this racist going down with Keegan is really hard to watch. Props to #EastEnders for telling this type of story.”

Another wrote: “Keegan doesn’t deserve none of what happen to him. The quote from Mitch was so powerful”

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We know Maisie Smith is leaving EastEnders, so the longed-for reunion with Keegan will be brief if it happens. But maybe, if or when she returns to Walford, there will be better things in store for them…

EastEnders shares aftermath of Keegan's attack as Tiffany makes big gesture .
Will Isaac figure out the truth?Last week EastEnders broadcast some truly upsetting scenes in which Keegan Baker was attacked by the far-right friends of Aaron Monroe. Karen Taylor, believing it was the fault of Keegan's estranged wife Tiffany Butcher, told her that the family want nothing to do with her, leaving Tiff devastated.

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