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17:00  14 january  2022
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The numerous fans of John Diggle may be happy. The loyal " arrow " -sideKick gets his own series after the figure was very present anyway in the arrowverse. After the end of "arrow" we saw John Diggle Alias ​​Spartan finally in individual episodes of " The Flash ", " Superman & Lois ", " Supergirl " and " Batwoman " occur. Actor David Ramsey was also in another role (as sheriff in the 19th century) in the time travel series " Legends of Tomorrow " to see.

Now Ramsey performs its own series, where he plays a big role behind the camera. " Justice U " is also located in the Arrowverse and plays according to the events of "arrow". The one in the many years of battle on the side of superhero * inside ex-soldier John Diggle wants to take care of the next generation.

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Therefore, diggle recruits five young meta-people, who enroll as an essential semester at a university, where they do not complete classical studies. He wants to train her much more and train so that she will become the next big superhero. We may assume that your powers are already pronounced significantly earlier and we will not only experience them in the training room and at the school desk ...

Justice U - The Young Justice League?

The title "Justice U" should not wake up for free associations for the famous Justice League. However, the focus is not old heroes such as Batman or Superman, but also young people, so that conflicts around the adherence are also playing a role. This also fits perfectly to US channels The CW, the home of the Arrowverse. Because this tries with series as well as " Riverdale " always to address a young audience.

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of "Justice U" was now ordered a pilot sequence. For please, then a whole series scale should be produced. By the way, the pilot leads the main actor David Ramsay himself. after he staged in the past in episodes of "arrow" and then "Legends of Tomorrow", "Supergirl", "Batwoman" and "Superman & Lois", it urges him More and more behind the camera. Thus, in the future, he should also answer further serial episodes from the Arrowverse and - which is certainly more interesting to many fans - even regardless of the success of "Justice u" as guest star there occur.

  Noch eine weitere DC-Serie: © Dean Buscher / The CW

Where "Justice U" is broadcast in Germany, if it comes to the relay order, can not be estimated yet. An interim agreement between US channels The CW and Netflix has now been announced. The broadcast is now decided separately for each new series, whereby theoretically every TV station and every streaming service offers.

Currently, the Arrowverse still contains the series "The Flash", "Legends of Tomorrow", "Batwoman" as well as "Superman & Lois". The also counting series "arrow", "Supergirl" and " Black Lightning " were terminated. Other spin-off ideas are in development, but were sometimes, such as the series "Green Arrow and the Canaries", have been dropped again before implementation.

Poor messages for "arrow" fans: Succession series is scrambled

Ben Affleck says shooting Justice League was 'awful' .
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