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Back in Halo 2, me and my bro hacked our Halo game when new DLC would come out. I figured out the number to give max jump, and we’d host custom games with many people telling them we found a super jump on the map(we hadn’t we just hacked to give our selfs a super high jump). Halo 3 had this magical thing called a lack of any real fall damage. In all my hours playing I'm pretty sure I've never died from falling without hitting a kill barrier.

There will never be a gaming community that was quite like halo 3 . You had to be there to experience it. some argue the interface and overall gameplay experience isn't like the original Xbox 360 days. Halo 3 was also the last game where I played the entire campaign before playing any multiplayer, and I think MW2 was the last FPS where I played the entire campaign. The storylines just aren't there anymore in most games , it's all about the multiplayer.

On January 13, 2022, the Halo 3 Xbox 360 servers shut down for good, over 14 years after the game debuted. While you can still play the iconic blockbuster through the Master Chief Collection, there's a certain sadness in the air. After all, Halo 3 launched at a time when game premieres had red carpets and celebrity attendees, and when in-person events were still the norm. Now, with Halo Infinite drawing so many comparisons to Halo 3 and nostalgia playing a starring role in our everyday pandemic lives, it's no wonder that many players feel a collective sadness over the end of such a defining era.

Halo 3 premiere Pharrell Williams © Provided by GamesRadar Halo 3 premiere Pharrell Williams

While Halo 3 isn't the only game whose servers permanently shut down on January 13 (Halo: Reach, Halo 3: ODST, and Halo 4's 360 matchmaking servers are also gone forever), it is arguably the most iconic game of the 360 era and the franchise at large. The environment around Halo 3 is impossible to recreate: a perfect storm of omnipresence that meant everyone from non-gaming parents to MLG pros knew about the newest Halo title. We'll never experience anything quite like Halo 3 again, and that's a legacy worth looking back on.

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Halo 4 was incredibly detailed and graphically impressive, but its multi felt more generic. Halo 5 had a great arena, but a horrid campaign and warzone/progression in general were money-grubbing messes. Its not a BAD game by any stretch, but compared to H2 and CE, arguably the two most important and pivotal Console shooters ever made, 3 is where it started to feel like Bungie was resting on their laurels and stopped trying hard. The way people talked about it, i expected 3 to be either super innovative or super refined, and its kind of neither.

I never played and enjoyed a game like Halo 3 . I wonder how much of it is nostalgia but I don't think I'll ever love a game as much as it. I was lucky enough to see part of the diorama at the Microsoft Company Store at the Redmond campus. It was fucking glorious and I will never forget it. One detail I found to be absolutely incredible was that they used cotton to replicate the smoke coming out of a Scorpion tank firing it's main cannon.

The golden era

Looking back at it now, the launch of Halo 3 was surreal – a reflection of the growing prominence of video games in popular culture. It launched with a London red carpet premiere attended by Pharrell Williams and Christian Slater that was linked via Xbox Live to premiere events across the globe. Celebrities and fans in London, Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam, and Milan teamed up to play Halo 3 together alongside Bungie employees – Carmen Elektra played from Paris, LL Cool J from Amsterdam. In California you had Zac Efron, fresh off of High School Musical, posing for pictures in a GameStop at a Halo 3 launch party.

On its opening day on September 25, 2007, Halo 3 made $170 million in US sales, and doubled that within a week. Halo 3 transcended the perceived cultural boundaries of gaming and garnered attention from all corners of the globe. At the time, it felt like everyone with a broadband internet connection and an Xbox 360 were playing Halo 3, propelling it to a kind of juggernaut status that's nearly impossible to replicate now. Halo 3 stood alone, head and shoulders above any other console-bound multiplayer game, a monolith on the video game horizon.

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Halo 3 will never die in our hearts. Eventually they're gonna unplug the servers. Game fuel! The untold hours I spent on that game , mastering the craft, staying up all night chugging mtn dew with my friends. Maybe the reason I can’t love another game is because it will never get me to where Halo 3 did.

Halo 3 hit detection is never going to perfect, but I believe the MCC version is closer to the original now than it ever has before. Halo 1 anniversary oftentimes looks like a completely different game and I don't mean that as a compliment I mean because the art And yes, the maps in Halo 3 were top notch.

"Halo 3 was everywhere, even in my small midwestern hometown of Battle Creek, Michigan," says journalist Juno Stump. "Ads were everywhere and it was all anyone was talking about. It was inescapable."

"I don't know if I have ever fallen into the hype of a game release quite like I did with Halo 3," says Jordan Hoffstetter, chief marketing officer at Turbo Dork. "I scoured every corner of the internet I could, listened to Bungie's official podcast, grabbed every magazine I could, everything."

For MLG pro Queen (known as Queenx3), Halo 3 mania was an inevitability, given the popularity of Halo 2 and the increased attention the franchise received between releases. "It was on every piece of media that you could find… I remember waiting outside GameStop to get my hands on a copy and seeing thousands of other people doing the same," she tells me. "I remember how popular Halo 2 had made the Halo franchise, which was why people were really, really excited to play Halo 3."

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I heard the game with the by far most expensive budget that’s in development right now is Halo. Imagine they do something like Halo 3 's "Believe" ad campaign, but with the quality presented in the They cannot launch another barebones, less-than-half-baked " game " like the one Halo 5 was at Quality is never guaranteed with any game , but 343i seems to be making all the right moves so far ei

There will never be a game like Halo 3 again. H2 was good, but Halo 3 had something magical to it. Me and my wife spent many hundreds of hours on that game . Of course it got ruined in subsequent games and even the MCC just doesn’t quite feel right. I proved my 13 year old self wrong, and 14 year old me began to flourish into the gamer I had always wanted to be . On my 15th birthday in 2006 I had three games for my brand new Xbox: Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (which is still one of my favorites of all time), Call of Duty 2, and that King Kong Official Game of the Movie haha.

Social Spartans

Halo 3 was uniquely poised to take advantage of the increased ubiquity of online gaming and the relative ease of broadcasting professional matches. With the rise of YouTube and streaming sites like Justin TV, along with a short-lived stint on cable TV, Major League Gaming's Halo 3 streams had major audiences. As such, Halo 3 offered up a kind of fame and fortune that is commonplace in esports today, but was almost unimaginable in the late aughts.

Video: Clipping Out Of Halo Infinite’s First Level Requires Luck, A Grapple, And One Plasma Coil (Kotaku)

"I feel like Halo 3 was the one of the first competitive first person shooters that was bringing in audiences that truly are hard to replicate today, even with how big esports are now," says Queen, who's been a pro player since 2005. "The community and the franchise in general has been trying to replicate that golden era of what Halo 3 brought to competitive video games and to competitive Halo… I feel like ever since then, they've been just trying to recreate that experience and recreate that dynasty."

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That dynasty wasn't just reserved for gamers on the burgeoning professional scene. By 2007, broadband internet was more readily available and Xbox Live had long-proven itself as viable; console players were eager to jump into online multiplayer lobbies and compete against others around the world from the comfort of their homes. Brilliantly, Microsoft encouraged social interaction through online gaming by shipping a free wired microphone with the Xbox 360 – with that, almost every gamer was able to chat in Halo 3 matches, which also included pre- and post-game lobby and in-game proximity chat.

Thanks to all of these elements, Halo 3 was an incredibly chatty game. In comparison, Halo Infinite, which doesn't have pre- and post-game lobby or proximity chat, is bizarrely quiet. That the Xbox Series X/S doesn't come with a free microphone only adds to a silence that is lamented by players on Reddit and beyond, who are calling Infinite "the quietest Halo" they've ever played.

The constant conversation heard in Halo 3 was, naturally, a double-edged sword. While many Halo 3 players used the in-game chat functionality to forge friendships and communities – many of which extended beyond the borders of Bungie's FPS to other corners of the internet, persisting to this day – others took advantage of the systems and open lines of communication. It's worth remembering that Halo 3 arrived on the precipice of the smartphone and social media boom, at a time where Xbox Live's community guidelines were more loosely defined, and long before we had the ability to easily record gameplay clips and share them with the world. The online environment could be truly hostile, and that's an inescapable part of Halo 3's legacy, too.

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"I hated how much bullshit strangers were willing to put other strangers through online. And while I was always muting people, it was still not fun knowing those people were out there," Hoffstetter admits. "Also, as a closeted trans woman, hearing the things men said about women in those lobbies scared the shit out of me… it was one of the first ways I realized how out of place I was in my assigned birth gender."

Despite the prevalence of toxic lobbies and distressing hate speech, players were able to carve out safe social spaces on Halo 3 all the same, creating clans on websites like MLG and other forums. Bungie may have left the built-in clan ladder behind in Halo 2, but that didn't stop players from coming together to play competitively with friends and support each other in Halo 3. For Queen, even as a celebrated professional player, there was value in playing games with female-run clans.

"PMS was one of the clans back then – Pandora's Mighty Soldiers, I think it stood for. That clan was very popular and I played a lot of games with them. It was just a way for girls to come together and more casually have fun," she says. "Even myself playing in matchmaking and having my microphone on, there were always those comments from guys that were not really as accepting or welcoming into the group. But I feel like the female organizers of those different communities did a good job of trying to create safe spaces for us."

And for people like Hoffstetter, Halo 3 multiplayer and its related forums helped her create lasting friendships while she was still struggling with her gender identity. "I never really played Halo with my IRL friends, as there weren't too many gamers in my circle, and being a sad queer kid, I was not popular in school at all at the time, so Halo often became my primary social scene," she writes. "Online I made friends that I still talk to to this day, which is wild. They've seen me grow up, find myself, transition, and like, how did we meet? Halo 3, or Halo adjacent groups or forums."

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Saying goodbye

Ahead of the Halo 3 Xbox 360 servers shutting down, players said their goodbyes. Completionists rushed to get multiplayer achievements – with some players dedicating their time to help others achieve the most difficult ones – while the nostalgics among us booted up their old consoles for the first time in ages. TikTok users said goodbye, posting videos calling for a moment of silence and lobbies of players just hanging out, shooting at the sky.

Halo 3 still exists in the Master Chief Collection, so it's technically immortalized, but it's interesting that players would take time to pay homage to the original servers. Perhaps Hoffstetter explains this phenomenon best: "I do still play Halo 3 on the MCC, and while I still love it, I do find it's a tad weird now that 343 has taken to adding new armor and maps. I'm not opposed to it, but with these servers coming down, it does feel like the end of an era. The version of Halo 3 I put all of those hours into is being sunset, and while playing the same, the new version is just different enough to remind me how long ago and how different a time 2007 was. It's like visiting a childhood friend, you're never going to have a bad time, but you've both grown up into different people."

While the end of Halo 3's Xbox 360 servers marks the end of an unparalleled era in gaming, its legacy lives on today. Halo Infinite's multiplayer feels a lot like Halo 3 when comparing gunplay, skill ceiling, and TTK. While Queen suggests Halo Infinite feels the most like an amalgamation of Halo 3 and Halo 5, it's a solid fallback for those of us reminiscing about 2007 and the standard-setting near-perfection that was Halo 3. Halo games will always draw comparisons to the standard-bearing Halo 3, and unfortunately they will almost always come off worse for it.

It's telling that even now, almost 15 years later, community members are still clamoring for the return of maps from Halo 3 – Bungie and 343 Industries may have recycled the most popular Halo maps several times over by now, but it doesn't take much scrolling on Reddit to find somebody asking for them to be included in Halo Infinite. From Queen's perspective, that's part of this game's legacy too. "[Halo 3] really set the stage for maps that were so good that they were even recreated in future Halos… maps that were just so good that the community wanted them so much the Halo franchise just continued pushing out very similar, if not replicas, of the same maps."

With 343 Industries' plans to keep Halo Infinite up and running as a live service multiplayer game for years to come, there's even promise that it will eventually reach Halo 3 heights when it comes to multiplayer maps, gun meta, and more. But it's impossible to recreate the conditions in which Halo 3 was born back in 2007 – conditions that led to a perfect storm of pervasiveness, where everyone from casual gamers to movie critics to the middle-aged person ringing you up at Target knew about Halo 3. Goodbye, Halo 3 360 servers. You were a special place for many wayward Spartans.

Halo Infinite is the funniest game I've played in years.

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