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20:16  17 january  2022
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Spider-Man 4: Why The Tobey Maguire Sequel Never Happened

  Spider-Man 4: Why The Tobey Maguire Sequel Never Happened Tobey Maguire's run of Spider-Man movies ended after three films, but there was supposed to be one more. Here's what happened.So, what happened to Spider-Man 4 and why did the highly-anticipated movie stop before it really got started? Well, just like how The Amazing Spider-Man 3 fell apart years later, the fourth installment in Sam Raimi’s series was doomed to never see the light of day.

This article contains major spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Unmasked Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 © Provided by CinemaBlend Unmasked Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Okay, so you may not have doubted for a second that the multiverse (as featured on Loki) would play into Spider-Man: No Way Home, but Sony and the stars of the recently released Marvel film sure tried their hardest to deny it. Andrew Garfield, who recently donned his old Spidey suit thanks to the wild plot, has now revealed just how Sony reacted to leaks that helped fans hold onto their theories before the superhero flick was released.

Certain Marvel stars (I’m talking about you, Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo) are beacons for franchise spoilers, but Andrew Garfield has never really been subject to Marvel Cinematic Universe-level franchise secrets, as his stint as Spider-Man took place in a different universe. While that sounds super stressful, apparently it’s really pretty simple: you’ve just got to deny, deny, deny.

Tom Holland Finally Comments About Sharing The Screen With Those Surprise Actors In Spider-Man: No Way Home

  Tom Holland Finally Comments About Sharing The Screen With Those Surprise Actors In Spider-Man: No Way Home Tom Holland sounded off about getting to work with Spider-Man: No Way Home’s surprise actors.To say that Spider-Man: No Way Home is the biggest Spider-Man movie yet wouldn’t be an exaggeration. We can thank the multiverse for this, as due to the spell Doctor Strange cast to make the world forget Tom Holland’s Peter Parker was Spider-Man going haywire, villains from other Spider-Man film series were thrust into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But it didn’t stop there, because as had been repeatedly rumored, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield did indeed reprise their versions of Peter Parker in No Way Home, and Charlie Cox also popped in as Matt Murdock.

Andrew Garfield recently spoke about his attempts to not reveal anything about his involvement in Spider-Man: No Way Home and how leaks happened anyway. In an interview with The Wrap, he specifically recalled Sony’s reaction to a photo of him and fellow Spider-Man Tobey Maguire in Atlanta together, a seemingly obvious sign they were filming alongside each other. But based on his comments, the studio's response wasn't quite what you'd expect:

I really don’t think anything about Spider-Man: No Way Home was quiet, but it seemed to have worked out nevertheless. The Marvel film is completely crushing at the box office, and fans have been overwhelmingly thrilled with it.  Even those who had no doubt a multiverse was happening didn't seem to be less hyped ahead of its release, which makes you wonder if all the secrecy was really necessary in the first place. Still, it did keep a lot of us talking, which made for a nice bit of publicity.

Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse 1 & 2: Everything you need to know

  Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse 1 & 2: Everything you need to know SPIDER-MAN: ACROSS THE SPIDER-VERSE was recently confirmed to be not one, but two films. Created back-to-back by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the directors behind the original, it will see Miles Morales jump through the multiverse. Here is everything you need to know about the upcoming animated sequel.A sequel to Into the Spider-Verse was first confirmed in 2019, just one year after it dropped. Directors Lord and Miller shared a teaser poster of the upcoming film, then simply titled Into the Spider-Verse 2. It also confirmed the film would be hitting a 2022 premiere date, which at the time felt like a lifetime away.

Now that the multiverse is absolutely a thing, it opens up so many doors (or more accurately, portals). There are some awesome storylines Marvel can run with, as well as some characters like Punisher can even return to the fold thanks to the massive development. The movie's many cool cameos are reason enough for viewers to be excited for the future. And it's probably a safe bet that Marvel and Sony will continue to keep things under lock and key for future films as well.

You can catch Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland, and Tobey Maguire together in Spider-Man: No Way Home, which is still holding strong in most theaters. Phase Four of the MCU continues with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness on May 6, and I honestly can’t wait to see how things continue to unfold.

Spider-Man: No Way Home Is Coming Up On Avengers: Infinity War’s Box Office Numbers .
The massive Spider-Man film is close to surpassing Avengers: Infinity War in a big way.In terms of Spider-Man: No Way Home’s domestic box office gross, the movie has made over $670 million, which brings its earnings very close to Infinity War, which closed out its domestic numbers at $678 million, and $2.05 billion overall. If No Way Home surpasses the 2018 Avengers film with $8 million more stateside dollars, it will take its spot as the fifth-highest grossing domestic release of all time.

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