Entertainment "The Eiskönigin 2": Why is Elsa ashamed at once for "Let It Go" or "Let go now"?

11:25  17 april  2022
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"Let It Go" (relation to relationship "Let's going on" in German) from " The Eiskönigin " is unquestionably one of the most famous and most popular Disney songs of all time. On YouTube find countless cover versions and alone the official Sing-Along version of Disney UK, for example, was invokable 2.8 billion times.

© Disney and his affiliated companies "The Ice Creamlin 2": Why is Elsa ashamed at once for "Let It Go" or "Let Now go"?

But the power ballad of Elsa (in the original sangings of IDINA Menzel ) is not only a catchy earworm, which has been busy the world for nine years now, but also marks an important step in the development of the figure Elsa . Quite apart from the fact that the song was interpreted very soon after theaters as a metaphor for a coming out. Often, "Let It Go" therefore also applies as an hymn for the LGBTQ + community.

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The strange seems that in the light of the popularity and meaning of "Let It Go", Elsa turned off Elsa in a scene from " the Eiskönigin 2 " as she sees an ice sculpture of himself, the a short cut out of the song Dryer. Why are the doers distance themselves here a bit far from their own megahit?

therefore likes Elsa "Let's go now" no more

, on the one hand, that probably has to do with the enormous popularity of "let it go": The song enjoys all very great popularity and will probably still be many years long from ever new young spectators are discovered. But many less Disney-affinen spectators probably hangs out "Let It Go" now to the neck (or to the ears). And that's exactly what the makers want to look in a wink here.

to another is Elsa Meanwhile, from the youthful Elsa has not only been a ruling queen in the last six years, but also an adult woman. And as such, she would probably not do many things today as a young girl. Embarrassing, if you return to earlier. Anyone who goes back to adult life for six years after their entry into adult life, is probably ashamed for one or the one Other postings and can make Elsa's response to your vocal deposit from the first "ice-king" film therefore just too well understand.

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Besides: Elsa, while "Let It Go" seems seemingly peace with yourself and your forces, but at the same time becomes clear in the film, That she still does not completely control her magic afterwards: When Anna (Kristen Bell) visited her sister in the newly created ice palace, Elsa's forces break out and an icy projectile meets Anna's heart.

Elsa self-selected exile in the mountains is therefore obviously no solution. A happy ending is only possible when Elsa and Anna are reflecting their sister love and returning Elsa to Arendelle. Therefore, Elsa looks in "The Ice Creamlin 2" (only) with positive feelings on the "Let It Go" phase in her life.

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