Entertainment Leni Klum: Here your hairstylist reveals how you can imitate the trendy modern beach waves of the models

14:20  25 september  2022
14:20  25 september  2022 Source:   glamour.de

Heidi Klum 'had the best time' with Victoria's Secret

  Heidi Klum 'had the best time' with Victoria's Secret Heidi Klum has confirmed that she rejected the chance to appear in Hulu's 'Victoria’s Secret: Angels and Demons'.Heidi Klum had "the best time ever" with Victoria's Secret.

leni klum wears “Modern Beach Waves”, and so you make the curling hairstyle according to

  Leni Klum: Hier verrät ihr Hairstylist, wie du die angesagten Modern Beach Waves des Models nachmachen kannst © getty Images sometimes, sometimes with glamorous curls Or sometimes with elegant waves: Leni Klum likes to try new hairstyles. Now we have discovered a hairstyle on the model that is casual, modern and elegant at the same time - yes, that works and we want to imitate it directly. Therefore, we asked the maker of the hairstyle. Celebrity hair artist Florian Ferino is behind Leni Klum's “Modern Beach Waves” and has told us everything you need to know to make up the hairstyle in your own bathroom. & What is Leni Klum's “Modern Beach Waves”? “The modern Beach Waves

are very irregular, without volume and therefore look very loose and casual, almost Messy,” reveals Florian Ferino about Leni Klum's hairstyle. And there is another reason to try “Modern Beach Waves” now, because the hairstyle is not only trendy, but also perfect for this time of year. “Especially in autumn, the weather is stormy and damp, the hair moves a lot and are used by weather influences. Since the beach waves should not look too styled, this is the perfect look for autumn days, and you don't need to be afraid that the hairstyle will be destroyed, ”said Leni Klum's hairstylist.

Heidi Klum says she panics when her daughter Leni doesn’t pick up the phone

  Heidi Klum says she panics when her daughter Leni doesn’t pick up the phone Heidi Klum says she panics when her daughter Leni doesn’t pick up the phone now she's at college in New York City.Heidi Klum says she panics when her daughter Leni doesn’t pick up the phone now she’s left home.


© TKCommunications 22092022-modern-beach-waves-Leni-Klum 22092022-Modern-Beach-Waves-Leni-Klum This is how the “Modern Beach Waves” at the modern beach Waves is the right preparation that is the be-all and end-all, Florian Ferino also knows: “The hair is also Spraying the dry blow -dry with Sea Salt Spray , which gives the hair a structure like on the beach, and the waves last longer. ” But which tool do I reach for now? The hair artist also has the answer to this: “The easiest way to get a loose, modern beach wave is styled with a smooth iron, for example from GHD. With these smooth iron, the styling temperature is constant and hair-friendly. Due to the heating panels coated with ceramic, the smooth iron glides gently and simply through the hair. ”

and so the styling of the hairstyle works step by step: “Disadve stamp -sized strands. At the start, start the smooth iron and turn it down by 180 degrees and pull through about 10 cm at this angle. Then turn the smooth iron up 180 degrees to create an opposite wave. This is how you work yourself into the tips. It is not important to create a uniformity at all. The irregular movements in particular cause the loose beach waves effect. ” &

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\ Who can wear the modern beach waves?

Each: R! No matter what hair length or structure you have, you can imitate the casual hairstyle . "Since you can adjust the size of the waves individually, this technology also works perfectly for shorter hair or a bob, since the waves never become too voluminous." So try it out is worthwhile. And if it doesn't work the first time, don't give up. Exercise does the master, also at Beach Waves!


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