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Taylor Swift featured in new trailer for David O. Russell's Amsterdam

  Taylor Swift featured in new trailer for David O. Russell's Amsterdam Grammy Award-winner Taylor Swift is making her return to the big screen in director David O. Russell's star-studded crime drama Amsterdam. And the 32-year-old singer showed off her acting chops in a teaser trailer released Wednesday.She also appeared among a slew of promotional posters for the forthcoming film, which will see her perform alongside the likes of Margot Robbie and Christian Bale. © Provided by Daily Mail Big screen: Grammy Award-winner Taylor Swift is making her return to the big screen in director David O.

The title Amsterdam doesn’t necessarily tip an audience off on what they should expect from David O. Russell’s latest, and star-studded affair. The scope and reach of the story is addressed in our Amsterdam review, where CinemaBlend critic Eric Eisenberg plugged in to the “quippy zappiness” that weaves through the picture, dancing on the energies and personalities of its powerhouse cast. But there’s an unexpected emotional channeling through Amsterdam that the three main leads – Christian Bale, Margot Robbie (taking a break from her Barbie movie duties), and John David Washington – believe is the heart of the movie. And while it might sound cliche to state this, they think the emotion audiences will discover, once the layers of the main mystery are peeled away, is love.

When Robbie hit rock bottom: Williams' 25 years of hits and struggles

  When Robbie hit rock bottom: Williams' 25 years of hits and struggles Robbie Williams waited until he had shut the front door of his mum's house before he burst into tears; he told his worried mother Jan he had lost his job with Take That. After five years, he was out of Britain's biggest boy band. Bizarrely, all he had taken with him when he left the rehearsal room at the Cheshire Territorial Army Barracks in Stockport, where the band was preparing for its latest tour, was a melon, snatched from a fruit bowl. TheBut there was Robbie sporting newly-dyed peroxide blond hair, a front tooth blackened out with marker pen, making a drunken spectacle of himself jumping on the stage where Oasis was performing and dancing the night away.

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In an exclusive Amsterdam clip provided to us by the studio, Christian Bale, Margot Robbie and John David Washington reveal a bit about the backstory of their trio. In that description, they talk about the importance of the Netherlands capital, the location where they all met while contributing to the war effort during World War I. But as the actors elaborate on their characters’ friendships, they dig into why love is the thing that unites the ensemble, and ties the movie together in a bow. Watch the clip at the top of this page.

I can’t go much deeper into the ways that these three sticking together helps them out as the Amsterdam plot plays out. We did cover some spoiler-free details about the David O. Russell movie, and you can also scan why critics appear to be split on the movie, while also appreciating the work of the cast – especially Christian Bale, who is doing something extraordinary in this role. I’m not sure that Amsterdam, his third collaboration with this director, will be remembered as one of the best Bale movies of all time, but I am confident that this movie will lead a list of best Christian Bale movies you might not have seen for the foreseeable future.

New Amsterdam boss confirms end of major romance

  New Amsterdam boss confirms end of major romance They are never ever ever getting back together.New Amsterdam fans who were hoping for a reconciliation between Dr Lauren Bloom and Dr Leyla Shinwari will be sorely disappointed.

In addition to the high-powered leads, there are so many reasons to go see Amsterdam when it opens in theaters on October 7. The movie is beautifully shot by the master, Emmanuel Lubezki, and it’s worth seeing on the big screen just to see how Chivo and Russell collaborated to bring a distinct period gloss to the 1930s production values on display in the film. Also, if half of the Taylor Swift fans on the planet showed up to Amsterdam to see the powerhouse sing with Christian Bale in a scene, this movie could potentially earn more box office money than Avatar.

Put Amsterdam on your list of upcoming movies to see, because you really won’t get over the sheer number of famous faces who pop up in role after role, making this one of the most eclectic and electric ensembles assembled in years.

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