Entertainment Exclusive: Lisa Faulkner on husband John Torode: Marriage, bickering on set & more

01:00  06 october  2022
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Lisa Faulkner is just as you'd imagine. Approachable, composed and always handy with a kitchen hack up her sleeve - no doubt thanks to her regular appearances on our TV screens on Saturday mornings.

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She instantly exudes warmth – one of her beloved characteristics that has licensed the popularity of her show John and Lisa's Weekend Kitchen - which she hosts with husband and MasterChef star John Torode.

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Lisa has partnered with Ocado

Having recently joined forces with Ocado to promote affordable and sustainable approaches to cooking for the family, Lisa is busy as ever. Speaking exclusively to HELLO!, the TV chef revealed all about her latest campaign, how her jam-packed schedule impacts her family life and her relationship with her husband.

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Lisa Faulker on husband John Torode

"It's not like we don't argue," Lisa admits casually. "We bicker about things but it's never usually about food or cooking. It's usually if someone is tired or grumpy when they come back from work. But the kitchen is a place where we really don't argue – it's lovely."

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Lisa pictured with her husband John Torode

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The mother-of-one and stepmother-of-three discusses her husband with an undeniable mirth – often employing the phrase "lovely" to describe her marriage. "We don’t spend a lot of time together because John is filming or I'm filming – he's away or I'm working. So, to come together to cook on telly is really nice. We literally just cook and chat like we're at home. We're very lucky."

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Lisa Faulker on family life

Like all couples, the duo have their challenges, including hectic work schedules and balancing everyday family life. The chef even reveals the most likely cause of their arguments at home.

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Lisa loves a warming recipe to cook for her family at home

"It sounds sexist to say, but as a working mum, I seem to be the juggler. I'm constantly going, 'OK so what's after school or after college' or if I'm going away for the night to film, I feel like I have to do this and that – I'm juggling family life, a dog, recipe planning – it's difficult but fun."

When probed about what causes her and her husband to clash, she admitted with a smile: "We cook together so much. If you were to ask me who is the tidiest it would definitely be John. He's the cleaner-upper and he makes everything very neat. If we argue it's probably that I'm messy and he's neat."

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Diving deeper into her love story with John, Lisa makes a surprising confession upon meeting the MasterChef star: "I didn't know he was the one in any way! I'd met him a couple of times over the years, and I was terrified of him on MasterChef. He was so lovely and as we became friends I thought, he's really not scary at all. He's very gentle and always thinks about everybody else."

Lisa Faulker on fitness and aging

The question about how Lisa looks so effortlessly radiant is still hanging in the air – it's hard to get over luminous skin quite like that. The star candidly reflects on her recent milestone, turning 50, and how she maintains a healthy lifestyle.

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Lisa turned 50 earlier this year

"It's difficult when you're in the public eye. I want to look good and look after myself so that I am around for as long as I can be. I try and eat healthily and watch what I'm drinking. That comes with age. It's also thinking well, I'm just going to enjoy myself."

Lisa Faulker on her new campaign

Speaking of enjoying herself, Lisa has been doing just that while creating five new delicious recipes for her campaign with Ocado.

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"I wanted to use recipes where people can use up vegetables, A lot of people buy things for one recipe then it sits in the fridge, and they don’t know whether or how to use it again. It was about having inspiration to reuse ingredients in different recipes."

lisa-katsu © Provided by Hello! lisa-katsu

Lisa in encouraging an affordable and waste-free approach to cooking

She continued: "A lot of people think Ocado is at the more expensive end of the supermarket but actually it's really not. It's also great as it's all online. I've used them forever."

Before departing some final kitchen quirks such as a love for pineapple on pizza, coriander on everything (yep – everything) and a soft spot for Turkish delight, Lisa punchily offered up one more nugget of reflection.

"I feel very grateful and now that I'm fifty, I've learnt to say no more. I spent my whole life saying yes to everything, and now I think, I can't do that and sometimes I spread myself too thin. Fifty brings on the 'no's."

Well, bring on the 'no's and butternut squash noodles - but in the meantime, anyone fancy a bite to eat?

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Lisa Faulkner has created Five Meals for Four for £25 using Ocado Own Range ingredients (prices correct at time of Ocadolife feature). Ocado has the widest range of any supermarket, including a range of affordable and quality Own Range products, helping families cook up including delicious, nutritious and sustainable meals for the family. To learn more about Lisa’s Five Meals for Four for £25 and explore the recipes, visit https://www.ocado.com/webshop/recipecategory/lisa-faulkner-s-recipes/188888/2 or www.ocado.com/recipes

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