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Michelle Pfeiffer reunites with Dakota Fanning after a 20-year break

Sunday  03:40,   17 april 2022

The 63-year-old actress opened up about first working with Dakota Fanning when she was only seven on I Am Sam, and they worked together 20 years later on The First Lady.And Michelle Pfeiffer shared that she was 'pleasantly surprised' to be reunited... >>>

Why Graham Norton and Stanley Tucci love a scarf like Clive Myrie's

Sunday  03:30,   17 april 2022

Clive Myrie is bringing frontline fashion to the forefront of TV as stars Stanley Tucci and Graham Norton chase his chiffon scarf style. Myrie's Jamaica-born mother was a seamstress in the 1960s.The BBC’s foreign correspondent and Mastermind... >>>

Bo Bruce is set for ANOTHER bitter court spat with her brother

Sunday  03:30,   17 april 2022

EMILY PRESCOTT: Peace seems a long way off in the battle between former The Voice star Bo Bruce and her brother Thomas Brudenell-Bruce. In February singer-songwriter Bo won a High Court case against her older brother after being denied a share of a... >>>

Jay Leno 'disturbed' by Will Smith's swearing after he smacked Chris Rock at the Oscars

Sunday  03:30,   17 april 2022

Jay Leno was "disturbed" by Will Smith's profanity after he smacked Chris Rock in the face at the Oscars and quesitoned the need to launch an investigation for the "most recorded assault" in history.The 71-year-old TV host claimed that Will -... >>>

Supernatural's Jensen Ackles promises answer to big question over The Winchesters

Sunday  03:30,   17 april 2022

"We've got a massive fix for that."A pilot is currently in development over at The CW, zeroing in on the early days of John and Mary Winchester, with the Dean Winchester portrayer one of the main minds behind... >>>

Britain's Got Talent 2022: Viewers disappointed at lack of joke acts and red buzzers

Sunday  03:25,   17 april 2022

There was far too much talent, according to the audience.The variety show saw an abundance of talented wannabes impress the judges, with acts ranging from magic, ventriloquism and death-defying scooter stunts performed by small... >>>

Britain's Got Talent's David Walliams snaps back at audience demand to hit Golden Buzzer

Sunday  03:20,   17 april 2022

David Walliams reacted after a member of the Britain's Got Talent audience shouted at him to hit his Golden Buzzer After being missing from TV schedules for nearly two years, the popular ITV programme finally came back on Saturday night and... >>>

After Jamie Dornan Got Backlash For Fifty Shades Of Grey And Robert Pattinson Got It For Batman, The Irish Actor Shares His Own Honest Feelings

Sunday  03:15,   17 april 2022

Jamie Dornan shares how he feels about the backlash he and Robert Pattinson received for their roles.Before Jamie Dornan signed on for Fifty Shades of Grey, he was actually living with Robert Pattinson and three other actors you may know- Fantastic... >>>

Britain's Got Talent: Who is singer Loren Alldred?

Sunday  03:15,   17 april 2022

The 31-year-old wowed judges with her performance but it is not her first time in the limelightAmerican Loren may have been trying out for the show alongside other auditionees but has already had a successful career in music. In fact, the... >>>

Meena destroyed as she discovers her final comeuppance in Emmerdale

Sunday  03:05,   17 april 2022

How long will Meena get behind bars?After being found guilty for all of her crimes, Meena unleashed her plan to try and escape... >>>

Jonny's sudden illness terrifies Vanessa in Emmerdale

Sunday  03:05,   17 april 2022

With Jonny unwell and her phone not working, Vanessa can't update Suzy, who's waiting for their date to start.Vanessa’s day gets off to a good start as she accepts an invitation to dinner with Suzy (Martelle Edinborough), the women she... >>>

Eileen gutted by sex rejection from suspicious George in Corrie

Sunday  03:05,   17 april 2022

George can't stay over at Eileen's as he needs to look after his cator does he?She invites him round for a lovely dinner, and as things are going well she invites him to stay for the night. Unfortunately for her, George has other pressing... >>>

Chelsea makes a big decision as she is tormented by killer Gray in EastEnders

Sunday  03:05,   17 april 2022

Chelsea is struggling to live at No.1.Recently, Chelsea decided she would put baby Jordan up for adoption as she is constantly reminded of Gray every time she looks at... >>>

Dec breaks down in tears during emotional BGT performance after young girls surprise dad

Sunday  02:50,   17 april 2022

There wasn't a dry eye in the room!In the premiere of series 15 tonight, two sisters, aged three and four years old, surprised their dad and invited him to perform on stage, with presenter Declan Donnelly experiencing a particularly emotional... >>>

Amanda Holden awards first golden buzzer to Greatest Showman singer Loren Allred

Sunday  02:50,   17 april 2022

It was the first golden buzzer of the series!The American singer, who famously sang Never Enough in the smash hit movie which starred Hugh Jackman, finally won her time to shine in the spotlight, after being the voice behind Jenny Lind’s (played by... >>>