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16:50  07 july  2018
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Why the super-rich are investing in wine... but that doesn't mean you should take this risky bet too

  Why the super-rich are investing in wine... but that doesn't mean you should take this risky bet too Ultra-rich investors are piling cash into fine art and wine as returns soar. A boom in demand for modern art and classy bottles of vino is pushing up prices – and making profits for investors.A boom in demand for modern art and skilfully crafted bottles of vino is pushing up prices – and making bumper profits for investors.

Two familiar strategies have pushed to the front of ideas about how to secure a steady and lasting stream of income in retirement, a stream that ideally would even grow. One is known as total - return investing , or balancing your investment allocations in a traditionally diversified portfolio

On the other hand, regardless of whether we are investing for total return or income , I would The complete graph also illustrates how earnings (the orange line) generates capital appreciation, and how the light green shaded area (dividends), represent the additional income component of total return .

The cost of an investment can have a significant impact on your take home return according to James Norton of Vanguard © Getty The cost of an investment can have a significant impact on your take home return according to James Norton of Vanguard

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In this series we are breaking the subject of income investing down into manageable chunks.

So far, James Norton senior investment planner at Vanguard, has explored the role of dividends and interest, why investors tend to focus on obtaining a high income and how chasing higher yield can leave your portfolio exposed.

Over-50s to get savings and pensions help

  Over-50s to get savings and pensions help People in the UK aged 50 or over will start to receive "wake up" packs every five years under proposals published today by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The chief City regulator wants the packs to include a one-page headline document, setting out the options for people as they consider whether to access their retirement savings under the pension freedoms put in place by George Osborne, the former chancellor, three years ago.The packs will also include appropriate risk warnings aimed at preventing people from blowing their savings.

How much are your investments actually returning? The method of calculation can make a significant difference in your true rate of return. To illustrate, imagine that you have an investment that provides the following total returns over a three-year period

Investing 0,000 is actually an important threshold. It’s the dividing line between small investors and large ones. And like all investment amounts, how to invest 0,000 requires unique strategies.

In this, the final part, Norton delves into how to maximise your chances of investment success by managing a portfolio for total return.

What should the portfolio invest in?

In the last article we warned on the risk of holding investments just because they pay a high income. So what should you invest in? 

At Vanguard we believe the answer is simple. For most investors it will be a mix of shares and bonds, accessed at low cost and providing high levels of diversification. 


The exact proportions of each depends on your attitude to investment risk, which for most people will fall over time. 

When in retirement, portfolios are less able to recover from the inevitable market downturns so some caution is wise. 

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  A once timeless skill in commodities investing is under threat One of commodities markets’ more time-honoured tasks involves scanning weekly data on fund managers’ futures positions. Analysts calculate the funds’ net bullish or bearishness and try to guess where prices might go next. It can be tedious, but interest in the data is apparently surging. The volume of news stories on commodity trader positioning has quintupled in the past couple of years, according to the Global Commodities Applied Research Digest. The question is whether the attention is worth it. Veteran position watchers say “absolutely.

You were sent dividends and interest throughout the year based on the total size of your investment and how well the company did. If real estate offers higher returns for income investing , why not just put 100% in Property?

16.9 The Stages in Venture Capital Investing . 16.10 Venture Capital Investment Characteristics and NPV. 16.11 Hedge Fund Basics. Therefore, reinvestment income accounts for 12% of the total return , illustrating how important reinvestment income can be for an investor .

But, equally, some equity exposure is important as it should help your portfolio to continue to grow.

How do the numbers work?

Let’s take a hypothetical example and assume you have an investment portfolio of £300,000 and you need a gross (before tax) income of £12,000 each year, which works out at 4 per cent of your portfolio value. 

The portfolio may generate income of £4,500 through dividends and interest. It’s a good start, but well short of the target income. So simply sell holdings to fund the additional £7,500. 

Many investors will instantly recoil from such as suggestion. However, remember that, over the long-term, well-diversified portfolios have grown in value.

Let’s assume the portfolio rises by 7 per cent in a given year. 1.5 per cent of that has come from income (the £4,500 mentioned above), which leaves 5.5 per cent from growth. 

For our £300,000 portfolio, that means capital growth will be £16,500. You only need £7,500 to reach your income target. So, at the end of the year, the portfolio would be worth £309,000.

If you own an iPhone then you are rich, study says

  If you own an iPhone then you are rich, study says If you own an iPhone then you are rich, study saysIt seems like everyone has an iPhone, unless they prefer Android (which is absolutely fine), or one of those swish startup phones because they're really cool.

Want to know how to start investing in stocks? Read our practical guide to get started with basic concepts, techniques, and some words of advice.

Consider the time over which you invest as another way to look at the return . You won't make as much in total , but the higher annual amount lets you obtain your return more quickly so you can reinvest it. Divide the company's after-tax income , taken from the income statement, for the year

In fact, in this example you only need to generate 2.5 per cent of capital growth to be able to take your £12,000 income and still maintain a balance of £300,000.

What happens when stock markets fall?

Of course, none of these returns are guaranteed and there will be some years when markets fall. 

What do you do then? You follow the same process. 

The investments are still likely to generate dividends and interest, even when markets go down.

Sell the value of holdings you need to fund your annual income requirement. The difference is that the portfolio will be worth less at the end of the year. 

This is no different from a portfolio with high income products that may well fare worse in a falling market.

For some investors, a portfolio that gradually falls over time doesn’t matter, and could be considered a good use of funds. 

However, for others, maintaining the capital is important. If that’s the case, you need to have the flexibility to alter your income. 

If portfolios rise strongly you build up a natural buffer which will offer some insulation if markets fall. However, if they fall too far, you may have to reconsider the amount you withdraw.

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  Longest total lunar eclipse of the century to turn the Moon red this month The next "blood Moon" is set to take place July 27, if you happen to be on the right part of the globe to catch it.A total lunar eclipse occurs when the sun, earth and moon are in a line, casting the reddish-orange shadow of our planet onto the surface of the moon. This is why a total lunar eclipse is often referred to as a "blood moon.

income ). This is quite likely the way his parents invested . Conclusion. We believe that a total return approach will provide a smoother ride for investors than an income -oriented investment strategy. How To Apply For 0 Million In Student Loan Forgiveness.

In other words, total return on an investment or a portfolio includes both income and appreciation. Get a free 10 week email series that will teach you how to start investing . Delivered twice a week, straight to your inbox.

The tax rules around income can be complicated, especially when dealing with pensions. Personal circumstances add further complexity when considering the order of taking income from pensions, ISAs and taxed investments.

However, when looking at a general account in isolation, taking income by selling units will be tax efficient for most investors. In the above example, the sales would be tax free as they fall within the current capital gains tax allowance of £11,700.

How often should I sell?

The total return approach takes some work, but not a lot. 

Many investment platforms can set up monthly sales and transfer the required amount into your account. 

Another technique is to sell holdings once a year and transfer the proceeds to your bank account. 

The right approach for you will largely depend on personal preference, platform functionality and keeping costs down.

What about cash reserves?

One of the biggest dilemmas facing those who are taking an income from their portfolio is how much cash to hold. 

In retirement, as in your working life, you will need a cash buffer or rainy day fund.

Three to six months’ income is a good starting point for most people, but for others it may be higher. 

Remember, although it’s volatile, over the long-run the stock market has risen, so holding too much cash can be a drag on performance.

And finally, let’s remember costs

At Vanguard we are always passionate about the impact of costs.

Cost is one of the few things that investors can control. Investment return is hypothetical, but taxes, fund and platform costs are actual. 

Costs impact those in the accumulation phase and retirees taking income from their portfolio in the same way. However, the effect of costs is more transparent for those seeking income.

Taking the £300,000 example above, a portfolio of high-cost active multi-asset funds could easily cost 2 per cent each year. 

That’s £6,000 that will either come from capital or income. 

Compare that to a low-cost platform and low-cost multi-asset funds where your all-in fee could be less than 0.5 per cent a year. That’s just saved you £4,500.

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